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    Glamis this weekend 2-22-24?

    I wasn't able to make presidents day.... Heading out with the family this Friday to Sunday if anyone plans on being out there and wants to ride...let me know...
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    UTV Industry Weekend Glamis?

    Is this coming up anytime soon? anyone got any info?
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    RV Detailer

    Anyone know a detailer that sand or buffs out fiberglass, removes faded decals etc.?
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    Checking to see if anyone makes a wall calendar ? Before I order my usual thought I would check here first.
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    stock xp4 paddle size?

    26 or 28? stock ride with two adults up front ..2 kids in back..:confused:
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    Polaris xp 4

    Doing my first oil change this weekend...and wondering what I should do with the Air filter ? , I have heard some rumblings about the seal etc :confused:... THANKS.
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    Toyhaulers at expo?

    anyone know? exhibitor list doesnt say..:confused:
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    Polaris XP900 FIRST SERVICE

    I have about 3 tanks through my XP...gettin that time for its first question to the LA FAMILIA...should the first service be AT THE DEALER? OR ELSEWHERE?
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    Another new guy...

    Hey Everyone!! Im Jason in Apple Valley, been lurking here for A COUPLE MONTHS thought I better introduce myself. Been into SXS's since 08, sold by TREX IN 2009 and started to build a 4 seat DUALSPORT sandrail....then SAW THE NEW XP4 900 COME OUT...AND THOUGHT... WHY? PUT IT UP FOR SALE the...

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