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    German SXS Scene another day...

    Having fun in an old military base (Fürstenau-Osnabrück) YouTube - Sandgrube Fürstenau
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    German SXS Scene.

    This weekend we meet us to the Winter Eduro Camp Germany 2011., Two days driving and raciong with mx bikes, quads, atv and sxs on a track in an old russian military base, driving in wood, tank pratice track and mx track. This first video shows the track ! YouTube - WEC GERMANY 2011
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    Powercommander Auto Tune problems help neededd

    Hi Im uses the PCV with Auto TUne on my 2009 RzrS. Thats the machine setup. Ported Head, Higher Comp Pistons, bigger valves with harder valve springs, Ump Intake with snorkels, Muzzy exhaust, Dirty Dawg Clutchkit. 46 mm trottlebody with manifold. I started with the "Muzzy Map"
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    Introducing my best buddies RZR

    Hi, thats my buddies RZR build by Racertech, some exciting customs are made by my friend, fly off hand brakes for the rear brakes only, vented CVt exhaust, Smt clutch and hidden vision x led in the hood . he will start on Baja 3oo powerdays in germany and several races in germany too.
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    Post your Photoshoped UTV´s

    I will start !
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    Testing Racer Tech´s Dualrate Springs

    Video HD VIDEO TEST on Vimeo
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    A raining day

    YouTube - UNCUT
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    Hi I´m Markus from germany

    and that´s my RZR

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