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  1. Little Clod Buster

    Rally Raid 6/13/15

    a little woods rally for you desert runners.
  2. Little Clod Buster

    Mint 400

    I looked at BITD's site and couldn't find the date for Tech. Does anyone know? Trying to make travel arrangements. Thanks!
  3. Little Clod Buster

    V2R Pit #1 Video

    Took a video at pit #1 with iphone.
  4. Little Clod Buster

    Gift certificate for sale

    $650.00 gift certificate for Pro Armor doors. for sale for $550.00. I already have a set is why i'm selling.
  5. Little Clod Buster

    Video LCB Round 3 south
  6. Little Clod Buster

    Race Video at GORS

    They ended up running team class behind 1000 class. That suxed being I quailified in top 5.... oh well rules are rules. Hope you like!!
  7. Little Clod Buster

    Best sidewall tire

    Who has the most ply's in sidewall? I've ran three different brands and having problems with all I have owned.
  8. Little Clod Buster

    UTV Rally Raid Fastest lap

    Sorry for the camera angle! Did some last minute camera switching and left it loose.
  9. Little Clod Buster

    2012 Winner of KOTM Cheated!!

    I will not go back to the King of the Mountain Brimstone after this happened! I called on the radio and talked to 5 officals and told them I had the winner on go pro cheating and they did nothing. So see for youself. 302 Found
  10. Little Clod Buster

    Utv Rally Raid Video

    Had a blast but my little 800 just cant hang with those xp's Stoney 1 lap.wmv - YouTube
  11. Little Clod Buster

    Extra long bolts

    Anybody know where I can find some 10x1.5x260 hex or cap screws? Looked all over the net and all local suppliers? Can't seem to find them anywhere.
  12. Little Clod Buster

    Short track build

    I've been kicking around the idea of building a short track. I have about 25 acres of flat ground. I didn't know if anyone on this site has built a coarse and could give a fella some insite on proper jump spacing, degree of slope, height of whoops and track length. I have a excavation company...
  13. Little Clod Buster

    UTV Rally Raid in car video

    My girlfriend and I went to Rally Raid on 10/22/11 and had a blast. 24:00 a pass. 25:00 on two wheels :eek: 36:45 3 car chase 48:15 a little rubbing going on 49:45 a pass 50:15 a pass 51:05 a pass 1:00:12 broke steering out of race UTVRR 10/22/11 - YouTube
  14. Little Clod Buster

    Rzr rear diff

    I rebuilt my rear diff on my 08' rzr. Does anyone know how much side to side play the carrier should have? I have 40 thousands and it just feels to sloppy. Most of the people I talk to say it's supposed to have some, just don't know how much. Even my dealer doesn't know.
  15. Little Clod Buster

    Potential race

    Not sure if I'm posting in the right place. We are trying to get some feed back on a potential race 45 miles east of Memphis, TN. If you are interested let me know so we can see if it could happen. It's 800 acres of wood trails and fields. They have had two winter series moto races and all...
  16. Little Clod Buster


    I wonder if he will make these in a sxs version Die Smiling on This Hoverbike | Autopia |
  17. Little Clod Buster

    UTV Rally Raid

    My nephew and I went down to Utvrr in Durhamtown plantation in Union Point, GA on April 16, to do a little racing. YouTube - Utvrr Part #1 <iframe title="YouTube video player" width="480" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  18. Little Clod Buster

    Hello all!!

    Howdy...I'm a Newbie to this site. Been looking around for a week or so and really like it.

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