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    All UTV's Broke my Gear One hubs

    I was hauling a$$ on a dry lake bed and my Gear One spindle gave out. Pretty scary :eek:
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    Yamaha Who's Rhino is this?

    Who's Rhino is this? What R1 setup is it running? 930 cv's? SR1 kit? Weller kit? Just curious...
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    All UTV's Super Trap?

    <hr style="color:#1b1b1b; background-color:#1b1b1b" size="1"> Anyone use a Super Trap on their R1 swap? I'm using a Magnaflow exhaust which I think might be too free flowing. I was thinking of replacing it with an R1 slip on...
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    Video of my SR1 at Gorman

    Here's another amateur video video I put together. I took my nephew out to Gorman yesterday. Rhino ran great! R1 motor ran with no issues and what can I possibly say about this Cognito LT kit? Simply put, WOW!!! Hit whoops at 75mph + and hardly even knew they were there. I do think I need...
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    Yamaha In a bind please help. Need Gorilla axle lengths.

    Can anyone supply the +6 Gorilla axle lengths? Trying to put an LT kit together but axles are not labeled. Having a hell of a time figuring this out. Please help. Thanks in advance!
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    Yamaha Steering Quickener

    Is anyone using a steering quickener on an R1 Rhino? If so, how do you like/dislike it? Do you use it on sand, dirt, rocks or all of the above?
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    All UTV's R1 Clutch

    What upgrades have you R1 guys done to the clutch? I've upgraded to the Weller SR1 springs, but that's about it. Is everyone using the stock clutch set up?
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    Yamaha R1 Rhino Test Drive

    So I took the Rhino out for its first test after the engine swap. I had some issues with the starter relay sticking, but I rigged something up and temporarily took care of that problem. The engine temp seemed to be a bit high, as high as 240 degrees! But I realized that I was averaging real...
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    All UTV's Engine Swap: Low fuel indicator

    I posted this up on another forum, and I realized a few people here may be able to use this idea. For the past week or so I've been trying to figure out a way to make the Rhino's stock tank fuel sending unit communicate with the R1 cluster. I realize the R1 cluster doesn't have a fuel level...
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    Yamaha R1 Clutch

    I cut the floor out a bit so that I could push the clutch pedal back and give me more legroom. The hole I made looked quite ugly so I had this plate made. Check it out.
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    Yamaha R1 Rhino Done!

    So I finished up the swap and I couldn't be any happier. Thanks to Weller racing I am now the proud owner of what can only be called a BEAST! This thing is SICK fast! Looks good and sounds great. Not a race UTV, just a 4 seat Pismo thrasher. I tried to make it look aggressive while keeping that...
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    Yamaha SR1 Tire Choice

    Can anyone tell me what what paddle size & number of scoops they are running with their SR1 kit? Thanks.
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    Yamaha R1 Build

    So I got around to completing the first part of my rookie R1 build. I got the clutch pedal mounted!

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