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  1. desertwheeler

    All UTV's Walker shock tuning upgrades in SoCal.

    Any good places that can upgrade the stock shocks on a xp4t? My bro in-law was looking at shock therapy but doesn’t want to deal with shipping. I think he is looking respring and valving.
  2. desertwheeler

    Other 05-16 F250/350 icon vehicle dynamic shocks

    I have a used set of icon vehicle dynamics shocks that came off my 08 F250 with a 2.5” leveling kit. Shocks are used and all need a rebuild. Fronts are 2.5” piggybacks rears are 2.0 IFP’s. Front piggy backs have the sticker rubbed off from the tire and made contact with the coils. It didn’t hurt...
  3. desertwheeler

    All UTV's Best dealers?

    My brother in law is gonna be in the market for a UTV in the near future and I wasn’t sure who the best dealing dealers are anymore. Our local dealer closed so only other dealer I have dealt with is Malcom smith. He wants a maverick but a rzr is an option for a better price. Any suggestions...
  4. desertwheeler

    Keep getting logged out.

    Not sure if it’s a tapatalk thing or what but I keep getting logged out and have to find the forums again and log back in. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. desertwheeler

    Mounting 20” bar on f250

    So I have a 20” bar for my truck and been wanting to put it in the bumper but second guessing that. Any disadvantages to putting it there? Or where else has anybody else mounted one on there truck? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. desertwheeler

    All UTV's Active vendors for parts?

    So I’m going to need some high clearance trailing arms for my jagged x 900 here soon. At the same time I’m gonna need to do ball joints and a-arm pivot bushings. I’d like to support semi local or at least someone on the boards. Any body out there? Haha Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. desertwheeler

    What tie downs do you use?

    I'm in the market again for some good tie downs. Not just for the rzr but general use. I usually keep a casual eye out for nice ones everywhere but they still don't last. I decided to get some good ones and have looked at Mac's but curious what else is out there? I'm staying with 1" since I have...
  8. desertwheeler

    Polaris What's a good half or full windshield?

    I have a jagged X with roof and utv inc BMF bumper and would like something to keep the wind off me in the winter. The bumper clamps on the A pillar so I would probably have to modify it. Don't care if it's half or full just something to keep me warmer. If I end up having to make something what...
  9. desertwheeler

    Polaris Jagged X high clearance trailing arms.

    I'm looking for some high clearance trailing arms for my JX I keep ripping the sway bar bolts out. I repaired one but I think it's time to upgrade. Other than Zbroz what else is out there? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. desertwheeler

    Need a good dealer close to high desert.

    So I just found out my local dealer closed both his stores in Barstow and Victorville. So anyone have a good dealer to do work on my jagged X? I have the recall to do and possibly some other regular maintenance. Thanks guys! Brian Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. desertwheeler

    Tow rig tires...

    So it's time for new tires and rims for my f250. I know I'm goin 18x9 method NV's. I have toyo MT's on it now and they have held up ok lasting 45k but are really starting to crack in the tread a lot. I'm running 35's now. I'm looking at the toyo at2 but concerned about them drying out like my...
  12. desertwheeler

    What's with the SPAM?

    What's with all the spam stuff being posted? Can't someone get rid of it? Or is it actually useful for someone here? I didn't click on any of it since I can hardly understand the titles. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. desertwheeler

    Ultimate lightweight 30" desert tire?

    I'm looking for a good light weight 30" tire for the desert. I say light because I have a 900 and don't want to run a 40# tire and loose a lot of power. There are a few I have been eyeballing latey like the Gmz kahuna, maxxis Coronado, and the one that a lot of people seem to like the Kanati...
  14. desertwheeler

    I think it's broke...

    What do you think?? Haha So who has the best swaybar for the xp900's. I've seen cognitos just curious what else is out their and good. I like to rockcrawl so don't want a crazy stiff one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. desertwheeler

    Tool needed plz

    Anyone have a spider nut tool I can barrow in the high desert? I think the nut came loose on my jagged x. I was gonna buy one but thought maybe I could barrow one if someone had one for a day. Thanks guys! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. desertwheeler

    Polaris Best bang for the buck?

    I want to upgrade the suspension on my jagged x. I was planning to do the needle valve conversion, but wondering how much it is to switch the front to 2.5 walkers or is it even worth it? Also what's the best bang for the buck upgrade I could do for the smoothest ride for desert and rock...
  17. desertwheeler

    Johnson Valley around t-day?

    Anyone gonna be in JV that week? Thinking hard about a day trip to do some crawling.
  18. desertwheeler

    This looks like a can of worms!! Ran across this today it kinda worries me. Seems like a good way to close access to a lot of land at there discretion.
  19. desertwheeler

    Black or blue is the question....

    I figured I'd see what everyone thinks for fun. I am thinking powder coat it jagged x blue and match the cage. What do you guys think black or blue... Ready.... Set... GO! Lol
  20. desertwheeler

    All UTV's Powder coaters in highdesert IE?

    I am gonna need to get a bumper and some of my cage powder coated jagged x blue pretty soon. Anyone know where a reasonable place to take it all would be and who will be able to match it? Sent from my GT-P3113 using Tapatalk
  21. desertwheeler

    Why 3/8's isn't enough!

    Went to do an oil change and admiring all the scars on my FUTV skids and saw this 1/4" deep beauty! Seems to be holding up well for all the rocks we crawl. So if you're thinking 3/8's is enough to do a lot of crawling might want to think again.
  22. desertwheeler


    Anybody else having a problem with tapatalk? For some reason it won't load any threads.
  23. desertwheeler

    Ruined a bighorn, now what to do?

    So I put a hole in one of my bighorns and am on the fence wether to get a new set for the stock beadlocks or get new 14" beadlocks. Their isn't a big selection in the 28" range for my stock rims I would like to do 10's all the way around but don't know if they work on stock wheels. I like the...
  24. desertwheeler

    Polaris Better engine braking for RZR?

    How can I keep the engine brake from disengaging so early on my jagged x? I don't like having to blip the throttle to keep it engaged.
  25. desertwheeler

    RZR trailer mods

    So I got this awesome trailer for haulin two quads or a standard rzr and a quad. My jagged x is too long and wide for the gate in the back of the trailer so I started to make it work. I am widening out the back to start and the I'm going to build ramps so I can still fit a quad in the front. It...
  26. desertwheeler

    Best bang for the buck?

    I need more lights on my rzr and have been drooling over all the different lights out their. I don't want to break the bank but I want something to give me good distance and decent peripheral light. Eventually I am thinking a bar on the roof, a pillar lights and some on the bumper. I like the BD...
  27. desertwheeler

    Polaris Loose too much air flow??

    I have some 7 inch hella hids's I kinda wanna use on my rzr and thought about building a bumper for it to house them. Would I have an airflow problem putting them up their? I would love to buy led's but I already have these and they throw a lot of light anyone put that big of a light up front...
  28. desertwheeler

    All UTV's Rigid, Baja designs, or vision x?

    So I have been trying to figure out what will work best for me. I read Ruth's review I. The vision x lights he got and like the sound of those but curious how they compare to like a D2? So what's the deal with all of them what makes one better than the other they all look sweet but I want the...
  29. desertwheeler

    All UTV's Wheelbase more or less?

    So lets hear your ideas and opinions on wheelbase lengths for what terrains, what works best? I bring this up because I thought a 4 seat utv would suck in the rocks but hear maybe not so much. Lets hear it!!
  30. desertwheeler

    Kawasaki Wife wants 4 seats I wanted 2, so T4?

    So I have been dead set on a maverick for a long time, but the wife wants a 4 seater. I have been reading a lot about the t4's and am very intrigued. I like the shorter wheelbase of the t4 compared to an xp4 or mav4. How well of a performer is this thing all around? The only utv I has spent time...
  31. desertwheeler

    Maverick feedback....

    How about your guys feedback on anyone who's driven the maverick at a demo. I wanna hear what you guys think. I saw it at the SSSS and fell in love. So lets hear it! Lol
  32. desertwheeler

    Can am Maverick

    So when will it be available? I've heard several different things. Only consistent thing is the low production til jan or feb is this true? March is when I'm hoping to buy as long as the prices of these things aren't crazy high. I think this thing is awesome! I heard some things today from...
  33. desertwheeler

    Commander LT widths?

    So what widths are you guys seein with your long travel kits on commanders? I have a trailer designed for a utv and a quad in sideways in the front. But the width for the utv area I'm limited to 68-69 inches and that's after I have to modify the swing gate and sides. I think it will fit a stock...
  34. desertwheeler


    I have been looking and reading for a while and am thinking a commander 1000 is for me but got some concerns. I would love to get a wildcat or xp but want some utility use from it. The wife likes the dumpbed for around the house and the big interior. So my question is how do these handle when a...
  35. desertwheeler

    Whats up from Barstow!

    Found this site from doing reasearch on which UTV to buy. I have had my heart set on a Commander X until i saw the wildcat this weekend. Im here to resaerch before i buy this place seems to have alot of good info and some people close to me too. Im not new to offroading got a Renegade and had...

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