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    2017 Baja 500 (Official Thread)

    2918 Lambert 2913 simms 2977 elenburg 2917 murry 2990 smith 2936 carver 2912 riggs 2930 cooke 1985 orellana 2910 trafton 1998 2904 sappington 2946 juarez
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    World Record UTV Jump Attempt - Saturday June 11th!

    Better do some major reinforcement to the front upper shock tower. We have seen one rip off so far. Best of luck.
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    2930 Is going to be stuck out there ALONG time
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    lambert first at 200
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    Looks like Alonzo lopez missed the bottleneck and got a jump on the pack but Cognito is in front. Just got an official text from crew Cognito was in front at mile 165. getting texts now
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    Help me decide - XP1000 BITD motor build

    I would agree with Nikal also. Look at what Cognito is making for the public and what they race. Same setup. We love our long travel Cognito xp1000
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    Laughlin Desert Classic

    Heres one to ponder for you points adders and times guys. If 1918 of Justin Lambert was allowed to run his NA car in the turbo class anyone wanna take a gander and see who would be in the top of points..Just curious
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    NEW Rugged Radios Relay Vehicle

    I was very please with the way it worked and the way they were able to help us during the mint.
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    Mint 400 side bet

    For what it's worth we had a driveline failure 15 miles in. Had to remove the driveline in the first pit on lap one. Got back on track and ran a decent pace for 2 laps until a fuel issue ended our day. Guess our axles held up well.
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    Mint 400 side bet

    racer red
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    Suspended Fabrication prepping car for Henderson BITD

    Will Peak Powersports be set up somewhere during race day with these parts and what is going to be your pricing for such parts. Is it to be expected to take a eye gouging since these parts would obviously be a NEED item for racers looking to buy parts on race day
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    Official Sand Sports Super Show Updates

    Cognito killed it with all of their long travel turbo cars for Sparks, Fox, Rugged, and a few others. Way to go guys. Maybe someone may post some pics. If not theres always Facebook
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    UTVinc Baja 500

    Johnny your write ups are stellar !!!
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    #1936 1st Place SS300 Recap

    Great job out there and nice write up
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    Are UTV Racers Cheating at BITD??

    Aint going to make any friends that way!! Remember Parker 2014 ???
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    Utv Hard Ramming.. Our Mint 400 #1958 aka The Pink Car

    I dont know george felix but i know both dave and victor and these are long time racer dudes with tons of class. You picked the wrong dudes to put targets on their backs.
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    cognito spindles question

    I will let the guys know at the shop. I am a fellow friend of theirs and i am at their shop daily
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    PHOTOG/Chase Truck Build.

    Sweet Rusty. I just bought a truck from a forum member to build a utility bed truck. Cant wait to see your progress
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    Crowley vs. Bulloch at King of the Hammers

    I think its Jons turn. Hes due.
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    Polaris new build what should i do

    COGNITO swaybar reinforcement kit, sway bar end links , radius rods and radius rod plate. Sparks exhaust Method wheels Itp tires Just sayin:D
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    weld it yourself cages?

    Ide have to semi agree with Rito here. These cages most people use are not much better than stock. They are for looks and easy use with opening doors. They are there to protect you but whats to keep them from laying down like the one above. Most race car type cages have a B pillar towards the...
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    Polaris Houser Racing XP1000 Roll Cages

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    Polaris Houser Racing XP1000 Roll Cages

    Joey Not trying to troll or be a dick. I dont do that often unless it something I personally have an issue with. To me with the quantity of bars going all over it looks like a turtle shell. Or a jungle gym. Thats what I see.
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    Polaris Houser Racing XP1000 Roll Cages

    looks like a turtle shell. whats it weigh
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    BITD Cars for Sale

    Cognito may chime in here
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    The Brandon & Blake Show - Inside the #1919

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    Polaris Bilsteins (Money back guarantee introductory offer) XP1000 2

    Absolutely no hate for Bilstein. Have them on 2 of my trucks and they work great. Personally I have only seen them on one UTV ever. If they were around on rhinos before I got on the UTV scene then good for them. But as these machines have improved leaps and bounds so has the aftermarket for...
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    Polaris Bilsteins (Money back guarantee introductory offer) XP1000 2

    Would have to agree with Mr Parks here. Its not always going to come from a box and be dialed in. Track conditions can also change from event to event. Knowing that WER and FOX and the crew at Cognito Motorsports who rep Fox and do Revalving and Setup for Fox Shocks at the regionals brings added...
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    CDM HellRaiserXP1K Cognito BITD build

    Justin, show the public all of the lazer cut and cnc bent tabs and mounts that are behind the dash. There are so many parts on these cars that are amazing. Parts the size of a playing card computer designed and made. Like the fuse box holder. Air intake braket.
  30. R Cognito HellraiserXP1K desert build

    These are insane over the top builds. I think this is actually number 4 Hellraiser coming out of the production
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    Polaris Bilsteins (Money back guarantee introductory offer) XP1000 2

    How is the comparison between a Rzrs suspension working and a modified xp900 suspension going to show how great ANY companies shock is. I would think you would compare two like vehicles with different shocks. Comparing 2 different machines with different shocks is not apples to apples.
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    UTVUnderground Presents: 2014 Vegas To Reno - VIDEO

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    Official UTVUnderground 2014 BITD Vegas 2 Reno Extended Photo Gallery

    You think thats bad johnny ? Whats up with the dong bong ?>?
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    WORCS setup questions

    Give Jim a shout at Cognito Motorsports. They sell race cages, replacement arms and sway bars and they can sell you Custom Valved Fox Shocks for your specific car and liking.
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    2014 Baja 500 PENALTIES REPORT

    Least you didnt blow that turn !!
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    Polaris Need XP900 Engine / CVT expert advise

    I would say it was an attempt to lower header temp. Im guessing if you blow 200 degree air on a 350 degree header it would lower header temps. But im probably way off
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    Official: 2014 Mint 400 race thread

    I agree Joey. There are a lot of good times spent with fellow racers and the camaraderie between the guys is great. Many racers even band together when the times are tough on course. Just as we heard that Brian Bush got some tire help from others. We got some MAJOR help from a couple guys that...
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    Polaris Congrats Jagged-X on your win!!

    Oh this story goes WAY back further. I know for a fact we got in their beers last year and wrapped each one with a cognito sticker. They have stickered our rigs we have done theirs. Jagged is some good guys and its all in fun. Someone has to call it a finish before John Angle get in and wraps...
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    Official: 2014 Mint 400 race thread

    Anyone know what the story is on starting position and draw order compared to how the cars left the line? Even trucks were mid pack the UTV class
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    Oakley Bomb Award UP FOR GRABS for Pro UTV Class at The Mint 400!

    Number 1 draw has the best chance. Or if you have a real bad first lap you can bomb the second
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    Official: 2014 Mint 400 race thread

    Are we going to party upstairs over looking the pitcrew challenge at the gay pride bar again ??
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    >>> Official PURE SXS SERIES Site <<<<

    I was there this weekend and had a blast with the Cognito crew. I do want to thank Lou for putting on a awesome event for the price. This is the best bang for the buck desert racing in the sxs. Also thanks to Lou for always listening to the drivers and keeping an open mind. That alone will put...
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    DragonFire's Mint 400 Plans Leaked!

    Congrats on all your previous wins Lacrecia. Your a great racer and will do great in the Pro class.

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