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    Lost Dog at Rasor road

    Posting for a friend I know this is a long shot, but I am desperate. We are camping at Rosor rd. OHV, just south of Baker Ca. Our Brittany spaniel "Brandy" wandered out of camp last night, and has not been seen since. We are about 6 or 7 miles in on Rasor rd, from the I-15 frwy. if anyone is...
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    Yamaha Stock CDI for an 06 Rhino

    My neighbor bought a used Rhino and didnt get a stock CDI with it but wants one for a spare. Anyone have one laying around they dont need?
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    Blow out prices at the SSSS

    I just got this and thought I would share.
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    First ever double back fkip.

    This is incredible. What will they be able to do next? :eek: Cameron Sinclair Double Backflip at Red Bull X-Fighters
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    The truith about Rhinos.

    I just saw this and thought I would share it with you guys. Truth About Rhino
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    We might be getting somewhere with the ban of youth bikes.

    Its a step in the right direction even if it is a small one. One of two federal commissioners votes to grant a 1-year stay in enforcing ban on sale of youth-size ATVs | Inland News | | Southern California News | News for Inland Southern California
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    Other RUESCH Panther 1000

    Any one heard of one? Could be the sickest SXS on the market. View video
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    Tom Meents Backflip WF 2009
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    Yamaha Valuable part numbers

    How about a sticky with part numbers for stuff like plugs, oil filters fuel filters and so on. This is what I have. For the 660 NGK Iridium Plug DPR8EIX-9 Oil Filter#s Purolator Pure One PH14610 is $6 at Pep Boys honda oil filter 15410-mfj-d01 Walmart ST7317 $3 Fram PH6017A or PH14610...
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    Yamaha How often do you change your spark plug?

    I have never even pulled my plug to look at it and was wondering how often you guys do. What plug do you put back in?
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    Malcolm Smith CPSC Lead Ban Protest Video

    YouTube - Malcolm Smith CPSC Lead Ban Protest Video
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    Nice cage and tin work

    Saw this on RDC and thought I would share it here. Custom Polaris RZR S -
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    Here is another one but its for the kids

    This is the state Rep that is trying to exempt motorcycles from the ban. Representative Tom Self | Official Website
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    Omnibus Public Lands Bill to be Voted on Tomorrow Again.

    Omnibus Public Lands Bill to be Voted on Tomorrow! The American Motorcyclist Association urges everyone to contact their Representative to vote "No" on the rule and on the final passage of H.R. 146, the Revolutionary War and War of 1812 Battlefield Acquisition Grant Program. This bill was...
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    All UTV's Which SXS is best?

    I hope this doesn't start a mine is better than yours argument but I have a friend looking into getting a used SXS. He doesn't have a lot of extra cash but wants to make the right buy. He is looking at either a Rhino or RZR. He likes the size of the RZR better but most of us all have and like...
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    All UTV's What mods have you done

    Ok guys, I know some of you race but I was wondering what performance mods everyone has done. Not only that but would you do it again? I did the K&N with adapter in the stock air box. Tried the lid off but the filter would clog up daily in dusty conditions so I put the lid back on and did one...
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    Yamaha Need stock takeoffs

    A friend of a friend bent a front shock on his 07 Rhino and needs a replacement. Any one got one laying around?
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    Johnson Valley March 13th through the 15th

    Hey a bunch of us are planning a trip to Cougar Butes in Johnson Valley on the weekend of the 13th through the 15th of March. Come on out and Party with us. :D
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    Danica Patrick in SI

    WOW!!! :eek:
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    Parker 425 pics

    Here is some teaser pics from the 425. Going to start with some of the sick SXS's I saw. Check out the tin work on the Kawi
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    Lets see your other dirt rides

    Most of us have more than one dirt toy so lets see them. I ride a KTM The rhino is the wifes ;) My son (18) rides a KTM 525 My oldest Daughter (15) rides a CRF 150 with a 175 kit My next Daughter (12) rides a TTR 125 and the youngest Daughter rides a Modded 90 quad
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    BITD Parker 425 roll call

    So who's going to the Parker 425 this weekend and where will you be? I will be heading out on Thursday morning so the guys Im going with can get set up at tech then I will be at the main pit probably somewhere around Foutz pit or Tim Caseys pit. Both are full size stock class, the Foutz...
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    SoCal here

    I'm more of a lurker on the SXS forums but take in a lot of info some of which is actually useful ;) Were a family of 6 with mostly bikes a couple quads and our 06 Rhino four seater with lots of goodies but the best money spent on it was the LT suspension.

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