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    looking for an Empyre hood

    building another car and i want the same hood. thanks guys.
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    2 stroke music. new vid my nephew is in.,9122/elmo,16138
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    any Monster Jam utv talk yet?

    were doing 5 rounds in the prolite. but havent heard anything about utv yet. any ears to the ground?
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    lt rhino axle needed

    buy and sell section wasnt working so ill post it here. my friend needs a +6 driver side rear summers bros axle. 300m preferably.
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    anyone use the programmable Procom cdi yet?

    looking for feedback on it. the old fixed Procom cdi's had alot of failures. its 200 bucks compared to 350 for the programmable dyna cdi.
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    cahuilla track map?

    do they put out track maps for worcs events?
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    soboba gp website is up

    says pro utv 2 hours on course. 10,000 pays back to 8th. Home Page
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    c&c yellow rhino streetbike swap

    im pulling the chassis out of the container this weekend to begin the swap. going with a yamaha virago 920 shaft v-twin using the stock rhino diff. img motorsports (john & james (skunx ) did a yamaha 1100 shaft v-twin swap that works great so this is gonna be fun. ill be ordering my carbs at the...
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    elsinore gp purse?

    anyone know if theres any payback for the elsinore gp?
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    fcr downdrafts needed

    shot in the dark but does anyone have 2 39 or 41 keihin fcr downdraft carbs they want to let go of?
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    2nd in oshkosh tonight

    put it back on the podium again. started 4th and battled with currie all race. good weekend.
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    3rd in oshkosh tonight

    been a year, but my brother put it on the podium again. we needed it.
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    150 miles from crandon.....

    almost there. listen to the race for free. i think its on if not check rdc. root for my brother. #7 pro light todd cunningham.
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    kimbrell wins loors saturday elsinore

    good job austin.
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    ktla 5 news our truck on tv

    heads up for everyone, gayle anderson is gonna be driving our sst/prolite today. 4 segments with a few classes, 6am-11am. at perris auto speedway in conjunction with the sxs nationals. ktla channel 5 los angeles. new body and paint, its yellow and black now. 5c.
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    hank III in sd

    just got my tickets. not sure how many are left. get on it joey.
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    prolite testing gh

    were testing today at glen helen. drop by if your bored. should be a few prolites and buggies out there.
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    sticker idea

    got bored. made it in a few minutes. what do you think?
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    monster jam pheonix

    there are still a few spots left for monster jam in pheonix this weekend. let me know if you are interested. thanks, troy.
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    troy from c&c racefab

    what up everyone. i think the only one from here ive ever met is roger. probably more from the races though. my brother and i run tech at m4sx. and also id like to get the password for the racer section. thanks....troy

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