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    I have a 11/2 year old son seat for him

    my som is 11/2 and I was wondering what everyone else is doing when the ride there kids around?
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    Nick Fishers r1 rhino

    i have owned this rhino for 4 years, i built it to a stock conversion r1 drove it for a while and then i choped and droped it and came up with a better chain design and weight bias i think it handles much better as well..
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    dark horse r1 build

    02-03 r1 motor rpm gear box with reverse the motor just drops out the bottom easy i made a block that is perfict hight and just set the chassis on the ground and very fast and easy... i have rugged radio setup also.
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    Yamaha doonz paddles work on r1 rhino?

    has any one tryed the doonz out on a r1 powered rhino? do they get enuff traction? i had 27" 13 paddle hualers before but i have sold them to get a much lighter 12" wheel and lighter tires i am looking to shed some rotaing mass... the 13 paddles hooked good and it could still spin them... light...
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    The Dark Horse...

    i am rebuilding my rhino... i have learned alot from building the r1 rhino the first time, and am using my past experiance to build a real bullit proof machine... better looking, wheight bias, oil bath chain setup for no maintince a longest chain life possible... the weakest like with the R1...
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    just got a new miller tig welder!

    just got my welder setup in the shop and tested it out for the first time, works awsome! this is my first time to use a tig welder. any tips from some pros on how to lay a roll of dimes?
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    anybody have a sleeve? post some pics!!!

    i am thinking about getting another tattoo maybe start a sleeve, tats are addicting
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    Yamaha rhino chassis build ??????

    ok guys i am soon to be building a choped and droped style cage all custom. i am on a budget and am wanting to make it as light as possible with out sacraficeing safety. mostly it will be a dune buggy. a few questions i have: what thickness of tubing should i use as the main structural bars...
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    nick fisher's r1 rhino

    here is my rhino i built about a year and a half ago it really huals some ass. my dad and his buddys have long travel v8 rails and i can hang with them in the dunes no problem. i am considering selling it to build another toy.... $17000 here are the specs: 2002 r1 motor FI 140 hp rpm gear box...

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