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  1. ROTAX

    DAVES DIY Can Am Maverick RoToPacK

    On a budget? Own a super powerful Mav Turbo? Want to out run, out last your POPO buddies in the desert? Look no further, For the cost of 8 Cafe Mocha Grandes, you can have a home made killer 5 Gal Rotopack. Pros: Looks bad ass scary Easy fill and access Dual Exhaust keeps your precious fuel...
  2. ROTAX

    DAY RIDE for fun CoUgEr CrEeK OCTOBER 10

    I am doing a fun ride on Saturday October 10 down Couger Creek. Just getting in a new ride before the gates close for the season in Frazier. If ya wanna go jack up your skid plates with me and Mike B, you are welcome to join in. 8:00 am, meet at "Big Johns" in Frazier Park city for Breakfast...
  3. ROTAX

    LABOR DAY WKND Miller Jeep run Sep 5-7

    Just a weekend of camping, relaxing and some riding. I just need to break in my new little TH. Same staging area as usual. Saturday and sunday rides. Saturday: Miller Jeep @ 10am Sunday: Tower and Cottonwood @11:00 ish Saturday night potluck 1. TrailPlug 2.tommy and his bitch 3. Onerich...
  4. ROTAX


    Im doing the annual Miller Jeep trail ride on this weekend, cause my Memorial Day weekend got trumped by better half. :) Friday night: Ride up to Look Out tower Saturday: 10:00am Miller Jeep Trail (Usually back in camp by 4pm) Sunday: Hang out or pack it up I am camping from Friday night to...
  5. ROTAX

    J's Racing and LTI JACKED UP MY T4!!!

    Big thanks to Jay at J's Racing in the Valley for a perfect install on my 2012 T4 LTI long travel kit!! Jay does it all, and any So Cal peeps needing work or custom stuff done on your UTV, give him a shout I finished the T4 off with a custom Navy camo wrap and custom steeeeekers
  6. ROTAX

    Stumpwerks Presents: 1021 Team at the PURE 200 Video
  7. ROTAX

    Pie FOR you!
  8. ROTAX

    Official Miller Jeep Trail Vid.

    Happy Memorial Day Everyone.....
  9. ROTAX

    MILLER JEEP TRAIL Memorial Day 24-26 Camp & Ride

    Great rides going on Memorial Day Weekend!! If you want to ride up north, then come on up. I figured we are due for AAT work up in Frazier, so why not make this a fun weekend. Saturday Ride: Miller Jeep Trail (Leave staging area at 10am) Sunday Ride: Adopt A Trail trash clean up to Look...
  10. ROTAX

    Keep Grumpysrzr4 (Bill) in your prayers

    Bill is in the hospital and was supposed to be out riding this weekend with friends! I dont' have the details yet but praying and hoping for a speedy recovery!!!:)
  11. ROTAX

    This is AWESOME
  12. ROTAX


  13. ROTAX

  14. ROTAX

    A LITTLE LATE..don't you think?

    Stumpy just uploaded the SSSS vid.... Just having a little a year later!!!!:D
  15. ROTAX

    MiLLeR CaNyOn LABOR day WeeKeNd VIDEO

    You know the drill, Turn out the lights, turn up the sound (Or put in some good earbuds) and melt your ears.... Stumpy went to the dark side.....
  16. ROTAX


    I just had some serious work done on my rzr4 by "slowpokejay", a so-cal member here on the forum at J's Racing, and all I can say is WHAT A FANTASTIC JOB he did!! My rzr4 even looks cleaner now than the showroom!! If you live in so-cal and need service or repair work done, you'd be crazy...
  17. ROTAX


    Watch in HD:D
  18. ROTAX

    KeYeSViLLe VIDEO part 2

    Turn up the sound.....enjoy
  19. ROTAX

    MILLER JEEP TRAIL camp & ride 6/28-6/30

    We will camp and stage at the Frazier Mountain Staging parking lot, just up the street from the Chuchupate Ranger station. I will post directions later this week with a map. There is room for about a dozen RV's to camp, as the lower parking lot is still under construction. Day riders are...
  20. ROTAX

    KeYeSviLLe PART 1 video STUMPWERKS

  21. ROTAX

    STUMPWERKS official ViDeO thread

    Stumpwerks will post all old and new videos on this thread as we continue to venture out on the trails.....:D If you would like your video footage that's been sitting around in your camera or GoPro, put into a fun video by an amateur editing maniac, PM me. You will need to send your raw...
  22. ROTAX

    Stumpwerks 2013 JOHN BERRY MeMoRiAl RiDe Video on the LiTtLe RuBiCoN

    WATCH in HD Here ya go
  23. ROTAX

    LPNF Adopt A Trail Pre-Season RIDE & TENT Trip 4/27-4/28

    If you are signed up on the Adopt a Trail roster for LPNF, you can join us to do a trail maintenance trip this weekend. We will be going "behind the gates" before the trails open up this spring to do needed cleaning, brushing, and any other fixes the winter has created. We will also be GPSing...
  24. ROTAX


    See the video tonight at 8pm:D It will be posted on this first post..........OOOoooooohhhhhhh:cool: Video footage provided by: Slacker Video Produced by: Stumpwerks Filmed by: Melissa Shortbus VS. Elvis - YouTube
  25. ROTAX

    Angie and Melissa Hammers Stumpwerks Video #2

    You will want to TURN UP THE MUSIC and TURN OUT THE LIGHTS!!:) BLAST THE SOUND IN HEADPHONES!!!! HAHAAAAHAAAAAAAA La Familia King of the Hammers Race (Part 2) - YouTube
  26. ROTAX

    STUMPWERKS LTD HAMMERS VIDEO of La Familia's Angie And Melissa

    Stumpwerks Ltd is putting the final touches on video of Angie and Melissa's run at the Hammers!!! Camera Man: Trukndave Film/Edit: Stumpy TURN UP THE SOUND!!!!!!! TURN OUT THE LIGHTS!!!!!!! ENJOY!!!!!!!!! PART ONE: La Familia King of the Hammers 2013 - YouTube
  27. ROTAX

    NFL Insanity!! Just pooped myself laughing

    "THE NFL : A Bad Lip Reading"  A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL - YouTube
  28. ROTAX

    Stumpwerks SBNF AAT VId

    Video of recent trail work up in Miller Canyon A BIG thank you to all who pitched in for trail work:) Newer version updated: 12/13
  29. ROTAX

    Fencing Supply run tomorrow Frazier

    Ranger called me today and needs some AAT Peeps to run fencing material up to a work crew tomorrow (Sunday), behind the gates to Yellowjacket trail. Should only be about a 3 hour ride or so. ANyone interested in helping, PM me or call me. Thanks in advance, Dave...
  30. ROTAX

    Happy Birthday Onerich!

    Happy birthday, you sexy man, you!:D
  31. ROTAX

    Stumpwerks Adopt A Trail Video Frazier Park

    Stumpy says to watch in HD and TURN UP the MUSIC La Familia Adopt a Trail (UTV Clean Up Ride) - YouTube
  32. ROTAX

    La Familia Halfmoon Video

    Just a little day ride up in Frazier...
  33. ROTAX

    Some La Famila video

    Stumpy wanted to compile some past vids, so here ya go (He says to watch it in HD, whatever the hell than means)?? ;) Mutau Flats vid in the works... La Familia Recap 2012-2012 - YouTube
  34. ROTAX

    Frazier Park, Mutau Flats day ride Sunday 10/21

    I cant get to the ISA thing this weekend but will be having some fun with a dayride in Frazier Park this Sunday. This is a ride to Mutau flats and Halfmoon Black Diamond. Probably about a 4 hour round trip. Meet up at Big Johns for breakfast at 8am. Then go checkout the Frazier Staging area...
  35. ROTAX

    Official Los Padres NF Adopt A Trail News, Events, Updates and Pics

    I wanted to get an official thread going for all future Los Padres National Forest Adopt A Trail activity. La Familia had our first training today with hands-on trail work. Susan B. (OHV AAT Coordinator) was a fantastic trainer and extremely welcoming. We got dirty fast and made quick work of...
  36. ROTAX

    UTV Industries' Biggest Misstep

    Who will be the first to provide a better warranty for our rides. You just spent somewhere between 13k and 20k OTD for a new UTV, and the finance guy asks you to pony up for an extended warranty, versus just sticking with the basic 6 month deal. That kinda money is "Car money" territiory, and...
  37. ROTAX


    I have the official offer from Mt. Pinos Ranger District to adopt the 118 Frazier Mine Rd and 119 Frazier Tie Rd (7.5 miles of trail). The AAT Coordinator is waiting my application and roster of persons who will commit to this relationship with the forest service for the following activity...
  38. ROTAX

    Is this the new Rhino 4 seater?

    Found this, maybe an old video.... ATV Television Latest News - 2012 Yamaha Rhino 950 V-Twin 4-Seat - YouTube
  39. ROTAX

    Passengers Wanted

    Turn up the sound , pure testosteroneness BUGGIES GET WILD on AXLE HILL NEW YEARS EVE 2011 - YouTube
  40. ROTAX

    Frazier Park / Miller Jeep Trail Camp & Ride 6/15 -6/17

    Frazier Mine trail, Lockwood trail and then Miller Jeep trail to Top of Alamo Mountain with rim-run. We will be camping at the Frazier Mountain Staging area which has a dirt and ashphalt camp area for all size rigs. No fee's or Adventure Pass needed. There are a couple very clean pit-toilets at...
  41. ROTAX

    Brown Underpants Miller Canyon Waterfall ride video

    Stumpy put together a short video of the Miller Canyon Waterfall ride.........:eek: Miller Canyon Waterfall Run - YouTube
  42. ROTAX

    Just found my next offroad tow vehicle..

    This is sweet.. The Marauder - Top Gear - BBC - YouTube
  43. ROTAX

    Official John Berry Little Rubicon Memorial Ride Video 2/18/12

    Thank you to all our riders and La Famila for an incredible tribute ride to John Berry!! Go to full screen, turn up the sound and enjoy!! Disclaimer: It was my first artistic adventure with the Gopro, and I lost some video somehow by hitting the wrong buttons, especially in the rubicon...
  44. ROTAX

    Jawbone and Nightmare Gulch vid

    A quick video from Angies Jawbone ride in January. Stumpy is still getting his feet wet with the GoPro.... We ran out of memmory half way through Nightmare Gulch, but here's a taste. BTW, great place to ride with MANY trails........ Jawbone Nightmare Gulch Trail - YouTube
  45. ROTAX

    I guess I run a Polaris dealer?

    Got this emailed to me today??? I hope you guys all think I provide great service!!:eek: OK, "deleted", as I don't need any legal trouble right now, but Polaris sent me the, their "bad"
  46. ROTAX

    Trading in my Rzr4 for this..

    Ok, not really, but how insane is this offroad beast.. Chainlink extreme 4x4 Lizard - YouTube
  47. ROTAX

    Miller Jeep trail camp & ride Aug. 19th-20th

    Come join us for another Miller Jeep trail run on Saturday August 20<SUP>th</SUP>. For those who want to camp, I will be up there in the circle-camp area Friday morning 19<SUP>th</SUP> to save us the large dirt area next to the staging/parking area. This ride will be a little bit longer than the...
  48. ROTAX

    Miller Jeep Trail run to Mt. Pinos

    OK my fellow dirt eaters, I have always wanted to try a local jeep trail that ends up at the top of Alamo mountain, above Hungry Valley SVRA (Gorman). This would be a warm, dusty ride I'm guessing. Some of you have done this trail. I have been at the top of Alamo Mountain, and it is cool up...

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