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  1. T-wrecks

    Are UTV Racers Cheating at BITD??

    The only way you will get an organization like ISA to take off is to get the biggest players in the game to adopt it right away. The problem was I didn't see anyone from SCORE or BITD adopting it. They don't need a third party telling them how to promote.
  2. T-wrecks

    Utv Hard Ramming.. Our Mint 400 #1958 aka The Pink Car

    Can't argue with that.... Way to man up.
  3. T-wrecks

    Utv Hard Ramming.. Our Mint 400 #1958 aka The Pink Car

    Guess the video must not of backed up your claim.....
  4. T-wrecks

    Are UTV Racers Cheating at BITD??

    Which is exactly why racing a UTV doesn't appeal to me....have to build a new car every year to keep up with the latest greatest and with the lack of tech or perceived lack of tech that I have read over the years. Every time I've read about someone complaining about Corey and his lack of tech...
  5. T-wrecks

    Utv Hard Ramming.. Our Mint 400 #1958 aka The Pink Car

    All this shit talking and still no video....Something is starting to stink.
  6. T-wrecks

    Utv Hard Ramming.. Our Mint 400 #1958 aka The Pink Car

    Video or it didn't happen....
  7. T-wrecks

    cognito spindles question

    Nothing but problems with the long travel kit I bought. CV's hit the A-Arms at full bump. Was given the run around. Will never buy from them again.
  8. T-wrecks

    Kawasaki 2012 TERYX 4 750 4X4 EPS LE - Roll Cage Bent Up - Any Aftermarket Heavy Duty Ones?

    A good aftermarket cage can take numerous slow speed tip/roll overs like you had. A good crash will wreck any of them .
  9. T-wrecks

    Changes coming to Forum..

    Not a fan of this board on RDC and doubt that will change with this site. I think part of it is the bright white color scheme and it takes longer to navigate.
  10. T-wrecks

    Test Drive - 360 Camera View Jib

    Now we need details on the Jib.
  11. T-wrecks

    Every great picture has a story!

    I just bought one of the $100 ebay radiators. Looks to be good quality. The thanks are bigger and the core is slightly thicker. Looks better than the stock 10 radiator but haven't used it yet.
  12. T-wrecks

    I need your help

  13. T-wrecks

    Cost of Winning: The Monster Mav Chronicles

    New $100-120k ish.
  14. T-wrecks

    2009 Teryx Revived

    Full tube chassis 100% custom. Wheel base 9" stretched, body 6" wider, 840,etc.
  15. T-wrecks

    2009 Teryx Revived

    Looks Good Josh. I can't wait until mine is done.
  16. T-wrecks

    Who is Reid Johnson? AKA badassmav

    I love reading this stuff. One request though to make it easier to read. Reid can you please form paragraphs that are separated. The wealth of info is great but its easy to get lost in when its one long paragraph, instead of 5-6 like it should be.
  17. T-wrecks

    The Riverside Fab School

    I've been looking towards Riversides Vocademy to learn how to do more stuff on a hobby basis.
  18. T-wrecks

    who runs a horn/siren for fireroads

    I think it would be a waste. at 60mph you will out run the siren no matter how loud it is. Add to the fact if your doing 45mph and someone else is doing the same the opposite direction they will see you at the las second well before they hear the siren. Now if they are stopped or putting...
  19. T-wrecks


    Easy. They are responsible for their own repairs. They are on a closed race course. It's one of the risks you take when entering the track. That being said the guy in front who stopped for no apparent reason is a dummy.
  20. T-wrecks

    COOK Off-Road Racing Team News

    Knowing nothing about these guys care to elaborate for my own reading entertainment?
  21. T-wrecks

    UTV thing..

    It's about time John. Your cars are always bad ass. Any cost guestimate for a completed 4WD car?
  22. T-wrecks

    NEW 2014 Yamaha Viking SE - Tactical Black

    Just what we all wanted; Bold New Graphics..... Epic Fail
  23. T-wrecks

    Build For Race Without Buying A UTV

    With that kind of attitude anyone thats already having a bad day will dump him just for fun and he will never finish a race. :rolleyes:
  24. T-wrecks

    Teryx Friends, I need some help

    Actually I had no plans of wanting that radiator :p I now have enough stuff to mock up my one off play car build :D I was surprised you didn't jump on the seats.
  25. T-wrecks

    Teryx Friends, I need some help I just bought a bunch of parts from this guy today. I didn't see any damage to the frame. I bet he would let it go cheap. Would be worth the drive from AZ to pick it up. Heck, buy the cage and I bet...
  26. T-wrecks

    Teryx Friends, I need some help

    Any pictures of how bad its wadded up? A shop might be able to fix it by cutting out the bent sections and replacing them. I'm assuming its way worse than the frame repair kit can fix.
  27. T-wrecks


    Email sent.... Joey would it be possible for you guys to put together a last minute give-a-way during camp rzr to get people to send an email. Im sure someone has and iPad people could use or just have them show an email sent from their phone. Everyone that shows a verified email was sent...
  28. T-wrecks

    SxS makes the Tubes at OW

    Very cool, but not very smart with a stock cage.
  29. T-wrecks

    Johnson Valley or Jawbone

    With no traffic it takes me 2 hours from Corona to my camping spot in Truck Haven towing at 60-65mph the whole way. Truck Haven is about 30 minutes from the 10/86. OW is only another 10 minutes if you camp right off of SR-22.
  30. T-wrecks

    All UTV's Exhaust prices

    Why would you buy a dual exhaust when in your previous threads you said your going to build some super high dollar turbo engine? Turbo systems will run their own custom exhaust.
  31. T-wrecks

    Polaris rzr XP1K Turbo?

    Buy a nice used sand car and be money ahead.
  32. T-wrecks

    XP 1000 4-seater?

    Camp RZR during Halloween.
  33. T-wrecks

    Can someone please tell me WTF happend to Speed Channel???

    Fox decided months ago to screw us all. They own the rights to speed and have for years now. Instead of building a new channel to compete with ESPN they used Speed channel as its already in 90 million households. FS1 is Speeds replacement and FS2 is Versus replacement. Hopefully MavTV...
  34. T-wrecks

    All UTV's LED Light Shoot Out?

    Rigid Baja designs Vision x Lazerstar Waylend Another knockoff. Test them in the square dually size in spot and flood. 10" single row. 40" single or dual row.
  35. T-wrecks


    Pete's and my cars are similar width. I think it's 72" or so. The problem I've had their before is sometimes the trail is eroded away as you go thru which makes the car lean to one side almost making my doors or cage scrape.
  36. T-wrecks


    102" please. Or just remove the poles entirely.
  37. T-wrecks

    I need an 08 teryx service manual

    I here ya on that. I'm planning on cutting mine up similar to what you did very soon. I'll probably still blow the money on a Big bore kit though. After that I'll figure out how to get into a real car w a v8.
  38. T-wrecks

    I need an 08 teryx service manual

    Replacement or stroker?
  39. T-wrecks

    4 Minutes of pure insanity

    Looks fun. You should learn to shuffle steer though. You'll gain a lot more control and be quicker.
  40. T-wrecks


    I thought Waytay was the cult leader WTF? :p
  41. T-wrecks

    Need Help with this Rim? Finding/ Fixing?

    Looks like it has and OMF bead lock on it. If it is a douglas wheel they are still in business but I don't see that particular wheel on their website.
  42. T-wrecks

    Method Race Wheels - UTV Wheels ARE OFFICIAL!

    I'm guessing the same based on price and no mention of cast or forged.
  43. T-wrecks

    Method Race Wheels - UTV Wheels ARE OFFICIAL!

    Thx. Missed it when I read it yesterday.
  44. T-wrecks

    Crazy wreck video

    Very lucky the cage never hit untill the final flop when all the energy was gone.
  45. T-wrecks

    We lost a great member today.. RIP poflo

    Very sad. Condolences to his family and friends, he will be greatly missed in the community. I loved his no non sense straight to the facts attitude. I always found him to give the most informative posts on any site he was on.
  46. T-wrecks

    Still want to debate the HELMET LAW????

    Comparing Motorcycles/Atv's to Utvs is like apples and oranges. UTV's are meant to keep you in the vehicle during a crash. Motorcycles and ATV's throw you from the vehicle during a crash. It's not fair to compair them on any level. Had ATV's or Motorcycles had the internet when helmet laws...
  47. T-wrecks

    Still want to debate the HELMET LAW????

    Completely agree. Fist modifications to any SxS are: Cage, Belts, Seats, and Doors.
  48. T-wrecks

    Still want to debate the HELMET LAW????

    Do helmets save lives and is it safer to wear one. Yup. Is it the end all be all safety device. Nope. Since we are now posting videos to motorcycle riders crashing I will bring up Moto GP rider Marco Simoncelli. Out of respect for him and his family I will not link the video of his crash but his...

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