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    1931 Race Recap Powderpuff Race for the Cure!

    Custom Creations had a great race weekend... We brought our 1931 Custom Creations built Kawasaki Teryx to race for the Cure and raise money for Breast cancer research in the 6th annual M.O.R.E Powderpuff race in sunny Barstow,ca. There were a total of 124 entries in this years race, consisting...
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    1931's really long day in Parker..

    Determination! This sums up our day... Custom Creations Team Pink # 1931 battled with the desert at the 2011 BITD Parker 250 on January 8th, 2011. Our team couldn't have been happier drawing 1st position to start. With Chris driving and Tammy navigating we couldn't do wrong. They left the line...
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    Powderpuff Video Sick Cam #1931

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    Bluewater Desrt Challenge Race Recap from 1931 Custom Creations

    Woo Hoo!!! So glad to be back racing with BITD! Custom Creations has had a busy couple of weekends!! Two weekends back to back racing! Good thing I kept the Teryx together the first weekend!! HA HA!!! Just Kidding! We were so excited to arrive in Parker Arizona on Friday! We got there just...
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    Congrats to the 1931 Custom Creations Teryx (Race Report) 5th Annual Powderpuff Race for the Cure October 9, 2010 - What an exciting day! I Have been waiting for this day for a whole year! I have a bran new Teryx and am ready to go! Kevin got done with the car just a day before the...
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    Custom Creations Dune Wrap Up Ride

    Well it's almost here... We will be in glamis this weekend claiming our last weekend of duning!!! April 8-11, 2010.. On Saturday April 10th we will be getting together for a ride, TACO's and have some prizes to raffle off! We will parked at the end of PAD 5 on Gecko Road. Everyones more than...
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    :o:oWanted a good set of TERYX Cases... anyone got em we need a set bad... Thanks
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    Thought This was cool! Orange Crush!

    Neck Snappin Rhino - Prerunner Trucks - Prerunner Maniac
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    USMC Teryx... Bless our soldiers!

    Here's one of our latest builds!!! Thus was built for USMC Veteran!!!
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    Glen Helen RCEWy-Baja Cup

    Very small desert style race for UTV's this weekend at Glen Helen on sunday. Anyone going? I know all the short course cars will be at elsinore this weekend, but this race give desert UTV's a chance to race local. Its only a 30 minute heat on sunday at 630pm...
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    WOO HOO! Got my UTV Underground stickers... Thanks Joey!

    I am stocked I got my UTV Underground stickers on my car... It looks sweet!!! Thanks joey... proud to rock the underground stikas....:o
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    Terrible 250

    Hey Guys, just wanted to say that was such a fun race... we had a blast. We were 4th in the draw order... we left the line 2 cars every 30 seconds. We grabbed 3rd right away off the line and caught the rhino in front of us at the bridge. He took a while to pass. As for 1913 The green RZR that...

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