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  1. Joey Rocket Films

    Camp RZR 2016 Glamis recap video

    What a damn good time. Major props to Polaris for putting on an amazing event and spending all that $ for the fans. Looking forward to seeing how they step it up next year.
  2. Joey Rocket Films

    Racing a YXZ 1000r Paralyzed with a Hand Clutch - Lucas Oil

    What a beast this man is. Over coming a disability and pushing forward is right up Georges ally. It was an honor to work with this fella on this production. Looking forward to more coming!
  3. Joey Rocket Films

    UTV Riding course video Bundurant School Performance Driving

    This is a video I put together in a team effort with RideNow Powersports and The Bob Bondurant School of Performance Driving. I took the course in order to get the footage I needed and it was a blast. I've got some experience with UTV's so it was a bit tedious on the off-road course at first...
  4. Joey Rocket Films

    Polaris New Custom XP1K: Optimus Prime build

    Any and all suggestions are much appreciated! Please feel free to suggest some insight on any additions or subtractions on the build and edit.
  5. Joey Rocket Films

    Camp RZR Glamis 2014 recap video is done! First off, thanks to the fans, customers and enthusiasts because we are all nothing without you! Thanks to Polaris for being a company that stands tall above the rest and doesn't just say, but does what a company should which is exert massive energy into showing...
  6. Joey Rocket Films

    We're taking back 40,000 duning acre's in Glamis

    The war is still on though! Thank to everyone that was involved in helping reopen the 40,000 acre's of sand dunes that were taken away by the environmental extremists! My company, RideNow Powersports sent me to Glamis to cover the event and I just finished working on this video that shows...
  7. Joey Rocket Films

    Video of the Mint 400 with some aerial shots

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  8. Joey Rocket Films

    Press Conference The 2014 Mint 400

    It was an honor to sit in and record such a great event! The video is long but has chapters so you can skip to who ever you are more interested in listening to. Hope you like.<iframe width="640" height="360" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  9. Joey Rocket Films

    New Member from Phoenix Arizona

    Loving what UTV Underground is doing and loving my new home in Phoenix Arizona. From CT and happy to be in the desert where the off-road lifestyle is thriving. I'm a amateur videographer and enthusiast of all powersports. Recently been to Lucas oil off-road race Wild Horse Pass in Chandler AZ...

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