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    Just realized my Custom User Title and Nickname have been changed, and these changes were not done by me. With the being said, these changes could have only been made by the MODs here, which there are only two of them. Curious to know why? This outta be good....
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    Yamaha Elka shocks

    Anyone running Elka shocks on their rhino or UTV?? (I have a 2 seat cage and dont know the weight on the rhino if that matters) I have the stage 4 shocks. Basiclly I am curious on the adjustability of the high- and low-speed compression you guys are running and whats recommended. Is there a Elka...
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    Yamaha Exhaust smoke ?

    I went out on a ride last week and noticed the top end was losing power. Me and my buddy took apart the clutch sheave and it there was no issue there. So when we I started the rhino up, white smoke started to come out the exhauts. :eek: A light cloud of white. Wierd thing is it isnt doing it all...
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    Stoddard Wells 01/17

    What up Underground! Yesterday I was working on the Wino Rhino and decided last minute to head out 2 Stoddard Well on Sunday before the Rain. Glad I did. Awsome weather and great riding! I dont know if anyone one here like to ride out @ Stoddard Wells / Outlet Center Drive Barstow? Hit me up and...
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    Introduce myself (A lil late)

    Hey Underground family! I should have introduce myself a lil earlier........ My name is DAN and I just join last Sunday (10/11) Basiclly ama bout riding the dezert & the dunez and escaping reality! I own a 07 686 Rhino that was previously owned by Tyson Coombs (Race # 983). I joined the forum to...

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