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  1. Markflexes

    Toy Hauler Opinions

    I like my Pacific Coachworks Rage'N. It is short and light but yet has on-board gen, fits a 4 seat RZR, front bdrm, has good sized holding tanks and has been reliable.
  2. Markflexes

    Race To Rugged **EXTREME SALES**

  3. Markflexes

    Baja summer ride

    Looks like a great ride. Subscribed.
  4. Markflexes

    BUILD THREAD: 2018 Polaris RZR XP4 Turbo Dynamix

    Gorgeous car Joey. Thanks for finishing the build thread amidst all you had to deal with.
  5. Markflexes


    As of 11:50a PST Jagged still leads @ RM 893 and has put some distance on Cafro who is showing @ RM 863. Elenburg has not updated in 20 min so could be right on Cafro. Sappington gaining ground in 4th @ RM 822 with Murray's 15 miles behind him. At this point looking good for Jagged. They have...
  6. Markflexes


    Brandon should get in the 2919 in or around Loretto.getting the car from Parks/Spiess.
  7. Markflexes


    According to Tracker: 1. Jagged RM 740 2. Cafro RM 717 3. Elenburg RM 696 4. Lambert RM 646 5. Sappington RM 650 Notables: Matlock RM 545, Murray's RM 609, Burnett RM 495 but something weird with tracker so may not be accurate, Millen looks to be out and on Hwy 1 heading north.
  8. Markflexes


    Great story. Good luck "Beer Man"!
  9. Markflexes

    KOH Pick the winner.

    1919 Van de Loo Jagged X
  10. Markflexes

    Parker UTV Pit Crew Challenge

    Basically the fastest to change two tires on the same side using both a front and rear jack positions.
  11. Markflexes

    2016 Baja 1000 Shock Therapy Pre Run

    Cool story. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Markflexes

    Parker UTV Pit Crew Challenge

    We may be old and slow Sims but Jagged still kicked your ass thanks to that loose lug And, despite the jack man having a Forty taped to his hands it was still good enough to take home the $500 and bragging rights. It was fun and hopefully will see more events like that in the future.
  13. Markflexes

    Best E-Rated AT Tire

    Joey you list 4 criteria and I would say in my opinion the Nitto Terra Grappler is the best all around truck tire. I am on set 3 on 2 different trucks and all have lasted 60k or more. They come in some odd sizes that other manufacturers tires do not. The E load rating and 80psi max pressure make...
  14. Markflexes

    Official UTVUnderground 2016 Baja 1000 Update Thread

    1921 per tracker looks like it is on the trailer and heading back to Ensenada.
  15. Markflexes

    Official UTVUnderground 2016 Baja 1000 Update Thread

    2919 not tracking but reports have them at RM 260.
  16. Markflexes

    Should BITD Have Let Max Gordon (8yr Old) Race??

    I say no way Joey. Firstly, I get the feel good part of the story. It is really cool. But getting out there and racing in the desert is no joke. God forbid if something happened to him could you imagine the media hey day over it? It could garner all kinds of negative attention to the sport we...
  17. Markflexes

    2016 BlueWater Desert Challenge Presented By Polaris RZR Update

    3 cars across the finish line. 904 1918 936
  18. Markflexes

    Official UTVUnderground 2016 BITD Vegas To Reno Update Thread

    Great video Joey! And, the best coverage of a race yet. Congratulations and thanks. All us stuck behind a computer for this race thank you and your team. Finally, for the first time that I can recall the tracking system worked very well. Congrats to the winners, finishers and all the ute racers...
  19. Markflexes

    SCORE San Felipe 250 opens SCORE World Desert Championship

    San Felipe looks awesome as usual. Can't wait to get there and get that JX 1931 in gear! The weather forecast looks stellar.
  20. Markflexes

    True friends

    JX is an awesome group of people. Friends first then team mates. The brotherhood and comradery is what makes me want to be involved. Plus I love Baja and off-roading so it is a no brainer. Sure all of what Bill says but nothing beats the adventure. Serious endeavor and goals but this JX team...
  21. Markflexes

    True friends

  22. Markflexes

    Baja 1000 class 1900

    Jagged pre running southern section of Baja 1k today. Typical Baja rough and tumble... sand, silt, rock, and more. A quick break at sunset illustrates the beauty of Baja.
  23. Markflexes

    Baja 1000 Bets and Bullshit

    Jagged pre running southern section of Baja 1k today. Typical Baja rough and tumble... sand, silt, rock, and more. A quick break at sunset illustrates the beauty of Baja.
  24. Markflexes


    Mine are the Skat 12 Glider with the offset paddles. 88" roll out.
  25. Markflexes


    My rollout is 88".
  26. Markflexes

    Baja 1000 Bets and Bullshit

    At this military check point near Colonet were they asking for tourist visa cards?
  27. Markflexes


    Not sure but I will measure and post back to this thread.
  28. Markflexes

    Ultimate lightweight 30" desert tire?

    ITP may make a solid tire in the Ultracross as proven by many of the top desert race teams like Cognito, Sims and UTV Inc but their service does suck. They lost a sale after I got no response from calling or emailing. I ended up getting a great deal on Mongrels and could not be happier.
  29. Markflexes


    Thanks for posting Warlock. I wish I had a set of these 30's but the 28's Skats I got from Tim last season before he had these available work very well also. Though, I now wish I had some patience and waited a few months. Cosmetically the 30's look way better as well but I am all about function...
  30. Markflexes

    Camp RZR...who is going?

    Yep can't wait. Be out there with the wild bunch Jagged crew. Looking forward to seeing everyone and enjoying some of those tacos and riding in one of Joey's turbo cars...Anyone seen a RZR???? :eek:
  31. Markflexes

    What Desert Tires For RZR 1000?????

    Open Country's are a nice looking tire but they are heavy. Spinning mass matters. I suggest going with a tire made for UTV's like the Mongrel, new BF Goodrich KR2, ITP's or similar. 32's sound great but they likely will not measure an actual 32". Good luck.
  32. Markflexes

    BITD Class Vote on turbos

    Well said Joey. Most sports have a "competition committee" to do just what you are suggesting. I think it time the class evolves. Grateful to the leaders who have brought it thus far but time for progress and more good minds to have input. I do feel this committee or Board should be voted on by...
  33. Markflexes

    who wins V2R

    Unofficial results 1918 1917 1919 1927 1921 1931 Congrats to all.
  34. Markflexes

    who wins V2R Results at RM 400 1978 1967 1919 1931 1917
  35. Markflexes

    32" Ultracross R looking good!

  36. Markflexes

    Unofficial Mint 400 Results and Photos

    Funny stuff. Give UTVUG and Mad Media a chance. They are so biased they posted the S3 Visions of Victory video on their website. Congrats to S3 and all the racers and top runners. It was an awesome race to track. SCORE could learn something from Mad Media and Race Dezert.
  37. Markflexes

    UTV World Championship LIVE Coverage!

    The radio broadcast worked well on Friday and added a pretty cool piece to contingency especially for those of us who couldn't make it out. Too bad the feed went south race day. It seemed to start pretty good and then faded away to nothing. Not sure of the technology being used but it may have...
  38. Markflexes

    SCORE San Felipe 250 thread

    As much as I love Mexico this story sure makes you think. And, makes you feel pretty fortunate that you live in the good old USA. Lesson learned: Be sure to have all your paperwork complete, insurance lined up and do not put yourself in high risk situations (like driving after dark). It was...
  39. Markflexes Celebrates 6 Year Anniversary

    Great job Joey. Congrats and nothing but even greater success in the future. :D:D:p:p:cool::cool:
  40. Markflexes

    All UTV's Save UTV's

    Thanks for the link Matt. I took care of it, and, like you said, it is quick. Lets try to keep our liberties! The feds have bigger things to focus on. In my experience when sending these types of correspondences to your representative in Congress it is better to write a custom letter vs...
  41. Markflexes

    UTVUnderground Presents: 2014 Baja 1000 - VIDEO

    Great vid as usual Joey.
  42. Markflexes

    Race ute for sale

    I heard that to. It will be the new AC with the Z1 motor. :eek::eek::D
  43. Markflexes

    SCORE UTV Championship decided by unearned finish points!!!

    It was taken up with SCORE after the race and concerns were raised. However, the point is moot now. Clearly a poor judgment made by SCORE officials. Like it or not it's done and SCORE would probably like a redo knowing the ramifications their decision would have on a points championship. As...
  44. Markflexes

    Winning The Baja 1000 w/ UTV Inc., Johnnys Race Report

    Good stuff Johnny. Thanks for the race report. We X boys battled hard, but, on this day, the UTV Inc. team and car was better. Congratulations to all who completed or attempted to complete this epic challenge. And, congrats to Badassmav, MB and the 1905 team on taking home the SCORE 1900 class...
  45. Markflexes

    Official UTVUnderground 2014 Baja 1000 Photos / Story / Official Results

    You said it. That was one long ass mother of a trip back from La Paz. The Southern group of the JX crew left Saturday mid morning and didn't get back until midnight last night. The trip down is broken up so it did not seem as bad. All in all a cool adventure, though.
  46. Markflexes

    Official UTVUnderground Baja 1000 Update Thread

    That's because you drive the Hellraiser...:D
  47. Markflexes

    Glamis Paddle Tire Testing yesterday.

    Pretty funny buddy. You may be right about the back of the pack and now I know why. Those damn STU' Yep I will be out at Camp RZR with many of the jaggy X gang. How about you? Hope to see you there. Will have Crown... Frankly should be saving our energy for the B1k but gotta play to. :D
  48. Markflexes

    Glamis Paddle Tire Testing yesterday.

    Good thread and good info. Weight sure does kill and so does having more spinning mass. Out of curiosity I weighed my 26" comp cut STU's that are on my 900 and they were 23.5lbs while the front smoothies were 17lbs. I have always felt they were light but did not realize just how much. There must...
  49. Markflexes

    Badassmav Baja 1000 updates ?

    Ditto that! I am ready for shit show part deux. :p :D :cool:
  50. Markflexes

    SCORE Desert Challenge Results

    Unofficial: 1932 Jagged X wins SCORE Desert Challenge at Imperial Valley. :D:D:):cool:

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