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    Polaris swaybar take it off or not?

    Hey guys I sold my r1 car and bought an xp 4, and was wondering if anybody has taken the sway bar off for a better ride. we used to take them off the rhinos and teryxs. any thoughts thanks
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    All UTV's r1 rhino gearing

    Hey guys I need some advice on gearing my car. what is the gear ratio for all around driving. i have about 5:1 right now with 27" tires and its kinda a dog. what do the weller kits run thanks
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    All UTV's R1 chain and sprocket

    Hey everyone im building an R1 car with a 5:1 rpm gearbox. what is a good chain and sprocket to run. is a 530 chain good or do I need bigger. if i could get some advice that would awesome. thanks
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    All UTV's gearbox look-A-like

    Hey has anyone seen, or know of the chinese brand of gearbox that looks like the RPM box. And where I could find one. To look at. Any info would be awesome. Thanks

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