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  1. Craig

    4 stroke or 2 stroke, will we ever know?
  2. Craig

    Shocks for 2015 RZR

    Do any of our vendors make a set of shocks for the 2015 900RZR 50" Trail? if so could you PM me the info and price, looking for a set. Thanks. Craig
  3. Craig

    To the Dark Side I go

    Well finally did it and got myself a 2015 RZR 900 trail, after 8 years of tooling around in my Rhino I sold it for 6500 and had a tear in my eye as she left in somebody else truck. This RZR is so nice, never did I think I would like Power Steering so much, it rides better then i thought, but...
  4. Craig

    Off Shore power boats

    Now that everybody is getting ready for BAJA, I just though I would share what I do for fun by helping out and crewing on boats, my dad was a 3 time world champ and I did this before getting a real job. I love power boat racing and you will notice it's a lot like off road, you are on and off the...
  5. Craig

    price on Turbo

    Can one of our fine Vendors get me price and avaliblity on a turbo kit for a 2011 RZR XP 900, looking for the Areo charger turbo kit or K&T performance turbo kit. Shiped to 80907. Thanks. Craig
  6. Craig

    Old School boat racing

  7. Craig

    Only one I am giving you Joey!

  8. Craig

    GPS Trade?

    I have a Lowrance Baja 540C GPS with Map7 software, Looking to trade for a nice handheld that i can use for Geotracking, would like to have something with a color screen and a mount that i can attach to the UTV, just thought i would throw it out there and see if anybody would care to trade...
  9. Craig

    Face Lift

    So the old Rhino got a face lift. new paint! And finally got rid of the old 4 seat cage, and built a top for the stock cage.
  10. Craig

    Big Thanks to OneRich

    Just wanted to give Rich a big Ol Thanks for the UTV Underground Stickers, i feel the love on the hood of my Rhino now. Jim owes me one good time in a secret dark place, so its all yours, in return for the stickers!:eek::D:eek:
  11. Craig

    Kabota tractor

    Hey guys, hereis my other toy, its a 1971 kabota tractor, I have had this thing so long is like part of the family, anyways it has a 3 cyl Diesel engine that puts out around 20 HP, so after getting bord last week i thought man this needs a turbo, so off i went looking for a turbo, found one then...
  12. Craig


    Well it has been super nice around here, but tonight we are on track for about 3" of the white stuff! hope you enjoy the heat.
  13. Craig

    It is Charger SMACK down time

    Thats right, we all know the Broncos are going to smack down the bolts this year, Are you ready for some football!!!!!!!
  14. Craig

    UTV Underground Colorado Riders

    Ok, Looking to get a couple more trips in before the snow starts to fall out here in Colorado. So are there any Colorado Riders that want to get a trip or two in before then. if so hit me up and i will cordinate everything. Thanks. Craig
  15. Craig

    BE SAFE!

    Guys and gals, With a very long weekend coming up i just wanted to give a shout out about safety! This past Sunday my brother in law had a few to many to drink and decided to load my 9 year old son up for a ride with out my concent, he had never driven my Rhiino before and quick as a flash...
  16. Craig

    What do you guys think? Joey, and all of the powers to be, I have copied a link to another forum I belong too, on this forum they have a state by state chapter, do you think something like this would be a benfit to us? it might bring provide a quick refrence...
  17. Craig

    New ride

    So we went to our quick trip riding area so my daughter could test out her new ride! so she got a RZR170 that Thing is a monster, could not even guess that it would go up areas that it did, only one broken rocker panel, i will look into some parts to get it a little higher, did drag sevral...
  18. Craig

    Looking for a mechanic

    So I am looking for a Heavy Duty Mechanic, somebody that will have Diesel engine skills, electrical skills, heavy duty brake knowledge. This is for Heavy Duty Transit Buses in the City of Colorado Springs Colorado. I know must of my friends are on the West Coast, but maybe somebody on here lives...
  19. Craig

    Hope you enjoy KOH

    Hope you guys enjoy the KOH, I am having a blizzard right now, we are on track to get 14 to 18 inches of snow!!!! once again, why did i move here!!!!!!
  20. Craig

    Planet Side X side

    So I decided to click over and see how our old stomping grounds was doing, Most of the LaFamily were kicked off the site and were looking for a home when Joey D allowed us to move over to his house. the fourm was Planet side X side, I new person had purchased the site and ran it into the ground...
  21. Craig

    Wet clutch

    Hey guys. quick question, my 07 Rhino is tacking out and losing speed, so i thought i would replace the belt, so while doing this i took the clutch apart (Hunterworks overdrive weights-orange secondary spring) to clean it and check how things look. All looked good and i put it back together...
  22. Craig

    If you like Guns!!!!!

    Have nice Day!!!
  23. Craig

    Badger Flatts

    Here is a recent trip to Badger Flatts, its about 1 1/2 hours from the house, sevral hundred miles of riding areas. lots of wide life and the weather was very cool, at night we watched lighting storms roll across the Mountains, I think i even heard John Denver singing some songs while we cooked...
  24. Craig

    Taylor Park Colorado

    I know its to far for you SO Cal Boys, but if any of the Colorado boys are intristed i am heading out to Taylor Park this weekend, never been there but heard it is a great place so i thought i would give it a try.
  25. Craig

    Guess what? its snowing again, YA!!!

    I miss the desert!!!!!
  26. Craig

    Trying it out

    just trying to see if this works. YouTube - Rhino 660
  27. Craig

    How do you down load vids from youtube??

    I want to down load this really boring vid of me going around the block, but dont know how to do this, can somebody school me? Thanks guys Craig
  28. Craig

    Colorado springs area

    Any body doing any riding in Colorado Springs CO area, just moved from SOCAL and miss my big LaFamily and need to get this Rhino out and about. let me know. Thanks Craig
  29. Craig

    My new home

    So we have completed the move from sunny So Cal to Colorado Springs Co. The move went very smooth and only blew a head gasket on the 4 runner. We got our first snow and it was very cool for the kids, kinda cold for my old bones. I have learned a few things about how water can burst your plastic...
  30. Craig

    Moving to Colorado Springs

    Well after living in this great state of CA for 26 years, we are now moving on to Colorado Springs CO. My wife lost her job about 1 year ago and then I lost mine about 2 months ago. We have wanted to move to Colorado for some time now and buy some land for the horses. Well i was offered a job...
  31. Craig

    King of the Hammers Roll Call

    So lets start a roll call for King of the Hammers Feb 6th through 12th of 2011. Please list type of truck and trailer, so we can get a general size of the area that will be needed to support the UTV Underground. Please bring any flags, and apply those stickers to support the UTV Underground...
  32. Craig

    All UTV's Rear Diff support

    Ok, so this is my first try at building a rear diff support for my Rhino, I was board so I thought I would give it a try.
  33. Craig

    All UTV's Oil cooler relocation

    Hey guys, just wanted to show you how i relocated my oil cooler on my Rhino, welded 4 tabs to the frame, cut the steel oil lines, added about 18" of rubber hose and moved the oil cooler above the radiator. now the rad gets all the fresh air. I did take the stock fan and moved it ontop of the oil...
  34. Craig

    UTV underground decal

    Hey guys, were do you order the UTVUG Decals at, i have been looking around and was going to buy one for my toybox and two for the Rhino? Thanks. Newbee Craig.
  35. Craig


    Just wanted to say hi, and thanks for letting me join up. Little bit about my self, I have grown up working on offshore power boats, from there i moved on working with NASCAR, and then from there i moved over to Indy Car. then I met my wife, she said no more cool jobs! you need to come home and...

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