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    So who is in for this bad a$$ race. Land rush start. 8 approx 11 mile laps. Pit on the river, jump in. love this race.
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    Tracking the BITD SS300

    This is one of the the BEST off road races in the country. Follow all the UTV's on SAT the 24th on IRC.COM. Support the Desert Race who knows how long we will be able to race like this anymore. Becareful once you start tracking it is hard to stop :D
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    All UTV's HCR Racing, KING Shocks, Summers Bro's

    Wow what a day yesterday in Barstow at the Mighty Whooooops. HCR and KING Helping the Race taem with Factory support in the Desert. RZRs EDGE got the S up to 55+ in whoops, 72 on flat desert floor. Just got to say a ton of thanks to KING, HCR Racing, and Summers Bro's Racing. We are now ready...
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    BITD Bilek Racing SS300

    I know its 4 weeks away but who is racing. We are just finishing up the RZRs to do some testing next week. I love this race 298 miles and some great desert
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    SR1 COST

    Just wondering what is the ball park cost to convert to a SR1 for the people out there thinking about this new class
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    RZRs EDGE KOH race rundown

    Wow what a week at KOH. Left Monday morning, got there weather was great car looked sweet. Tuesday morning got hook up with 1909 and did about 20 miles of prerunning... Then the rain came all night was a sloppy Wen, when we preran the first 27 miles car went out clean came back with 20 lbs of...
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    RZR4 Getting Some Tunes Installed

    Need to have some tunes in the ride, so here we go.
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    All UTV's RZR4 OUT AT 11.5

    RZRS EDGE RACING took out the RZR4 to mile marker 11.5 Sunday. Must say with the car packed with 1100 lbs in seats it did a great. Took a few shots of it out there. I think once I get the PitBull tires mounted on it for a little more clearance. Will be good fun out at KOH
  9. R Tires RZR4 Pit Ride

    RZR4 Team Limo #1912 Just picked up the new UTVUnderground/PitBull Tires/Rzrs Edge 1912 Team limo. Now lets do some testing :eek::D The leg room in back is awsome had Joe, Kevin in back and plenty of room. POLARIS Once again comes up a winner.\ Thanks to BJ and Rick at Ride Now in Glendale AZ...
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    What dealers in AZ have the RZR 4 in stock

    Tring to find who in Arizona has the RZR4 have called a few out here and they act like I'm crazy
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    Whos got pics ITP Race

    Where are all the pics I know they are out there :rolleyes:
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    Parker 250 pics

    Here are a few pics we took at the race. What a great time
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    1912 Starts rebuild for 2010 BITD season

    Here is a few pics of the rebuild starting for the 1912 RZRS EDGE RACING for the 2010 season just got frame back. Glendale Powder Coating once again did a great job. Holz powered motor going back in.
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    BITD Parker 250

    Who is ready for the 2010 season Alright you BIG Desert racers who will be there? You know the RZRS EDGE RACING 1912 will be there. Car is going to get paint job today all torn down.
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    BITD Henderson Fabtech Desert Classic

    Who is going to the last race for the 2009 season ? The 1912 RZRS will be there. Looks like will be nice 60 mile loops ,think we are set for 2 loops.
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    Hello There

    Hey new to the site, and what a nice site. Looks real good will take me a few days to navigate though. We race BITD 1912, 2009 RZRS. Mike Cook

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