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  1. dmcmark

    Polaris New Desertcraft Product ....XPT CVT Blaster SD (Sand/Desert)

    XPT CVT Blaster SD (Sand /Desert) Our "XPT CVT Blaster II" for the XPT has proven it's worth on and off the track. The additional volume of high velocity air provides consistent cooling to the CVT drive system realizing significant drops in direct belt temperature, (Oh and it's filtered too!)...
  2. dmcmark


    Our Desertcraft PUR axle mount lets you easily mount your spare axle assembly to your roll bar in a matter of minutes. It can be mounted to 1-1/2", 1-3/4" or 2" tubing without marring your paint or powder coating. It's truly universal and allows for mounting to the CV splines or axle bar or a...
  3. dmcmark

    R2C Does It Again!

    R2C has taken air filtration to a whole new level with the introduction of their severe duty synthetic filter media. Being directly involved in the original testing of their filters gave us some great insight to the overall benefits of their proprietary synthetic filtration media. It not only...
  4. dmcmark

    Polaris CVT Cooling (Nice!)

    We are not a"Bandwagon" company that simply buys into a product then promotes it. First and foremost we like to think out of the box. Second, we design develop and test all of our products in house. Third, we like to do independent testing with enthusiasts and racers in the most extreme...
  5. dmcmark

    Phil Cagliero #21 takes Ultra4 Championship!

    Racing the Ultra4 series takes grit and determination and is a true test of man and machine. Starting with the King Of The Hammers which is billed as the toughest off road race on the plant and ending with the Nationals in Reno Nevada Phil pulled off the Championship. No easy feat yet, but Phil...
  6. dmcmark

    Polaris Keep That CVT Cool!!!

    We have the only kits on the market that adds an extra volume of cooling air to the XP1000 and XPT!!! Because ours is the only kit on the market that does this you will see dramatic reductions in direct belt temperatures which is crucial to a healthy CVT system. Although we are...
  7. dmcmark

    "Quick Draw" & "CVT Blaster II" Proven Results!

    The 2016 Vegas to Reno billed as the longest off road race in the U.S. It is a true test of man and machine. With nearly 350 entrants The two day event was filled with unforgiving and extremely silty conditions. The brutal conditions taxed the drive train of many UTV's in all classes. We have...
  8. dmcmark

    All UTV's Keeping that CVT clean!!!

    We put a quick video together on how to service your R2C filter. The filter used in the video is from our prefilter kit for the CVT drive. Working with rental companies and doing our own testing has proven that keeping dirt and debris out of the CVT drive adds longevity (extended service life)...
  9. dmcmark

    Attention: RZR XPT Racers

    Having great results with our CVT Blaster II kit for the XPT. It has proven itself in other racing formats and know it can be a huge advantage in the desert racing arena. We are looking to sponsor a couple of teams with our kit that are taking on BITD etc. and have plans to run Vegas to...
  10. dmcmark

    CVT Cooling Done Right!

    We learned over two years ago that the only way to truly keep the CVT system cool is to add an extra volume of fresh cool air to the system. It is impossible to add the extra volume of air to the system by simply putting a blower in line in the stock system and in many cases this can actually...
  11. dmcmark

    Polaris New Product ....CVT Blaster II for XPT

    We built on our success of our "Quick Draw" kit for the XP1000 and applied what we learned to the XPT. Although the clutch and cover assembly on the XPT has been revamped we found that it suffered from some of the same issues as the XP1000. The XPT system is capable of drawing in much more...
  12. dmcmark

    Polaris 900S Prefiltration by Desertcraft

    We have had a ton of requests for a pre-filter kit for the 900S and 1000S. We heard complaints about how much dirt was getting in the air filter housing and inside the CVT cover. After a review of the placement of the intakes we could see that there might be room for improvement. We have had...
  13. dmcmark

    Desert Molding Concepts is now DESERTCRAFT!!!!!

    We Are Desertcraft!!! Well I have been wanting to do this for some time now. After 20 + years of doing business as Desert Molding Concepts, inc. we felt it was time to update our company brand to better represent our off road/SxS products. Besides lets face it Desert Molding Concepts, inc...
  14. dmcmark

    Polaris Bilsteins Rock XP1000/XPT

    The Bilsteins we offer for the XP1000 and XPT are the same shocks that held up to the Ultra4 series in 2015, letting John Duckworth #1920 run hard and capture not only the Western title but the National title as well. He is chasing the title again this year in his 2016 XPT and the Bilsteins are...
  15. dmcmark

    #1920 Pre-Running For KOH 2016

    Got a chance to get John Duckworth's new XPT build out for some testing for King Of The Hammers. Desert Concepts handled the build and prep. Moto Race tires hooked us up with some sweet tires to test. Put John's car through it's paces to make sure all was well. Have a few things to iron out, but...
  16. dmcmark

    All UTV's YXZ Premium filtration!!!!

    Here you go!!!! R2C has done it again with the introduction of there OEM replacement filter for the YXZ. Their proprietary synthetic filter media is like no other and is much more efficient (99.99%) than Foam or Gauze type filters, It's a dry element that needs no special cleaners or...
  17. dmcmark

    Polaris John Duckworth #1920 Clinches (2) Ultra4 Titles

    John Duckworth #1920 has been quietly going about his business racing the most brutal off road racing series in the country. At this weekends Ultra4 National Championship John not only won the Ultra4 West Championship He clinched the Ultra4 National title as well. It has been great to be...
  18. dmcmark

    Polaris XP1000 Pre-Filtration (Fleet Tested)

    Some months ago we were contacted by Safari Jeep Tours in Sedona, Az. to outfit their rental fleet of XP1000's with the R2C filters we offer. They had been going through filters like candy due to the incredibly dusty conditions found in Sedona. They felt that using a filter that was more...
  19. dmcmark

    UTV Pro win at Ultra4 Glen Helen

    Last weekends Ultra4 Grand Prix at Glen Helen was jam packed with great racing action. With 85 entrants including 17 UTV's coming from all over the country to compete in an awesome GP format race. The course was fast and challenging with high speed straights, huge hill side sweepers and big up...
  20. dmcmark

    Polaris R2C XP900 Panel filters are here!!

    Premium Filtration Here!! (XP900) We have been working with R2C for some time to bring their filter technology to the XP900. Flat panel filters are more of a challenge in the off road arena and we addressed the critical areas of concern. First was filtration... The unique synthetic...
  21. dmcmark

    Bilsteins Podium At Stampede!!!

    John Duckworth # 1920 worked his way to the front to grab the Pro UTV win at last weekends Metalcloak Stampede. This was the first round of the Ultra 4 West series and puts John at the top in the current standings. John had a disappointing loss at this years King Of The Hammers. After having...
  22. dmcmark

    Thanks Dirtwheels Magazine!!!!

    Just want to give a shout out and thank you to Dirt Wheels Magazine for doing a great video on Ultra4 racer John Duckworth #1920 . We are sponsoring John with our Bilstein shock package for the RZR XP1000, Full Four intake kit, Fender Skirts and Shock Candy. He will be racing at the 2015...
  23. dmcmark

    All UTV's DIY Bling

    DIY Bling! We ended up wrapping our car in house with a pretty cool matte metallic apple green. The black fenders looked good against the green, but I just wasn't feeling the black mounting bolts. So here's what I did..... Hit the heads of the bolts with some 400 grit wet dry sand paper and...
  24. dmcmark

    I Don't Care Who You Are!!

    We had a chance to make a Spec intake housing for our neighbor Desert Concepts. If your not familiar with their work they build some pretty bad A** Ultra4 cars as well as jeeps etc.. So Brian calls me over to see if we could come up with something. Ended up with a 14" housing with 4" in and out...
  25. dmcmark

    Polaris XP1000 Race Intake kit for sale!

    While developing our intake kits for the 1000 we mocked up a few aluminum plenum boxes. This set up is well suited for short course and those who have a bed delete kit. The plenum utilizes the stock intake boots and will come with dual R2C filters, hardware for mounting and crank case breather...
  26. dmcmark

    Polaris 900S (Premium filtration In stock!!!) R2C air filters

    The wait is over!!! We just received our first shipment of the R2C air filters for the 900S and Trail. Building on the success of the 1000 filter we are excited to introduce the R2C for the new 900 models. The R2C is a dry element that requires no special cleaner or oil to service. It is...
  27. dmcmark

    Polaris MBRP Exhaust is here in stock

    We are proud to announce that we are now a MBRP dealer and we just received our first shipment of exhausts for the XP1000. They are here and ready to ship today. We are offering free shipping for the ones that we currently have in inventory. This is a super sweet set up.... deep throaty...
  28. dmcmark

    Shock Candy! (XP1000)

    We get calls on a regular basis from customers complaining about bottoming out when they are in the dunes. They have spent big money on revalving and springs but still have problems. If it's harsh and abrupt you're probably not bottoming out the suspension. You are more than likely casing the...
  29. dmcmark

    KOH Who stole our axle?

    I went out to support and pit for John Duckworth #1920. Although John was having a rough day with 3 blown tires, broken tie rod bolt and no brakes he managed to be the 3rd car into remote pit 2 behind Simms and Guthrie. Unfortunately, his day would end at Jack Hammer when the rear diff exploded...
  30. dmcmark

    Polaris What a pair

    We have partnered up with Wet Okole to offer a high quality seat cover to compliment our suspension seat brackets. This is a nice way to upgrade your stock seat. Our suspension seat brackets help to minimize the G-outs that you feel on those sharp transions and make your overall ride more...
  31. dmcmark

    Polaris Do you like short skirts? XP1000

    Of course you do, but that's not what we are talking about here. If you're like us and run a lot of desert and mountain trails as well as the dunes. When you get up to speed it's amazing how much stuff flies off of the front tires and shoot's right back to the rear lower fender, trailing arms...
  32. dmcmark

    Merry Christmas from Desert Molding Concepts

  33. dmcmark

    Polaris How about new shocks for Christmas?

    Why not try our Bilsteins. These shocks are priced competitively as compared to a resprung and revalved shock or if you are looking at a total replacement, we are up to a $1,000 less than any of the other name brand shocks on the market. Our customers have been very happy with our XP900 2...
  34. dmcmark

    All UTV's How about seat covers for Christmas?

    Desert Molding Concepts is now a dealer for Wet Okole seat covers. As with the other products that we offer we found that these seat covers are a great way to upgrade your seat without the expense of an aftermarket seat. The seat covers are great compliment to our suspension seat brackets...
  35. dmcmark

    Polaris Something else to add to the Christmas list

    Need to add a little airflow to your CVT drive? Our CVT Free Flow kit can take care of that for you. Our customers have stated that they have seen up to a 40 degree drop in temperature with the installation of our kit. We use our proven duct system for a clean, easy and effective install...
  36. dmcmark

    Polaris New Air Filter on your Christmas list? Check out this one!

    How about a new R2C air filter for your XP1000? This is a high effiency easy to clean air filter priced right. If you are not familiar with R2C, you soon will be. R2C has quietly been making in roads to the off road arena working directly with race teams to develop a highly efficient low...
  37. dmcmark

    Polaris Looking for items to add to your XP900 Christmas list?

    How about our Double Down package? It has all that you need to get more air to your motor and more air means more HP through the useable power band. The development of the Double Down came about to resolve the inherent issue of the air filter lip being compromised due to the negative...
  38. dmcmark

    Polaris Looking for an alternative to a aftermarket seat?

    You may want to consider our Suspension Seat Brackets II. Our Suspension Seat Brackets help with absorbing the G-outs and Bottom-outs on those tight transitions. Our Suspension Seat Brackets give you the travel and load adjustability to make sure that your ride is dialed in for comfort no...
  39. dmcmark

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Enjoy your Holiday. We will have some special offers when we return on Monday
  40. dmcmark

    Polaris Bilstein XP1000 2 Shock Test

    Here is a quick video of the Bilstein's in action. I wanted to have a little different perspective than what I had seen in other videos, so I came up with a mount that would show not only the rear shock but also the terrain and front wheel. The one thing that really stands out is how...
  41. dmcmark

    Flying low @ Camp RZR

    Had a great time at Camp RZR!! Made new friends and met up with some old ones in and out of the industry. Everyone was so nice and Polaris puts on quite the show. Special thanks to Devin, Steve from Method Wheels and Jeff (The Lambo Guy) for some epic dunning. Enjoy the ride...
  42. dmcmark

    Polaris Camp RZR (Lets Go!!!!)

    We finished some details on our shop car (named it "Simple Green") and are ready to hit the camp. We will be in and out of camp enjoying some ride time and will be attending the Show and Shine. Mary had me make up a bunch of our key fobs in all of the popular colors, including pink in honor of...
  43. dmcmark

    Polaris MBRP @ Camp RZR

    We are proud to announce that we are now a MBRP dealer. MBRP worked diligently to get us one of their new slip on dual exhausts for Camp RZR, (currently the only one in the states on a XP1000). This is a super sweet set up.... deep throaty sound, but not too loud. All stainless housing for...
  44. dmcmark

    DMCI is more than just a SXS aftermaket manufacturer

    We are also a custom urethane job shop. Our customers bring us their ideas and prototypes, and we bring them to life. We have been in business for more than twenty years and have customers from all different industries. Some of our off-road industry customers include Kartek, CBR Radiators and...
  45. dmcmark

    Polaris Desert Molding Concepts Double Down wins again!!!

    Congratulations to Dan Worley, Bryan Carr and Mark Patridge for taking 1, 2 and 3 at the LOOORs at Glen Helen, CA over the weekend. Bryan and Dan were battling it out to the end and Dan was able to pass Bryan and take first. Desert Molding has sponsored all 5 cars with our Double Down kit and...
  46. dmcmark

    Polaris Bilsteins (Money back guarantee introductory offer) XP1000 2

    Our customers are very happy with our XP900 2 Bilstein package. We are total believers in the all out performance that Bilstein has to offer. We are the only company in the country selling Bilsteins for the XP, and we want you to experience what Bilstein has to offer. Bilstein, revolutionized...
  47. dmcmark

    Cool Your Jets!!! DMCI new product for the XP1000 CVT drive

    2014 XP1000 owners we have you covered!!!!! We came to the same conclusion that POPO came to regarding the airflow and the CVT drive. We have been testing our kit for several months now and it has proven to add needed air flow to the CVT drive system. We use our proven duct system for a...
  48. dmcmark

    Polaris XP1000 Double Down Intake Kit (Ready to Rock!!!)

    After a full review of the stock intake system of the 1K we knew there were a few things that we wanted improve on. Based on what we achieved with the 900 we knew there would be some nice performance gains as well. We finally wrapped up the testing and tuning of our intake kit for the 1K. After...
  49. dmcmark

    XP1000 Tip Of The Day 7/1/14

    Well last time we took our 1000 to the mountains for some crawling ended up ramming a 4" dia. branch through the floor board and hit the wife's foot pretty hard. Luckily she didn't get hurt just spooked. Spooked me too, and it took a large hammer and both hands to get the piece out that was...

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