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    Wheel Question???

    I would like to get some feedback from you guys as to who makes a good strong 14" beadlock from your experience. I currently have 14" ITP beadlocks and seem to destroy at least one everytime I go out. I have thought of trying to weld a reinforcement ring on the inner bead, but not sure about...
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    Rugged Is Awesome

    Just thought I would share a my experience with Matt @ Rugged. I had a little glitch with a mic in one of my helmets that I had bought from Rugged a little bit ago. Called Matt, he told be to send it to him and he would take a look at it for me. So I did (like 3 weeks after I called, my bad)...
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    The new guy

    Hey everyone just found the site yesterday, very nice I might add. Mike from so cal here.

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