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    STETLER's R1 Rhino by 151 Fabrication

    Took off the Sand tires and threw on the Dirt tires . Ready for some Barstow runs this summer. Just regeared it and it's running like a Grape Ape !
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    UTVUnderground Action Sports Canopy FORUM MEMBER GIVEAWAY!!

    Well My SxS isn't a RZR but it isn't much of a Rhino anymore either. I've been a Member on here for a long time and would Love to Have 1 of these Ez-Ups sitting over my SxS to match my UTV Underground stickers that I've always ran on my car. Here's my car:
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    the 4 seater fire was caused by a gas can getting hauled in the bed and wasn't strapped down correctly. Yes the driver got Badly burned. He was airlifted out.
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    the first Yamaha R1 alternator pully adapter kits

    That sucks to hear. It just wouldn't work huh. I'd like to throw on a alt. in my car. Think I'll just install a second battery up front in the meantime.
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    Yamaha 2007 R1 wiring question

    Trunknuts did what I did. Down load it for free on a R1 forum. Same thing as the book and you can print out any page you want. I'd run the stock gauge cluster if it was me. Your gonna find yourself never looking at the dash anyways. Pretty much just checking water temps and oil pressure.
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    the first Yamaha R1 alternator pully adapter kits

    So any updates on this ????
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    Yamaha R1 Rhino build up

    I'd say that's right in the ball park of weight guessing.
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    Yamaha R1 Rhino build up

    Looking very good. May I suggest a few things during your build? Tack weld your bars in place until your pretty much done with all the added tubing to the cage. Then fully weld them in. Chances are you'r going to change things up during the build due to suspension fitting, body fitting...
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    Yamaha 99.5 mph in Sr1 today on the Gps

    That's how I bought mine. I think I paid $80.00 each Brand new !! Even bought me a spare at that price.
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    Official Soboba 2011 Thread

    Seriously, let me now. I would be VERY interisted in racing this race. Thanks Joey!
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    Yamaha 99.5 mph in Sr1 today on the Gps

    I run the BFG Mud Terrain 28" DOT approved tire. with Centerline aluminum racing rims. I wouldn't trust those SxS tires going that fast either. Plus there not going to hold up to the sharp rocks in the desert.
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    Official Soboba 2011 Thread

    So when is the next Soba race and is there any chance I can enter my car in it?
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    post your utv vids

    Here you go. <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value=";hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
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    Yamaha R1 Rhino Update/Pics

    looking good. You going to Glamis for Thaksgiving?
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    2010 Lucas Oil Off Road EXPO **PICS**

    Great pics !!! Wish I could of made that show.
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    Seen the Infamous Sand Bullet (Buckshot)...NOT Impressed at all.

    Need to add some grab handles for the Passenger. Glad to see you finally got to drive it out in the dunes.
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    2010 Sand Sport Super Show!!!!!

    This years show was very crowded. Great show and a lot of sandrails on display. Headed back down there in the next hour:D
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    STETLER's R1 Rhino by 151 Fabrication

    Not sure if I'll need it yet but very interisted in your alt. set up. Is it universal for a motorcycle engine or is it made for certain year R1's Got any pics?
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    STETLER's R1 Rhino by 151 Fabrication

    Ok, So after the last Glamis night ride I came to realize that the HID lights I was running weren't cutting it. I was running 8000K temp bulbs at 35W but only 2 of them would work. So I tossed those in the trash and went with new 55W Ballast and Bulbs in a 6000K Light temp. I also went with...
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    Who has the sickest lifted truck in the underground???

    why trailer a sub. that is stock with rims and tint???????????:confused: I don't know. is it to save gas $$ instead of driving it, baller?
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    2010 Sand Sport Super Show!!!!!

    So I was at the OCFair a few weeks ago and on the back of my parking ticket stub it has a promtional offer for $2.00 off every ticket to this years Super Sport Sand Show. You have to purchase them on line but you will get the discount. every little bit helps. enjoy. Follow the link to buy...
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    first ride video's of the RZR1, yes i still have wood 2 days later

    Thought you'd like that. No need for me to hang onto it. Looking forward to a Full Glamis season with the buggy. You'll have to camp with us a few times.
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    dark horse r1 build

    ??? Hows the build going?
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    STETLER's R1 Rhino by 151 Fabrication

    Almost 2 years to build . Mainly due to other issues (work and Family) that had to put this build on the back burner many times. As far as ride: It hauls ASS. Very impressed with the power it has VS the weight of the car. The suspension (bypass') still needto be dialed in by a pro. Gonna...
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    STETLER's R1 Rhino by 151 Fabrication

    Stay away from TRANSWORKS....There junk. Always breaking. I did a lot of research on them before the Jeffco. TOTAL JUNK
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    UTVUG LOORRS Glen Helen Pics & Results

    Great pics. Did you get any video?
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    STETLER's R1 Rhino by 151 Fabrication

    correct. The small Legend cars usually run Toyota Solid rear end with either a leaf spring or a coil rear end. Just as CF stated, we need the sprocket inline with the rear Reverse box. So the chain lines up and now we have Reverse
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    STETLER's R1 Rhino by 151 Fabrication

    I over extended the throw on the clutch arm on the motor. It broke the cast on the inside of the cover and a part that goes right inside of the cover that attaches to the pivot arm. Here's some pics of what I broke. This first pic is the inside of the clutch cover. You can see how it's...
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    My other ride....a Chopper

    well this is my other toy I get to ride around on the street while Glamis season is over. 2009 Sucker Punch Sally Frame 2006 ShovelHead 93" Motor PRIMO 3.5" open Belt drive With a 6 spd. Spyke Starter PM Brakes all around internal throttle cable on 18" Apes Hand made Custom Leather seat...
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    68 Camaro SS Pro Street

    VERY nice. My favorite year too !!
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    STETLER's R1 Rhino by 151 Fabrication

    As for the travel. We have it strapped at 20" front and 21" rear. it's good for 3 more inched in the rear and 2 more in the front but felt it wasn't needed to put it at it's limits.
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    STETLER's R1 Rhino by 151 Fabrication

    I do have a stock gas tank in perfect shape, No holes drilled in it. was asking $75.00 but will take $50. plus shipping or pick it up at my house in Orange. The side plastics and floor board I sold a long time ago. But I do have after market Fiberglass rear fenders (same ones I'm...
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    Seen the Infamous Sand Bullet (Buckshot)...NOT Impressed at all.

    But why build a ugly car ??? and put middle grade stuff on it:confused:
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    Weller Racing customer/SR1 event maybe this year?

    Would love to be part of it too, if allowed:cool:
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    my trailer build

    Damn that turned out awesome. Might put a few small holes in the bottom of your storage trunks, so the water can drain out easy. Good job man !
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    2010 Sand Sport Super Show!!!!!

    I'll be stopping by for sure Joey. Should have my rhino on display in my buddies booth "Dune Whore". So I should be down there for most of the weekend.
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    Seen the Infamous Sand Bullet (Buckshot)...NOT Impressed at all.

    Well, As I just stated. I've seen the Bullet today down at the Orange County Fair Grounds on display. I'm not impressed at all with the build. Looks like your Average good garage build. Many things I would change on it and Upgrade. From the looks of it, It looks very unfinished. I'm...
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    Yamaha Offroadswapmeet build

    Looks good. Keep the pics coming.
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    A King of Hammers inspired garage build

    Just found this build thread. Looks good. Lots of hard work ahead of you and already behind you. I'll be following this build. Thanks for sharing !
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    UTVUnderground heads to PISMO for the 4th of July! **Pics**

    great pics Joey ! Whish I could of got reservations for that weekend. I'll be out there this Thurs night thru Sunday instead.
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    All UTV's R1 chain and sprocket

    This is the chain I use and seems to work great. Sidewinder XP Extreme Performance Motorcycle Chain and ATV Chain
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    Glamis Night Run Pics

    This might just actually work for me. Since I have to take the trailer back to Glamis in July. I've never been to OW before.
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    Glamis Night Run Pics

    IT was great weather at night. Glad I finally got a chance to get out there for one of these night rides. Well worth it !! Had a real bad hang over on Sunday but well worth it!
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    Nice pics guys !!! Love that detailed up close shot of the HPI in the air with trail of sand behind it. You guys going to the Night run in 2 weeks
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    R/C's in the Underground!!

    I've got a few too. Associated 1/10 scale electric truck. a 1st gen REVO and a 1/8 Scale Gas Buggy. Haven't used them in about 4 years but still have them.
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    R1 motor goodies

    LSR Greg has some very good points. Also you say the 07 and 08 is pictured in the stand alone pics???? How does tht work on a 07-08 motor if the OEM volocity stacks are eliminated? I don't see the ability to rehook up the OEM stacks that are a must for the Wiring set up (Yamaha ECU)...
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    UGLIEST UTV CONTEST **VOTE HERE** May Contest by Dalton Industries

    My vote was for MRPAT920. I've seen that rhino at the show and man is it UGLY. looked like a PepBoys Pinata before it was cracked open. Great contest UTVUG !!!
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    Pics for sure guys & Be safe !

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