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  1. Kalop

    WTB Pumper helmet

    Anyone know of place to find used pumper helmets for sale? Need of for my daughter.. adult size medium (most brands).. hate to buy a new one because it won't last. Ebay hasn't been helpful, neither has racing junk.
  2. Kalop

    Yamaha IS entering SxS racing...

    Dustin Nelson states he's going to be factory racer with the new Yamaha. Talks about it here. Not sure any details. I'm excited to see Yamaha enter the game outside SR1.
  3. Kalop

    Johnny UTVinc moving to TT Spec?

    Rumor is Johnny you moving up to TT Spec class next year? Care to squash rumor or elaborate?
  4. Kalop

    Where's all raw unedited gopro video go?

    Every UTV race car seems to have a gopro or multiple gopro cameras. Where is all this footage going? Why are all these teams running cameras if they don't share or put it up? Curious. Maybe I'm searching wrong on youtube or something.
  5. Kalop

    WTB Used Parker Pumper Fresh Air...

    Anyone know where to go and find used (or cheap) parker pumper system for 2 helmets? I've been casually looking on ebay and craigslist locally, not much luck. Any other sources I should check? Thanks in advance.
  6. Kalop

    2015 New Years Ride Little Sahara Vid...

    My buddy made this video, turned out pretty cool. It was COLD ... like 9 degrees at night cold... lol We had some carnage too.. Wildcat broken belt, had to leave it out in middle of dunes overnight, rzr cartwheeled and destroyed front shock and passenger rear bed, commander broken belt...
  7. Kalop

    Paddle shift?? (no CVT)

    There's already paddle shift on Honda pioneer... I hate CVT belt clutching non-sense, always have, I know it has it's got Pro and Cons. Do you think we'll see paddle shifters on any sport SxS ? If so... when? (I know its just anybody's guess).
  8. Kalop

    Which Lowrance GPS ?

    Can someone give me brief overview of which Lowrance GPS is best for money for recreational riding? Trying to keep it to $500 or less.. ebay works, but need to narrow down models.... I've seen some old threads recommending Baja Elite 5m, others say HDS-5 gen 2, some say Polaris XTR ... my...
  9. Kalop

    "Build Threads".. you've got to be kidding

    Am I the only one who vomits in their mouth when they go to other forums (yea, you know the forum) and see "build threads" whereby someone's bolted on a bunch of aluminum bling and other useless non-sense crap they've purchased (or been given) and think they've actually accomplished a one of a...
  10. Kalop

    Polaris RZR XP 900 - Best Air Intake?

    Hey guys.. needing some HONEST advice (unlike rzr forum BS). I'm NOT looking for HP. Looking for FILTRATION for 2013 XP. Before the first mile... we installed a two things: 1) DMC Gasket & 2) Outerwears...

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