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  1. American Rock Rods

    Official start order

    Shelley sent me the official list. 116 miles. 1 Heath Frazier 2 Mitch Guthrie 3 Rob Camilleri 4 Ethan Osborne 5 Taylor McCann 6 Ryan Bergamini 7 Blake Van de loo 8 Burt Jenner 9 Rick Markley 10 Robby Gordon 11 Evan Engelhardt 12 DJ Silva 13 Dean Bulloch 14 Whimpy Lawson 15 Tommy Scranton 16...
  2. American Rock Rods

    2016 KOH

    Who is in this year? I know a few who are racing, and a few who have raced before that are not. New this year is no more sportsman class. Just Pro. Also apparently we are required to have HANS devices now. This is the current registration list: UTV ANTONIO COSTA 1904 UTV MOUNTAIN HOUSE...
  3. American Rock Rods

    lowrider + buggy chassis

    We built this buggy chassis at work, and it's huge. Customer went with 47" tires. So I rolled it up next to my lowrider/euro tuner/rat rod VW truck for some fun comparison photos. Believe it or not, the VW is kind of quick, it gets 35 mpg, goes 90 mph no problem, and with the...
  4. American Rock Rods

    Official Introduction

    I'm relatively new to this site, but not to the OHV world. My name is Chris Barnett, I work for ARR, which is right outside Denver. We aren't a vendor here yet, so I'm not going to advertise anything(for now), but mainly we are a chassis and custom part manufacturer, and retail distributor...
  5. American Rock Rods

    WE Rock Dirt Riot?

    I couldn't find a racing forum that catered to this series, and KOH is the closest I think. Anyone planning to run it? I will be hitting up all three mountain series events.
  6. American Rock Rods

    KOH report, car #'s 711 & 712

    Lets start by saying that I personally had a great time, as did everyone else I saw. We ran last year in a Teryx, and went 9 miles before the belt popped. So we switched it up this year. Car #711 is a standard 08 RZR 800, and car #712 is an 09 RZR S. Both were setup pretty similar, HCR...

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