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  1. jakecarver91

    Carver Racing 2017 Baja 500 Race Report

    Leading up to the Baja 500 we were faced with much criticism and doubt. The 2016 Turbo RZR of Carver Racing that had competed throughout 2016 and into 2017 was finally retired and a new chassis was under construction at Rhys Millen Racing. The new chassis is a huge step to our race program as...
  2. jakecarver91

    Polaris Carver Racing #936 17' RZR BITD Build

    Follow along and criticize as we build our brand new 2017 Polaris XP Turbo [emoji16]. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. jakecarver91

    BWDC Highlight Video - Carver Racing

    Hey guys, check out the video from our second place finish at the BITD BWDC by 239 films! Our race report is here on UTVUG as well, just in the wrong section!! LOL Here is the link:
  4. jakecarver91

    Carver Racing 2016 BWDC Race Report

    2016 BITD Blue Water Desert Challenge Race Report - Carver Racing Coming off of two consecutive second place finishes by only minutes or seconds, the BITD Blue Water Desert Challenge seemed within an arm’s reach of a victory for our team. At the Laughlin Desert Classic we came up short by 30...
  5. jakecarver91

    Carver Racing 2016 Vegas to Reno Race Report

    This is a looooooong report for anyone who is interested! Coming off of a second place finish at the Laughlin Desert Classic and falling just short of a podium with a 5th place overall finish at the Baja 500, we knew that our car required some upgrades if we wanted to win the longest race in...
  6. jakecarver91

    Carver Racing Baja 500 Race Report

    2016 Baja 500 Race Report The 2016 SCORE Baja 500 was a brutal race from the time we left the driveway to the time we pulled back in. Our team had planned to leave around noon on Wednesday, June 1st to arrive at our rented house in Ensenada by 9PM. We were planning to get a good night’s sleep...
  7. jakecarver91

    Laughlin Desert Classic #936 Highlight Video

    Cool video 239 films did for us at the BITD Laughlin Desert Classic! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. jakecarver91

    Best baja maps

    Where is the best place to buy baja GPS maps from? I'm looking for a sd card to load baja maps in the chase truck GPS. Thanks!
  9. jakecarver91

    Carver Racing LDC Race Report

    Here is a short race report for the two day BITD Laughlin Desert Classic race. See you all in Baja! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. jakecarver91

    #1936 1st Place SS300 Recap

    I want to first start by saying thanks to all of our sponsors for making racing possible - Lonestar Racing, ITP Tires and Wheels, Queen Racing, KC HILITES, Factory UTV, Dalton Clutches, and Bella Terra Realty. I would also like to give a huge thanks to my friends for taking time out of their...
  11. jakecarver91

    bfg projects/general grabber hook up

    does anyone here on the underground have a hook up or know of a way to get 37'' grabbers or baja ta's? I have been trying to buy some but cannot find any for the life of me. Any help would be great. Thx
  12. jakecarver91

    SR1 dies when i give it gas

    On saturday night at speedworld my car randomly died towards the end of the main. It will start and idle fine but when i hit the throttle it dies. I can sometimes get it to drive. It seems like it is running out of fuel. My regulator gauge shows adequate pressure and i checked the filter and...
  13. jakecarver91

    Elka shock valving and spring rates in phx

    does anyone know of a place that can re valve and spring my elka shocks? I like in the phx az area and dont have time to send them out to elka. or does anyone with an sr1 wanna share the spring rates they are running? I keep bottoming out in the rear after the sr1 swap. thanks
  14. jakecarver91

    sr1 steering quickener

    what is everyone running for a steering quickener? 2:1? 1.5:1?? thx
  15. jakecarver91

    sr1 loors gas pedal

    what gas pedal is everyone using for loors? and where do i get one? Thanks in advance
  16. jakecarver91

    Will i pass az short course tech?

    i want to race this weekend but i do not want to drive all the way to speed world and not pass tech. All i am really worried about is my engine cover. I have a new helmet, window net, mud flaps, fuel cell and all of that stuff. Just wondering if they will pass me with no engine cover. Thx in...
  17. jakecarver91

    D-Cell neck restraint in phx area?

    does anyone know where to get a d-cell in phx? East phx preferably. And in stock. thanks
  18. jakecarver91

    sr1 mud flaps?

    what mud flaps is everyone using on their sr1's? And where are you getting them? thanks
  19. jakecarver91

    SR1 exhaust

    What is everyone using for an exhaust on their r1's? Weller is building my header but i am not sure what i want for the actual exhaust?

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