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  1. Kevlar

    Industry Member in need of help

    Hey guys. Im hoping this big off road family can spare a few bucks to help support Madigan Mortorsports owner Thom Madigan. His son is fighting a nasty fight against a brain tumor. William is only 16 years old and his tumor is affecting his pituitary gland which in turn is affecting his growth...
  2. Kevlar

    Converting Google Earth tracks to Lowrance format?

    I haven't tested this yet but I have a trip next weekend and was wondering if I've done this correctly. I first saved my google earth tracks, waypoints, etc as a .kml file within google earth. Then, using gpsbabel app I converted the .kml file to a lowrance .usr file. I then copied the .usr file...
  3. Kevlar

    Unlimited Fabrication Sand Show Build

    You might have missed it cuz they were in a shitty spot but here is the car Unlimited Fabrication built for me. Im very happy with the build and the attention it did get. Cant wait to dune it. Special Thanks to Tom @ Madigan Motorsports Aaron @ PRP Seats Mike @ SXS Performance Jake @...
  4. Kevlar

    Relentless Customs XP1K 4 Seater "Project"

    Relentless Customs out of Cherry Valley is building me a 2014 XP1K 4 seater. Current budgeted items are: Custom Cage, doors, and aluminum paneled rear enclosures. GlazzKraft fenders and dash kit Heretic Lighting PRP Seats & harnesses Madigan +4 LT suspension Sparks Exhaust and clutch work by...
  5. Kevlar

    Polaris 2015 Clutch Cover Pic

    Dont know if this has already been posted but this is a pic from the new 2015 XP1K. Looks basic enough.
  6. Kevlar

    Utility Off Road Dot Com

    How many of you were around when the first UTV related forum began 10 years ago?
  7. Kevlar

    Dove Springs Apr 19-21

    Anyone down for a little weekend camping at Dove Springs and riding the East side of 14? Last Chance Canyon, Bonanza Gulch, Mesquite Canyon, Goler wash, etc? or perhaps you'd would like to ride to Mciver Cabin on the west side?
  8. Kevlar

    Rally on the Rocks - 2013

    Were planning on going again this year. We'll probably leave on the Saturday before and stay a few days at Sand Hollow. Were staying at Spanish Trail RV again. Who else is going and where you staying in Moab?
  9. Kevlar

    Robby "F****G" Gordon having some trouble on Wrecking Ball

    A video I took of two guys who seem to make easy work of this section of Wrecking Ball but Robby has a little trouble. Robbie Gordon on Wrecking Ball - 2013 King of Hammers - YouTube
  10. Kevlar

    So how do you get into this group?

    Do you have to know someone? Is there an application? an initiation? a hazing? a secret handshake? :D Seriously, you seem like my kind of people. Looking forward to camping with you soon.
  11. Kevlar

    Spectating at the Hammers

    We're thinking about finally going this year. Where are the best places to spectate at the race and can you freely ride around or are trails closed to non-racers? Also, Means Dry Lake is huge but I've seen the aerial shots from last year and the RV camping looks tight to say the least. Do...
  12. Kevlar

    KOH UTV Race GPS Track

    I would like to overlay the actual track over Google Earth. Anyone seen a track posted anywhere?
  13. Kevlar

    2009 SSSS Photo Gallery

    I took about 200 pics during the show. Check em out Sand Sports Super Show 2009 Photo Gallery
  14. Kevlar

    Joey's Rhino

    I thought it was top notch. Wally did a great job on the paint
  15. Kevlar

    Alpine Loop, Colorado

    Just got home from a phenomenal trip to the Alpine Loop in Colorado. Everyone needs to visit this place at least once in their lives. Here is a shot at Engineer Pass at 12,800ft We just got back so will be adding tons more pics and report here
  16. Kevlar

    CBD files suite - Pismo guys, this is huge

    CBD files suit - Pismo guys, this is huge Link Center for Biological Diversity Takes First Step in Lawsuit to Stop Beach Driving From Killing Snowy Plovers For Immediate Release, April 21, 2009 Contact: John Buse, Center for Biological Diversity, (323) 533-4416 Center for Biological...
  17. Kevlar


    Looks like a top notch site guys. Keep up the good work.

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