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    Baja 500

    Starting order for Pro Turbo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Laughlin Desert Classic

    BITD Laghlin Desert Classic
  3. SimsMotorsports

    Sims Motorsports (The Mint 400)

    Here is my take on the 2016 Mint 400! Thank you all for the support and I cant wait for Laughlin :)
  4. SimsMotorsports

    Mint 400 side bet

    Last year was full of side bets, anyone feeling confident enough to bet for the overall win?
  5. SimsMotorsports

    Mint 400 Starting Order

    Here's your Mint 400 starting order
  6. SimsMotorsports

    #913 Sims MotorSports Parker Race Report

    #913 Sims Motorsports Parker 250 Race Report The season opener to the Best in the Desert race series, The Parker 250 kicked off this past weekend in Parker Arizona. It’s like the first day of school; you start with a clean slate and the chance to start the season well. Have a great race and...
  7. SimsMotorsports

    Parker 250 Overall

    Will we see a Turbo or an NA car overall this race? Cognito sure has been on fire in their NA car, and I'm not sure everyone has their Turbo cars figured out quite yet. Thoughts?
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    Whos gonna take the BITD Henderson 160????

    Last race of the year, few new builds are showing up, who's gonna take it? Polaris, Can Am, will a Yamaha be out there yet?
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    BITD adds new Pro Turbo Production UTV class

    As of this afternoon it is official that BITD has come up with a new class that will be named the Pro Turbo Production class the new "Premier" utv class. Number will now be 3 digit and use 900 numbers. All the 2015 production Turbo rules will still apply.
  10. SimsMotorsports

    32" Tire for BITD 2016

    Confirmed that the 32" tire will be legal for BITD in 2016
  11. SimsMotorsports

    Sims #1913 Post SS300

    Tough day for us at the bestinthedesert SS300! With a fantastic starting position of 9th I was able to quickly capitalize and carry a minute and a half lead coming into pit 3 at race mile 100. About 1 mile before pit 3 a terrible noise started coming from the rear of the car. Once we pulled into...
  12. SimsMotorsports

    Race Day SS300 2015 thread

    Hey everyone! Race day is almost upon us, and I was curious if this thread could get updated throughout the day tomorrow for my friends at home that enjoy following the race on Also let the shit talking/fun begin!!!!!!
  13. SimsMotorsports

    Is there no Mint 400 boasting thread yet?

    "Lightning" Johnny where you at?????? Must be busy building your own 1st place trophy?
  14. SimsMotorsports

    Branden Sims 1913 KOH Race Report/Recap

    KOH 2015 Race Report This year was the year I was going out to the Hammers to win that trophy, as we know I head to each race with the mentality that I am going for the win. This race was no different and being friends with the Guthrie's they knew I was going to be a serious competitor...
  15. SimsMotorsports

    Who's ready for KOH

    Im surly not ready, but come this weekend you better believe I will be!!!! Where is everyone camping? (Ill be in the Highlands the more the merrier) Who's the top contenders this year? (I see some new and big names on the list) Lets get pumped up for the gnarliest race out there!!!!! I...
  16. SimsMotorsports

    Sims Motorsports #1913 Baja 500 Recap/Report

    Sims Motorsports #1913 SCORE Baja 500 Race report/recap I sit here 3 days after my return from the Baja 500 and somehow muster up the energy to write my race recap. To say that I am exhausted would be an understatement I had to go right back to work after returning from Baja at 11pm...
  17. SimsMotorsports

    Sims Motorsports #1913 is Baja bound... With some questions

    Alright guys it looks like I am fortunate enough to get the opportunity to race the 500!!!! I am very excited to have this opportunity and I am in need of any input that could help me win this race. I have had a fantastic season so far and am looking to take the win here. I am in need of...
  18. SimsMotorsports

    Branden Sims SS300 Race Report/Recap

    BITD Silver State 300 Race Report/Recap #1913 Branden Sims I will start out by saying I think I forgot what sleep was over the weekend. We woke up and left Prescott, Az Friday morning at 3am in an attempt to get to tech/contingency early. We arrived in Vegas at the Alienate at around 9am...
  19. SimsMotorsports

    Branden Sims #1913 KOH 2014 recap/report

    Branden Sims #1913 KOH Race Report/Recap Well as I type this reality has set back in and I am no longer in Johnson Valley enjoying my favorite event of the year "King of the Hammers". After a long work week of being behind from missing a week of work I am finally able to get everyone a...
  20. SimsMotorsports

    NAATV New KOH & BITD XP1000 Build

    Jumped on the bandwagon and purchased an Xp1000 to race KOH and BITD this year. I will post pics of the build as it progresses Picked up the car on Christmas Eve and had it torn apart that night
  21. SimsMotorsports

    Documentary on Glamis and NAATV

    My buddy had a school project to do for his major in film. He decided to do a documentary on Glamis and about my unfortunate New Years accident. If you are squimish there is some mature content in the video. This is his rough draft and he is going to continue with the video. It was also...
  22. SimsMotorsports

    Polaris XP bumper

    New bumper, not quite finished still have to cap the ends
  23. SimsMotorsports

    Dirt Riot Congress

    Anyone racing utvs in this race????
  24. SimsMotorsports

    Polaris First Glamis trip with LSR suspension

    First trip to Glamis with the new LSR 3+1 front and +3 rear went awesome! I love the car now, this weekend i ran the Elka Elite stage 4 and loved them also! I also have a set of Fox Position Sensitive that i planned on trying this past weekend, but didnt have the time to switch. Here is a...
  25. SimsMotorsports

    All UTV's Perfect Alignment

    This is how i make sure my alignment is perfect! 4 wheel Computurized alignment system lets me adjust Caster, Camber, and Toe (where applicable)
  26. SimsMotorsports

    Polaris Naatv's Finished Xp900 Pics

    Here are some pics of the finished car right before leaving to race KOH
  27. SimsMotorsports

    Naatv's KOH Recap

    I picked up the Rzr from Lonestar Racing on the Friday night 4 days before leaving for the KOH. They had just finished up there Prototype long travel for the Xp900. I went from Lonestar straight to Parker for some testing. I hadnt had the car since the middle of December. Parker went great and...
  28. SimsMotorsports

    Polaris Steering rack clevis

    Looking for a place to buy a pair of steering rack clevises for a stock steering rack. I want to build my own tie rod ends and need the clevises for the rack. Thank you in advance
  29. SimsMotorsports

    Polaris NAATV's Xp900 build

    Well i have made some time to post some pics and fill in some details on my Xp900 KOH/Race/Play car.
  30. SimsMotorsports

    KOH Partcipant List

    I was wondering if we could get a car count going that way we know what we can look forward too? Also the class you plan on running?
  31. SimsMotorsports

    Snowflake Labor Day

    Well this race is usually the highest turnout for Whiplash is anyone going to be racing it this year?
  32. SimsMotorsports

    My SR1 rear outboard hub flange addition

    Well after loosing a wheel and constantly worrying about my rear hubs coming apart we came up with this. The longer bolt runs through the threaded aluminum part of the outer hub and threads into a steel loctighted nut. This should hopefully be my solution, and i can check the tightness by just...
  33. SimsMotorsports

    sr1 first race cost

    I want to race lucas speedworld, but how much am I looking at for my first race fee? I also need the right helmet I have been using an mx helmet. Anyone have a good deal on one? Other than that I think I'm good, I just gotta see how much dinero I can come up with.
  34. SimsMotorsports

    Whiplash @ Prescott Valley

    Anyone coming? The weather is perfect up here, and its gonna be fun trying a new track

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