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    R1 motor goodies

    Just a small correction, it's Shane Rosson, and he has miles of dyno runs to show the gains in performance for any product that he develops/ builds. He makes power plain and simple. Intakes, exhaust, management systems etc. Mike V.
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    Tilt Sensor in a SR1?

    A good alternative for this rule is a oil pressure switch for the power to the fuel pump. In the racing that I come from either was acceptable within the rules. Maybe something to think about. Easy fix for the tip over sensor issue. I personally have never run a stock tip sensor, the few that I...
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    All UTV's motor oil for R1 engine?

    I am thinking it's all preference. When I raced Lightning Sprints (street bike motor powered) My motor builder recommended the Mobil 1. Another motor builder that I know recommends Kendall (can remember the weights). I ran my Lightning Sprint for 4 years with no problems. I did change the oil...
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    Not sure about that. If Scott D. doesn't clarify here, I will try to get a answer early in the week. I had spoke to Don and Scott about running the SR1 class, I did not ask about "any" motor swap. Best bet would probably be to PM ScottD, the originator of the post. He should be able to let...
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    That is not correct. I have personally spoken with Don Kazarian, and he said that he will run the SR1 rhinos with the unlimited class until there are enough (6-10) cars, at that point he will make a class for the SR1 rhinos. The info is also posted on Race-Dezert, by the Perris announcer Scott...
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    dark horse r1 build

    Re: drak horse r1 build Sorry, I didn't keep up with the post. The splined shaft is where I was going. Just wanted to give a heads up that I had that clamp gear literally blow apart at the Elsinore GP. Dan changed to his new version shaft, and no more issues so far. I am sure you spoke to...
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    dark horse r1 build

    Re: drak horse r1 build Nick, It lloks like your gear on the RPM box is using the keyway compression gear. Is that correct?
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    Stoddard Wells 01/17

    Hey Wino, I'm in for a ride out there. It's a cool easy day trip for sure. Some friends I grew up with live next door to Brian (owner of Slash X) great guy and cool place to visit.(Lots of history). Let me know I am sure I can drag Paul (ZT FAB) out of the shop for a day. Later Mike
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    2010 West Coast Stadium Kart/ utv Spring Series

    Got a email from Tyson, they will have a SR1 class.
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    Perris Auto Speedway Announces 2010 Season

    I am ready to run in the R1 class and it would sure be nice to run at Perris. I have only run the oval there. Not to mention a great facility with tons of potential for shortcourse racing to be a permenant fixture there, as well as one of the best announcers in Scott Dalasio, and a great...
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    SR1, whos bulding one?

    I don't want to get into an arguement here at all. But I will share the personal experience that I do have with these motors. I am new to all of the sxs stuff at the racing level, so I won't speak to facts of how these cars react to power in a racing environment. I do have a R1 rhino that I...
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    ITP / Lake Elsinore Race Series!

    I will run if they have a R1 class.
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    my RZR1 build

    Not sure, the yoke flange binds on the axle shaft when the wheel rotates. And I thought it was really strange too that one side had less angle capabilities, they should be the same so the move / travel together throughout the suspension cucle. It might just be the ones coming from this shop...
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    my RZR1 build

    I am currently running these axles on my R1 rhino. Things to think about, they are pretty heavy, I have snapped the yoke on one side (supposedly rated for 500 hp) I have since upgraded both yokes to a forged steel one (about $150.00 per side after they rebalance the axles) and the best for last...
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    Wheel Question???

    I am totally on board with the new W.E.R. wheels for sure, just trying to see what others run, and how they like or dislike the performance and durability of different wheels.
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    Wheel Question???

    I would like to get some feedback from you guys as to who makes a good strong 14" beadlock from your experience. I currently have 14" ITP beadlocks and seem to destroy at least one everytime I go out. I have thought of trying to weld a reinforcement ring on the inner bead, but not sure about...
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    Amp to ipod

    I ran switched power with an inline fuse as well. Works great.
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    Mike V's R1 Rhino - New Dash, engine cover, console, wing....

    It has a sprocket/ chain steering set up to keep a decent angle on the steering shaft.
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    Mike V's R1 Rhino - New Dash, engine cover, console, wing....

    Thanks Paul, don't take this the wrong way, but I hate when you do stuff like this. (Not Really) I just keep kicking myself in the ass that we weren't able to cross paths about two years ago when this all started. Oh well not much I can do now......except possibly have you build another one...
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    Yamaha Our new Ride....

    I am sure the first upgrade will be the F TARD tires. Right Paul?:D
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    Introduce myself (A lil late)

    ZTFAB (Paul) He is located in Upland. Great guy awesome fab skills. Thanks Mike V
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    Welcome ZTFab AKA Zero Tolerance Fabrication

    For anyone looking to get any fab work done that is second to none. Give Paul a call. He is one of the best I have ever seen, honest, fair, an overall good guy to deal with, believe me I have had my fair share of flakes, and I was so happy to find this guy. Mike Valentine SR1
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    Lake Elsinore GP

    Joey, you can co dawg the R1 rhino. If I can race in this one.
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    Mike V's R1 Rhino - New Dash, engine cover, console, wing....

    WOW Paul, that's all I have to say!!! Mike V
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    Mike V's R1 Rhino - New Dash, engine cover, console, wing....

    It was custom made. With the original design, the clutch lever actually retracted back into the handle when the clutch was pulled in. Only problem was we could not get it to throw far enough to fully engage the clutch, so had to mount a motorcyle style clutch lever. Right after we finished...
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    RZR S questions

    Are you kidding me, Paul can redo the engine cover no problem. I would think that's the least of your worries. And just think, you can still keep the original cover that Paul did for you.... hang it on the wall. 5 seat R1 sounds good here, Oh yeah "Fat Rod 1000" Or R1 Fat Rod could work...
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    Mike V's R1 Rhino - New Dash, engine cover, console, wing....

    Thanks Joey as we get closer hit me up and let me know what you need me to do for the show. Mike
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    Mike V's R1 Rhino - New Dash, engine cover, console, wing....

    I was just informed by my Powder guy, that he can have all of the sheetmetal powdered in 2 days. I just wouldn't have the paint done on the glass, not sure probably just leave it raw, but I did think of getting the powder done to promote Endless Powdercoating, who has been with me for the last 3...
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    SR1 suggested rules are up!

    Thanks Jason / Corry...
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    SR1 suggested rules are up!

    I understand the Spec idea fully, I came from a similar form of racing and it ended up with disputes about every other race, due to alot of grey areas within the rules. So I totally understand where this is headed and I think it is a good thing. I am not trying to push for my car to be allowed...
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    SR1 suggested rules are up!

    Not sure how to respond. If I read it right, if I want to race in this series I need to sell my FNR box and buy a Weller direct drive kit? Not an expert, but I don't think there is any advantage to a "LOCKED" FNR box. And I would think you could tech that by simply rolling the wheels while the...
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    SR1 suggested rules are up!

    Hey Corry, have you guys determined what you will do with the people that have complete R1 race rhinos already built? I know we talked about this briefly last week. I have a Rpm gearbox. (not a diff) and my motor is mounted in the proper way, just not with the Weller mounting plate. Mike V
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    Mike V's R1 Rhino - New Dash, engine cover, console, wing....

    Yeah, he said you were on unpacking duty when I called. Thanks for everything Matt.
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    Mike V's R1 Rhino - New Dash, engine cover, console, wing....

    Nice to finally meet you too Matt. Thanks for the radio set up. Mike
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    Mike V's R1 Rhino - New Dash, engine cover, console, wing....

    The gauge cups were made by the guy that did the first dash. Not sure if someone sells them. Mike
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    Mike V's R1 Rhino - New Dash, engine cover, console, wing....

    Paul, lookin good, can't wait to see what the finish product ends up like. I just know one thing. Everything I have seen you come up with is second to none. Thanks again Mike V.
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    Yamaha JoeyD Rhino Build

    Sounds good, let me know Paul.. Mike
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    Yamaha JoeyD Rhino Build

    Paul !! I heard that!!! I am going on Sunday, got to see the Joey D ride in person.
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    Yamaha fuel or fire

    Just a thought, check the reverse signal wire under the air box. I had the same problem and re jetted about 10 times and discovered the problem was this connection. When you pull the airbox completely you will see it, crimp the plug lightly and push back onto the engine. See if it works, it did...
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    Yamaha JoeyD Rhino Build

    Awesome, that's all we can say about ZT Paul. Looking forward to getting my ride to him soon. Mike V.
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    SXS Stadium Series Aug.22nd 2009

    Joey, 2 tickets if it's not too late. I have been away from any computer since we talked earlier. If it's too late no problem, I will look you up tomorrow. Thanks, Mike Valentine
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    Rugged Is Awesome

    Just thought I would share a my experience with Matt @ Rugged. I had a little glitch with a mic in one of my helmets that I had bought from Rugged a little bit ago. Called Matt, he told be to send it to him and he would take a look at it for me. So I did (like 3 weeks after I called, my bad)...
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    Yamaha Rhino 660 Rear Brake

    mine started grinding from running it at some point with the "E" brake on. Replaced the pads, and has been quiet ever since.
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    Motorswap UTV's race

    I agree with BOBONTHIS. Just because you have the power doesn't mean that you are automatically going to win. YOU STILL HAVE TO DRIVE!! And you still have to get the power to the ground, and you still have to have a solid shock pkg, and the car still has to hold up. Power will not automatically...
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    Motorswap UTV's race

    I plan on running, had a couple of small issues this weekend, but should be ready by Sat. Thanks for the help with trying to get this class going. Mike
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    #78 R1 Race Rhino

    I will make every effort to be there. I still won't have the engine cover done. Would that be a problem??? My sheetmetal guy needs it for a few days, and I am going out this weekend to do some more test runs.
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    #78 R1 Race Rhino

    I emailed Ken a while ago and he told me they need 15 cars to make up a new class, so looks doubtfull unfortunately for me. Wish I could just run with the mods and start in the back, or get some sort of handicap if people are that concerned with the R1. I would be up for anything, I just want to...
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    #78 R1 Race Rhino

    Thanks JoeyD. Unfortunate about the spindle, but it was only it's 3rd time in the dirt, and things are going to happen. I think we found the issue with the bolts that we are running and have fixed it. Let me know if you come across any other races that would let me run. I am new to the utv...
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    The new guy

    Hey everyone just found the site yesterday, very nice I might add. Mike from so cal here.

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