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  1. racer570

    All UTV's Need help with fuel plumbing on 900xp with a cell

    Hey guys. I am building a 900xp to run bitd, and need a little help with the fuel system. I have on of the lonestar racing fuel cells, that goes under the seat, and need some information on how to plumb a bypass regulator in the system. As I understand it, the factory regulator is built on...
  2. racer570

    UTVRR fastest lap vid from round 2 at Hawks Pride

    Hey guys. I wanted to show you this vid, to give everybody a look at what the utvrr and Hawks Pride have put together at Tuscumbia AL. It is a good drivers coarse, and helps to keep the competition close. enjoy UTVRR RND 2 2014 fastest lap - YouTube
  3. racer570

    Good vid of round 8 of the utvrr (rally raid)
  4. racer570

    Best race of the year

    If you missed the last utvrr race, you missed one of the best races of the year, and that includes all races, not just the utvrr series. The stoney lonesome crew was finally able to water 90% of the 10 miles coarse (which kept dust down), the timing system was working without a hitch( also had a...
  5. racer570

    Check out the utvrr video, great racing

    UTV Rally Raid - YouTube

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