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    Look Out Boys! SS300 Testing (NEW VIDEO)

    Here are some cool shots from that same weekend! Lacrecia is a great driver and DragonFire is proud to have her on the team!
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    Look Out Boys! SS300 Testing (NEW VIDEO)

    With just a few days left till the green flag drops at the 2014 Best in the Desert Silver State 300 Lacrecia Beurrier and her team have been busy prepping her Can-Am Off-Road Maverick 1000 and getting ready to take on 300 miles of the brutal Nevada desert. Lacrecia is confident that her...
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    One Size Fits All… Yeah Right! (NEW seat from DragonFire)

    These seats have a flater profile on the cushion and a more vertical back so you can squeeze just a bit more added leg room for the taller riders by sliding the seat back.
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    One Size Fits All… Yeah Right! (NEW seat from DragonFire)

    Not everyone is built like a horse jockey. That’s why we have come up with a new style seat called the XL HighBack for the RZR models. Designed for people with a waist band 42â€+ these seats have all the same great features as our standard HighBack seats like double stitching, vented/draining...
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    ReadyForce Ranger XP900 Products In Stock!

    From the big screen to the trade shows and now to your local dealer ReadyForce is in stock and ready to rock! This new line of products from DragonFire will make your Ranger XP 900 ready to take on anything. Featuring specialized items designed for work or play this is sport utility at its best...
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    DragonFire Is Going To Off-Road Expo

    We are drawing names for ride alongs, unfortunately we can't let people drive on their own. All you have to do is drop your name in and show up at the booth. We will have our XP4 RockSolid car as well as our XP 975 Big Bore RacePace car... Should be fun either way!
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    DragonFire Is Going To Off-Road Expo

    See you there! We will keep an eye out for the good deals when we are setting up!
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    DragonFire Is Going To Off-Road Expo

    Off-Road Expo… ever heard of it? If you consider yourself an off-road enthusiast, then this is your version of Disneyland. With everything from short course racers to King of the Hammers thrill seekers this show has something for everyone. DragonFire is proud to announce that for the first...
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    Fresh New Look – SS Side View Mirrors

    Give your ride some style with the SS Side View Mirrors! Fully adjustable and cool as can be these mirrors not only look great but they function great too. Convex Mirror glass for extra wide viewing angle and a CNC billet aluminum housing for strength, what more could you ask for? Get yours...
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    MotoUSA & DragonFire at ROTR - Video

    It was a blast out there if you have not made the trip, it's well worth it!
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    MotoUSA & DragonFire at ROTR - Video

    Check out this awesome video our friends did at the Rally On The Rocks ride event. A first for DragonFire we loaded up and headed out to Utah for some fun in the technical sport of rock crawling. Beautiful scenery and great people made his an event for the record book. Huge thanks go out to our...
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    New Door Video! Lodown on the LoBoy...

    From the trails to the rocks the DragonFire "Locked & Secured" LoBoy doors for the RZR 2 seat models have everything you need in a door. The specifically designed LoBoy cut gives the utmost line of sight out of any door on the market. Combine that with our one-of-a-kind true slam shut latch with...
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    Project X ReadyForce Ranger from DragonFire Revealed

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    Project X from DragonFire in 6 days!

    Well here is the last time we are going to tease you guys with what this car might be. Most of you have probably got an idea of what the car is but make sure you tune into Destination Polaris on Fox Sports June 9th to see just how cool we were able to make this thing. Till then let the guessing...
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    "Locked & Secured" RZR Doors from DragonFire - New Video DragonFire Doors In Stock & Ready To Rock! Through years of testing and refining we have our RZR door line down to a science! Check out this new video that takes you through the ins and outs of all the new features! Stay Locked & Secured with...
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    DragonFire's Project X Is Coming!...

    With the DragonFire build of Project X on Destination Polaris right around the corner we are all very excited to show everyone what the master minds in the DragonFire shop have cooked up this year. Like we said this is unlike anything we have built before and this teaser shows you that it’s not...
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    Project X from DragonFire Teaser #6

    It’s that time again! Check out the newest teaser for the DragonFire Project X build featured on Destination Polaris. Any guesses?... Still can’t give away the farm on this one but we can show you this new LockDown bar we have created specifically for 4 or 5 point harnesses to be mounted in...
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    Project X from DragonFire Sneak Peak #5

    DragonFire takes a step in the right direction! Got another leaked photo from the Project X archive files. This one is of our new StepUp Rear Bumper, designed to look great and work even better this is one of the coolest bolt-on products we have ever built. Still can’t show you the whole rig...
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    Rally On The Rocks Here We Come!

    Rally On The Rocks Here We Come! We are pumped up and ready to get our climb on next week at Rally on the Rocks in beautiful Moab, UT. Featuring some of the best scenery in the USA and a wide variety of trails, this event has been known for pumping out good times year after year. We will be...
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    Project X from DragonFire - Sneak Peak

    Project X is right around the corner and we got another sneak peak for you. Check out this serious protection with our new ExoFrame system! Built for those of us who don’t know how to take it easy this new system will give you the protection you need where it counts! More info...
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    Sneak Peak #3 Project X from DragonFire

    With Project X right around the corner we have all been chomping at the bit to show you this awesome new rig… too bad we can’t. We do however have another sneak peak for you though, this one sheds a little light on another first from DragonFire… More info...
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    Sneak Peak #2 - Project X from DragonFire

    The plot thickens! Got another sneak peak at the new Destination Polaris build by DragonFire as we roll out our first ever Lift Kit! Can’t tell you too much just yet but this kit has been designed to get the lift you want and the ride quality you need. We will be doing different versions of...
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    DragonFire's new Project X... Leaked Photos

    We are getting closer and closer to the airing of DragonFire’s 3rd Project X for the Destination Polaris TV show on Fox Sports! This year we got something unlike anything we have ever done before. Can’t show you what it is just yet but we were able to get ahold of some leaked photos of the...
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    Looking forward to another great year of WORCS Racing! Hope to see you all there!
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    Night Rider Photo Contest

    Have you ever been out riding at night and figured out the hard way that these UTV’s don’t have any light on the inside of the cab? In celerbration of our new Battery Powered LED Dome Light kit we would like for you to post your best night riding photos on our page. On 1/18/13 we will pick a...
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    Kicking Off 2013 With Some New Store In Store Cars

    We have some awesome new Store in Store cars ready to go to the Ride Now Goodyear & Tucson locations. The Store in Store program kicked off about a year ago and has been picking up steam ever since. These displays have not only helped to sell products by displaying them in a real life sense...
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    Give Like A Dragon ***Great Gift***

    Looking for the great gift that wont break the bank this holiday season? Look no further then the new DragonFire RZR Bracket Covers. Designed to cover up that ugly stock seat belt mount that is left over when you install 4-Point harnesses. Keep your RZR looking clean with this simple padded wrap...
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    NEW Easy Breezy Beautiful Bracket Covers

    If you have put 4-Point’s on your RZR chances are you have an ugly mounting bracket from the stock seat belts on your cage just sitting there being an eye sore. DragonFire has got the solution with our padded Cage Bracket Cover’s. Velcro on and off these bracket covers are a great addition...
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    DragonFire XP Dual Exhaust by Vance & Hines (Video)

    The time we have all been waiting for is here introducing the new DragonFire RZR XP Dual Exhaust system by Vance & Hines! DragonFire has teamed up with the legendary Vance & Hines to create the ultimate RZR XP Dual Exhaust System. Combining our years of off-road knowledge with the unmatched...
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    Unbelievable Price For The Ultimate T-Rex!

    You and me both brother, we got a buddy running a very similar set-up (Different cage) and he is killing it in the races he has competed in. I feel like he needs some more competition haha.
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    Unbelievable Price For The Ultimate T-Rex!

    Change is imperative to the growth and development. Sometimes that means letting go of cars we know and love in order to make room for the next big thing. It goes without saying that this is one car we wish we could keep forever. If you’re the type of rider that thinks putting along the trail...
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    Be Shallow In A Good Way

    For a few years now we have been pioneering the quick release steering wheel market for the UTV applications and today we are proud to announce we have made yet another breakthrough. Our Round Suede steering wheel has been highly popular with both racers and recreational riders alike but until...
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    Raise the Roof! (Under $150)

    DragonFire has come a long way since our first product lines. We have been hard at work trying to get the quality products you want at a price that is hard to pass up. Case in point our new SunTop line for the RZR and RZR 4. Designed with high quality canvas material double stitched for...
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    Hope to see you all at the Pound Sand Event!

    Hope to see you all at the Pound Sand Event this weekend! Link
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    NEW DragonFire ProSpec Shocks by Elka (Video)

    DragonFire has teamed up with the legendary Elka Suspension to create a drop in shock kit that will blow you away. DragonFire “ProSpec†shocks by Elka give you all the features that the super high dollar shocks do but with a reasonable price tag. Features such as pre-load and rebound quick...
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    DragonFire wants to see you at the Sand Sport Super Show!

    Sand Sport Super Show is right around the corner at Orange County fair grounds September 14-16th and we would like to invite all of you to swing by Building 18 (Booth number 500) to see the latest and greatest from DragonFire. We have been hard at work all year to bring a whole new slew of...
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    Graphics in the House!

    Our “HiBoy†doors are some of the hottest doors on the market and now we have a way to crank up the heat just a bit more. Take a look at our new line of “HiBoy†door graphic kits. Designed to match up to the stock layout and make your doors look like they came off the assembly line...
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    Product of the Week!

    The Arctic Cat Wild Cat is cool but that huge opening in the front of the cage is not. We got the solution with our WildCat “Flying V†front cage support. Get your Cat up to “RacePace†today! Check out the full line of WildCat RacePace at:
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    "Navigator Bar" Just what your RZR needed!

    Thanks guys we are really stoked to get this one out the door. I got a chance to use it during a shoot and its much better then stock or billet which tends to make your hands black haha. Joey stop by the booth at Sand Sport and check out all the new stuff. We might have to trick out the RZR you...
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    "Navigator Bar" Just what your RZR needed!

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    Broken Seat Base Solution from DragonFire

    Re: Broken Seat BaOS. se Solution from DragonFire We are defiantly open to any suggestions and if there is a demand you can bet that we will give it a shot... Any other Rhino guys out there needing seat bases?
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    Broken Seat Base Solution from DragonFire

    If you are like us you get a little aggressive when driving and sometimes stock parts fail. One issue we kept running into was breaking stock plastic seat bases. When one of these plastic bases breaks it allows the seat to move around in the car with only the seat belt holding you and the seat...
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    Have you been a victim?

    Thanks guys, they work really well too! Seth in our R&D department had this idea for some time it's cool to see them in action.
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    Have you been a victim?

    When using a 4 Point Harness with a stock seat you may find that harness straps don’t sit still. Even after proper adjustment there is still a chance that the shoulder straps may slide off to the side. This can and will cause a major issue for not only comfort but for safety as well. Take a...
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    4 more hints about the new Project X from DragonFire

    We are getting so close to the show we can barely sit still. Everyone at DragonFire can’t wait to show you what we have been working so hard on… but unfortunately all we can do is tell you to tune into Destination Polaris on OLN August 20th! Good news is we are still rolling out our little...
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    New Billet Fire Extinguisher Mounts

    This just In! We now offer Fire Extinguishers to go with our Fire Extinguisher Mounts. They look great, work even better, and fit our mounts perfectly. This is just one more step in our quest to be the leader in the industry for all of your UTV needs. More Info...
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    New Billet Fire Extinguisher Mounts

    This is not really a product where we can give a discount on. Most of our dealers are stocking this item and they tend to be a little more able to give discounts. If you do order from us make sure you mention you are part of the Underground we will hook you up with a swag package for placing an...
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    New Billet Fire Extinguisher Mounts

    When it comes to motorsports, danger is always a main concern here at DragonFire. If you have ever found yourself strapped into an engine fire you understand exactly why we feel this way. DragonFire has taken one of the most important pieces of safety equipment and added our style to make the...

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