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  1. dunerat

    Dragon fire harness pass through

    Hello I was wondering if anyone has used these with the Polaris click 6 harness? Thank you Sent from my SM-N900P using Tapatalk
  2. dunerat

    Happy Holidays everyone

    Happy Holidays everyone Sent from my SM-N900P using Tapatalk
  3. dunerat

    Utvgiant lower doors

    I was wondering if anyone has used these lower doors and if you liked them or not? They are under a hundred bucks and I keep reading mixed reviews. Thanks for any input Sent from my SM-N900P using Tapatalk
  4. dunerat

    Vision x light bars

    Hi guys I was wondering if any one has used the vision x light bars in the dunes and desert. Looking for feedback on how they performed. Looking to buy a light bar this weekend at the sand show. Thank you Sent from my SM-N900P using Tapatalk
  5. dunerat

    Polaris Turbo sand tires

    Hi everyone I am trying to figure out what size sand tires for the car. I want the sand blaster pros but not sure if I should look at 28 or 30 tires. Thank you
  6. dunerat

    Palm canyon RV resort

    Hi I was wondering if anyone has ever stayed st this RV park in borrengo springs? I was wondering if you ride to ocotillo from the RV park and how was the place. Thank you
  7. dunerat

    Sand tires

    Selling sand tires off a 900 xp they are 26x12 sandblaster pros staggered cut and front smoothies 500.00
  8. dunerat

    Polaris 2012 900 xp 4

    Hey guy's trying to sell a rzr 900 xp 4 has prp gt/se front seats and prp 4x2 harness in front alba stage 2 kit and double down kit from desert molding has pro armor a arm guards and trailing arm guards PCI race radio and race air futv skid plate pro armor doors have original 4 seats and full...
  9. dunerat

    2012 rzr xp 900 tail light bulb

    Hello does anyone know if a 3157 bulb will replace the original tail light bulb thank you
  10. dunerat

    Alba stage 2 kit

    Hi everyone I have a 2012 rzr xp 900 4 and I wanted some more power for Glamis for climbing. I was looking at the stage 2 from Alba racing. Just curious if anyone else has done it and seen a huge difference in the dunes. The car is great in the desert. Thank you for any feedback [emoji2]...
  11. dunerat

    Forced air helmets

    Hi guys, I am just a weekend rider looking to get a forced air system in the future. I was wondering if there would be a huge difference between a side air helmet compared to a top air helmet? Would I be able to do a side air helmet and just install a skirt on the helmet? Also wondering how well...
  12. dunerat

    2012 xp 900 air filter cover

    Hi guys I am looking for a air filter cover when cleaning mine today I noticed the bottom of the cover has a little crack in it. Thanks
  13. dunerat

    2012 rzr 900 xp 4 CV Joint

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a rear driver side CV joint and boot for a stock Polaris axel? This is for the side that goes into the tire. I was wondering if anyone has one they want to sell or knows of a web site that carries them. I want to fix it and use it as a spare. I am located in Ventura...
  14. dunerat

    2012 rzr 900 xp 4 oil drain crush washer

    Hello everyone, I have read many post but have not come across this yet. I was wondering if you can buy the copper crush washer for the engine oil drain plug at your local home depot? If so is it easy to find. Thank you
  15. dunerat

    Oil and oil filter for 2012 900 xp 4

    OK guys I know there are a lot of posts but I was wondering what is the best oil filter to run. And if you have the part number that would be great. What oil should I be running also or just stay with Polaris heavy duty oil? My machine has 1950 miles on it not sire if thatvmakes a difference on...
  16. dunerat

    Weekly Glamis pass

    Hello, Does anyone know where I can order a weekly pass from? I need one for Thanksgiving week and last year everyone sold out of them in the area, so I am thinking about getting one now. Thank you [emoji3]
  17. dunerat

    Quick question

    I was wondering if it is OK to cut the back support bars for the front stock seats on 4 seater on the hand rail behind the seat? I do not want this bar to hit the new seats. I hope this makes sense. Thank you ☺☺
  18. dunerat

    Shout out to SXS PERFORMACE

    Thank you for the Awesome deal on my PRP Seats. You guys answered all my questions and were a class act to work with. Thank you again☺☺☺
  19. dunerat

    Happy birthday Jim

    Happy birthday buddy
  20. dunerat

    Prp seat colors for 2012 rzr 900 4

    OK been really looking at Prp seats but can't figure out a color pattern. Does anyone have pics to post thank you. ☺☺
  21. dunerat

    Race air and helmet

    Hi everyone, I want to buy a full face helmet and was thinking about getting a race air one and installing a race air device. Not sure if this is beneficial or not for just a recreation machine or just go witht the full face regular helmet. I pretty much ride with just me in the car so I would...
  22. dunerat

    Oil pan on 2012 rzr 900 xp 4

    Quick question does anyone know how difficult or easy it is to remove the oil pan? Do I need to replace the oil pan gasket also? Thank you
  23. dunerat

    Stripped oil plug yep another one lol

    This is on a 2012 rzr 900 4 seater. The title says it all. I was able to finally remove the bolt but I think the threads in the oil pan are damaged. Has anyone used the oversize rubber ones they sell at the automotive store. It looks like they are the same as a plumbers plug. Just trying to find...
  24. dunerat

    Looking for a new Yamaha 450 R

    Hi everyone, I know this is a side by side form but there are a lot of great people on here and I trust you all. I am trying to buy my son a new Yamaha 450 R quad and looking at prices they are any where form 7800 to 8900. I am trying to buy from a fair and honest place where I can get a good...
  25. dunerat

    Memorial weekend

    Is anyone planning a trip for Memorial day weekend? I need to ride
  26. dunerat

    Eclipse rv reviews

    I am looking at a 28 ft tow behind and wondering if anyone has any reviews on this manufacturer? They look very well built and they seem to have been making toy haulers for awhile. Thank you for any input. Sent from my SM-N900P using Tapatalk
  27. dunerat

    Happy Birthday Zane

    Happy birthday :) Sent from my SM-N900P using Tapatalk
  28. dunerat

    Pacific coachworks toyhauler reviews

    Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone knows about these toyhaulers. We are looking at one but I cant find many reviews on them. Any info would be very appreciated. Thank you Sent from my SM-N900P using Tapatalk
  29. dunerat

    cant see utvunderground on tapatalk

    I cant see utvunderground in tapatalk anymore. When I search for it it will say no forums available. Please help I need this forum on tapatalk. This is for a android device
  30. dunerat

    J's Racing

    Just wanted to give a huge shout out to J. I brought him my 2012 xp 900 4 for the one hundred hour maintenance and a broken axel. I must say he did a great job fixing everything and doing the maintenance. I also brought him my sons 350 raptor which has been neglected for awhile. When we picked...
  31. dunerat

    Happy Chanukah

    Happy first night of Chanukah everyone
  32. dunerat

    Happy birthday Tresa

    Happy birthday babe love you
  33. dunerat

    Skid plate for 2012 xp 900 4

    I am looking for a skid plate for my rzr. I would like it to cover the whole bottom and over the rails where you usually put rock guards. So who makes the best one and of this type. Thanks for your input
  34. dunerat

    How to add smilies through tapatalk on I phone

    Does anyone know hot to add the smilies with tap a talk? I don't see the option anymore and I thought you were able too before the update. Thank you
  35. dunerat

    Happy birthday Govacho

    Happy birthday hope you have a awesome fun day:D
  36. dunerat

    new to the forum

    HI EVERYONE i just did a ride with the la familia group and they told me about this site. I am new to the side by side sport. I had a joyner 1100 and sold it and now have a 900 xp 4. We love riding and cant wait to earn more. I am addicted to this site.

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