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  1. PickupTrucker

    RZR RS1 Class?

    Lol that's hilarious. Pointless from a navigator standpoint, but looks kinda cool! I suppose it probably is lighter than a 2 wide and still 4 seater length
  2. PickupTrucker

    Polaris Project "RECON" 2017 RZR4 Turbo

    dang going all out on that rack! pretty sweet
  3. PickupTrucker

    Keller Performance Products Starvation Ridge 100

    Dang I shouldn't have missed this event
  4. PickupTrucker

    Rally Racing in a UTV

    Dang, very cool
  5. PickupTrucker


    Congrats on the finish, I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with after working out the bugs!
  6. PickupTrucker

    Arctic Cat and Mint 400

    Car looks sweet kornfed
  7. PickupTrucker

    Arctic Cat and Mint 400

    CVT is definitely technology that is worth the constant development, with the whole peak rpm/any speed thing. I used to think it lame you can't shift, and I thought it was a toy transmission when Dodge put it in cars, then I saw a snowmobile on a dragstrip, and it all started making sense
  8. PickupTrucker

    Arctic Cat and Mint 400

    Sweet I think I'll head to the dealer and get one!
  9. PickupTrucker

    Arctic Cat and Mint 400

    Dang I think it looks sick! And I thought the old Arctic cat was ugly, so big improvement in my book. Hopefully no rule bending issues happen, drama is annoying
  10. PickupTrucker


    I want to see this thing in action, xp1k videos are everywhere, but not as many reviews on 900/1000s, which I am interested in being in a wooded area, I think it might be the right platform.
  11. PickupTrucker

    DezertBound Racing BITD X3 build

    That thing looks pretty sick. I think two of those mufflers sticking out would be really fitting
  12. PickupTrucker

    MORE Slash X Duel in the Desert

    Cool video, that looks like a fun race!
  13. PickupTrucker

    Polaris Carver Racing #936 17' RZR BITD Build

    That is cool. It looks fun and easy to build when it's just the chassis. I'm sure every detail makes it more and more complicated/difficult. Thanks for sharing!
  14. PickupTrucker


    Well we are definitely excited, sounds like Washington down there haha
  15. PickupTrucker

    Who's excited for Blue Water?

    did i miss the build thread for that car? it sounds awesome!
  16. PickupTrucker

    2016 BITD YXZ1000R Suspended Fabrication Build #1982

    Wow nice job! Yxz has an ugly front end from the factory, but you guys made it look. Sick!!
  17. PickupTrucker

    Crandon Race Report

    thanks for the write up, cool to see an arctic cat racing
  18. PickupTrucker

    Carver Racing 2016 Vegas to Reno Race Report

    Nice work thanks for the write up!
  19. PickupTrucker

    Justin Lambert - 2nd Place at 2016 Baja 500

    thanks for the story and good job on the strong finish!
  20. PickupTrucker

    Stuck in the Middle

    thanks for sharing, good luck on the next one!!
  21. PickupTrucker

    1965 BITD Laughlin Desert Classic Race Report

    as a member of the US military, I appreciate you all helping them out. And as a fan of desert racing.
  22. PickupTrucker

    My XP1K build CarrOne, Nelson & Nelson, SSV Works

    wow that was a good buy to start off with, you are doing great and thorough work too!
  23. PickupTrucker

    **PICTURES** 2016 Laughlin Desert Classic

    thanks for sharing
  24. PickupTrucker

    Jump Champs Time Trials Photos!

    thanks for the photos!
  25. PickupTrucker

    New From Seattle

    Welcome! I bet the S will be great for the variety we have here in Washington
  26. PickupTrucker

    Laughlin Desert Classic

    Wow intense action!
  27. PickupTrucker

    2016 Ultra4 Metalcloak Stampede - PHOTOS

    thats pretty awesome, some really sweet rigs.
  28. PickupTrucker

    XP1K3: Sound & Fury - Behind the crashes...

    that is pretty awesome. I'm most curious what damage happened at the end? that is a really big drop when you jump past the landing!
  29. PickupTrucker

    All UTV's MotoPocket Storage Solutions

    camo is always cool!
  30. PickupTrucker

    Test Ride: 2016 Honda Pioneer 1000

    my question is does it have enough power to really enjoy the dunes?
  31. PickupTrucker

    Rugged Radios Baja RZR

    I like it, and most of the look is just from the front clip
  32. PickupTrucker

    #1982 Jeremiah Staggs 2016 Parker 250 Race Report

    I am excited to see how you guys do at the next race, the car looks great at least!
  33. PickupTrucker

    1948 Monster Energy - Parker 250 Race Report

    thanks for the write up, your car looks sick!
  34. PickupTrucker

    New Turbo Build

    keep progress pics coming!
  35. PickupTrucker

    Peak Powersports Parker 250 Recap

    thanks for sharing good work!
  36. PickupTrucker

    2014 Teryx Build

    that looks like fun thanks for sharing!
  37. PickupTrucker

    The 30" vs. 32"- Thoughts on Both

    looks pretty sick too

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