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    XX wins V2R

    Ray Bulloch won the Vegas to Reno NA class in a virtually stock Textron XX. We are talking cage, suspension components motor, etc. If you have looked at one of these in person you will see that all the suspension and steering design is all race inspired like you would see on a C1 or 10 car. IMO...
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    Mint 400 race thread

    Thought I would start a thread even though it doesnt seem to get a lot of attention here anymore. Looks like the Canned Hams are all out front at this point.
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    Clutch belt temp gauge

    I was curious what all you desert guys are using for a belt temp gauge. Also where are you taking the belt temp at? I recently purchased a used UTV that I will be using for prerunning in Baja and playing in the desert in Az and would like to be able to keep an eye on belt temps. Thanks in...
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    Fullbore plastic

    Does anybody have a Fullbore hood for a Teryx the want to sell? I would prefer green but any color in decent shape would do. Thanks, Hans 602 818 7261
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    I need help at Lake Elsinore

    I decided to head over to Lake Elsinore for the LOORRS race but I am traveling solo and dont have a spotter for the race on Saturday.If anybody is planning on heading out to the race and would like to help let me know,I will be racing in the Unlimited UTV class. Thanks Hans
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    San Felipe race recap

    First off I want to say congrats to Matt and Thomas for their wins,and thanks to my fellow forum members who were rooting for me. Second...WOW... what a great time even though we didn't finish.Considering Todd got the Wildcat 3 weeks ago and had to be in Baja in 2 weeks it was a great race...
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    26x10x14 Baja Cross tires

    I have 10 26x10x14 Baja Cross tires I need out of my garage.6 of them are like new and 4 are around 80% tread.I live in Phoenix,Az and dont want to ship them so please be local or willing to come and get them.I will sell all of them for $500.00 or 50 bucks for the worn ones and 75 for the like...
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    Kawasaki Teryx oversize brakes

    Does anybody make a big brake kit for the frt of the Teryx? If so has anybody tried them?
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    Kawasaki rod torque

    Anybody know what the torque spec for a Crower rod bolt is?An 8mm bolt for Carillo is 30 ft/lbs but I cant find anything for a Crower.
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    Whiplash at ACP

    Anybody racing Whiplash at ACP this weekend.Short course is saturday and desert is sunday.
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    LOORS results

    Anyboby have the results or first hand knowledge of LOORS race?
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    Yamaha brake fade

    Has anybody tried using Dot 5 silicone brake fluid in there UTVs.I am having trouble with brake fade on the faster short tracks with hard braking.

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