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    Sick Video from AZ lucas regionals

    Lucas Oil Off Road Arizona Regionals Presented by ADS Suspension RD. 1 - YouTube
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    Lucas Oil Regionals Xp 900 ....Whose racing??

    So I know theres alot of speculation to whose in whose coming and whose building what. We are less than 2 weeks to go. Ive heard 20 cars 30 cars ?? Rappy60guy IM IN Slow Dave (7) Brian Carr @Carr One has Brian Carr Jason Merrell Jeremy Merell Jordan Cochrum buddy Customers Customer Staggs...
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    Whose coming and what are you bringing to the track?? Lets see your cars. Whose ready ? Whose not?? Rules chat . smack talk bring it!!:D:D Hope this is ok Joey
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    All UTV's Anyone know this guy LOL

    Those that know....know ...those that dont ....dont..... Like if you know this guy!!!!!! ROFLMAO!!!!!! :D:D:D:D
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    Worcs wreck

    Well i was doing good till lap 5 when a pile of rocks cut me off in the corner. Little fabwork little welding and she will be better than new and ready for anza. Thanks Joey for the pic!!!
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    Anyone here have the Underground Connection for someone from CBR i need some repairs done ASAP...JOEY ?? thanks
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    WORCS round 3 race recap

    Well another round down and all i can say is this one is going to cost me. First i have to thank my sponsors for helping me get here. Cognito Motorsports for my new dual rate spring setup worked flawlessly, Alba for my strong running motor, Mark Queen for my Ecu upgrade that is amazing...
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    Did everyone require this much work to get ALL the mud out ?? WTF
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    Polaris LOOKING for a helix xp 900

    im looking for a team or ddp or epi helix that will remove the engine brake on the xp900 or at least calm in down. Im headed to san diego from bakersfield and willing to come get if you have one thanks
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    Check these out. I shot leo over at TS a template and had these on my door in a few days. Excellent quality, materials , and workmanship. Another great product.
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    I will only shop for radio gear and accesories from Jason at RUGGED. I tried to order a helmet from the OTHER guys and didnt even get a return phone call so i could send them my paypal money. Called Jason and my helmet is going out today ups i will have it tomorrow. THANKS RUGGED
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    is this enough coverage for the ISA ??
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    Polaris Another happy Rugged customer

    Jason has been the man over at rugged really making sure i get all of the best setup for the new race car. I got the top of the line stuff at a great deal. Thanks jason for all the extra phone calls and all the extra work you put in to make us the customers happy. RUGGED ALL THE WAY .....THANKS...
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    I am pleased to release a few photos of Cognitos new a arms for the xp, These arms are not the prototypes i originally ran. They made a few changes and these are now ready !!!! Call Jim or Justin and get yours !! New upper arms now require tabs to be welded to the frame but make it a much...
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    Polaris My new ride

    Well its been a while since ive had a set of wheels to roll on so i bought a new xp while back with intentions of building a race play car. Its a 2012 xp 900 le that ive torn apart after a short test drive. I have changed the shocks out with the Cognito Foxs'. Ive also changed the swaybar to the...
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    All UTV's where in so cal

    Where in so cal area can i go and actually try on some fire suits and some wired and blown helmets ??
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    All UTV's lowrance hds5

    does anyone know how well a hds5m works for offroad use ??? its a marine gps ? anyone use one ??
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    Fuel cell question

    Ok guys dont hammer me as i know next to nothing about RACING .My question is i know we are putting the high dollar ATL fuel cells in our full race rigs but my personal car is a play / maybe hit a race or two a year fun car. Can i run a standard jazz steel tank with poly bladder or even a custom...
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    All UTV's Madhouse exhaust sale

    Hey guys we are making deals on muzzy exhaust. PM me for best prices ..Leave me your info and ill reply asap thanks
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    Madhouse Motorsports makes its mark on worcs round 3

    Madhouse Motorsports team driver keenan takes 1st place in class one at havasu yesterday. Keenan started in the second row 30 seconds behind row one and still took the lead. He did this in a completely stock xp900. Other Madhouse Motorsports had their fun. We had 2 cars end up on their lids one...
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    We got our trailer back from a full polish and new wrap. What do you guys think? Check it out at WORCS 3 havasu!!!
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    All UTV's Madhouse Motorsports RZR XP900 race build

    Well after taking first place with his near stock xp Dj Noerr has his ride in the shop for a complete race build. More to come as it was dropped off late last night. Madhouse is coming on strong !!! Build pics start tomorrow ...
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    Lets Welcome Madhouse Motorsports

    I wanted to welcome Madhouse Motorsports to the underground. For those that are unaware of who they are they are a full custom sxs shop located in Bakersdfield Ca. They have a full showroom stocked to the ceiling with wheels tires seats turbos belts car to car radios gps muzzys IN STOCK. and if...

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