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    Johnny Angal Laughlin Desert Challenge Trick Truck Race Report

    2017 Laughlin Method Race Wheels Desert Classic Polaris RZR Factory Racing Johnny Angal Trick Truck #63 Here we go! Well some of you know I had some **** happen and I missed the Mint 400. I was so bummed and disappointed but yah, **** happens. The truck was close to ready for the Laughlin...
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    Johnny's 2016 Baja 1000 Pro UTV FI Race Report

    Link to read it online: Johnny Angal Score International Baja 1000 Race Report Pro UTV Forced Induction Silt Happens Well as I sit in my office on this overcast gloomy Sunday thinking about the race teams in Baja today going to the awards ceremony I kind of throw my...
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    Mint 400 Vid 6100 Trick Truck

    Bad Ass Clip from our friends at mad media of our Polaris RZR 6100 Trick Truck at the Mint 400
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    UTVinc Polaris RZR Highlight Vid

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    UTVinc Polaris RZR ITP Tire race Report
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    Polaris RZR ITP Tires Johnny Angal Race Report UTV World Championship
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    Polaris RZR Turbo UTVinc Race report and Championship

    Henderson 250 ITP Race Report Polaris RZR 2015 Best in the Desert Championship Well, who would have thought? Team UTV INC just pulled off another amazing feat. We lead the Class 1900 UTV season point’s battle all year and just won the ‘2015 Class 1900 Championship’ in our Polaris RZR! First...
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    Baja 1000 Race Report UTVinc/Polaris

    Baja 1000 Polaris RZR ITP Tires Race Report Team UTV INC Johnny Angal Well as most of you know the last 6 months have be pretty much a whirlwind of new car builds. First with the new 2016 Polaris RZR XP Turbo (2 seat) that we built in 11 days. We raced it in 3 races, all resulting in top 5...
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    UTVinc Bluewater Desert Challenge Race Report

    POLARIS RZR XP TURBO - Blue Water Desert Challenge Team UTV INC ITP Tire Race Report So this was the seventh race of an eight race series. Going into it we were first in points with two races to go! A couple of months ago I really didn’t expect, nor care that much about a Championship but now...
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    Score Points Race is Crazy with 1 Race to Go Baja 1000 whos gona take it ?

    1. 1917 Derek Murray – 304 2. 1942 Scott McFarland – 302 3. 1932 Brandon Schueler – 301 4. 1921 Johnny Angal – 248 5. 1924 Rual Gonzales – 195 6. 1949 Alonso Lopez – 193 7. 1971 Wayne Matlock – 175 8. 1927 Ben Wilson – 169 9. 1904 Cory Sappington – 165 10. 1918 Michael Cafro - 146
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    Baja 1000 Bets and Bullshit

    So I have somehow become a friend of Marc Burnetts and im sure its just because I fell sorry for the guy but heres a little bit of our last conversation .. Fade In: he calls and says hey man whats up hows that new alternator kit your working on coming ? I say what the fuck do you want ? he...
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    Score Imperial Valley 250 Race Report

    Score International Imperial Valley 250 Johnny Angal #1921 – Polaris RZR XP Turbo Let’s see where do we start? ... We just raced the new Polaris RZR Turbo car at the Vegas to Reno Race and finished in 5th place. We had some problems with our aftermarket axle shafts we had made as we had...
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    Predictions for the next BITD race

    I need some help here but im Guessing a Turbo RZR will win the race and the can am turbo guys will all move to the unlimited class ! a engine builder will cry foul that everybody else is cheating Cognito will nerf the stuffing out of somebody and that somebody will say they never seen it...
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    UTVinc Polaris RZR Turbo Race Report

    Vegas To Reno 2015 Polaris RZR Turbo ITP Tire Race Report Johnny Angal 1921 As I sit here less than 2 days after a none stop storm tryin to turn a 2016 Polaris RZR Turbo in to a off road race car my neck is sore, my stomach, back, arms, shoulders, teeth, jaw, hands well you get the...
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    UTVinc Baja 500

    Polaris RZR Racing ITP TIRE BAJA 500 RACE REPORT I honestly don’t even know where to start this one … At the beginning of the 2015 season Score International had said there would be two Baja 500 races this year and we could race either one of them. I had the understanding that you didn’t have...
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    For Sale 2015 XP 1000 Engine

    2450 Miles sold as pictured with throttle body 4000.00 Firm fastest motor in the desert ...
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    UTV World Championship Shit talking,sidebet,odds whos going to win

    So no shit talking ? No side bets? no badassmav talking shit how hes going to show up 3 hours late and still put a spanking on me ? Everybody scared of shit talk karma ? Whats the deal ? you all know Im going to win so why waste you time ?
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    Badassmav Baja 1000 updates ?

    any updates Brother ? whats going on ? how the course ? Marc Still Planning on Iron Manning it ? are you ready ? do you have my money ready just incase? lets get this party started .. if you dont win who would you bet on ? Come on spill the beans ....
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    UTVinc Oppsadaisy Bluewater Race

    2:09 is kinda special
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    UTVinc Blue Water Race Recap

    UTV INC Best in the Desert Blue Water Challenge Race Report Well we headed out for the race Thursday afternoon from Mesa Arizona. Truck, trailer, Polaris RZR XP 1000 Racer and my Polaris RZR XP 1000 duner in the trailer. We landed in Parker just after dark and found a comfortable camp/parking...
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    V2R In it to Win It ?? 100.00 to Win

    Who is in ? Find me at contingency or before the start of the race to play .. Bring a Crisp 100.00 Dollar Bill with your Race Number on it .. 100.00 Winner Takes all Im In for 100.00 Car 1921
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    My 2 Cents on Racing

    Not that I have more then two races under my belt .. not that I have ever won a race but what I can tell you guys if your are sitting around reading this forum thinking about racing. Do It .. Go Nikey on them and Just do It Some of you as old as me sat around as kids and read 4 wheel...
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    2014 Baja 500 PENALTIES REPORT

    1904 Cory Sappington Class 19 UTV 00:14:54 Speed 1905 Marc Burnett 00:00:51 Speed 1908 Justin Lambert 00:00:15 Speed 1913 Branden Sims 00:03:12 Speed 1917 Derek Murray 00:01:14 Speed 1920 John Angal 00:00:51 Speed 1921 Jamie Kirkpatrick 00:07:24 Speed 1944 Scott Estes 01:29:00 Speed 1949...
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    Reid since you keep asking

    Heres my GPS data for the race what do you think ?
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    apples to ? FYI

    Did you know I finished the Baja 500 in 4th in my RZR XP1000 and it Does not have Long Travel it has LSR Stock Replacement Heavy Duty A-Arms and Trailing Arms it does have Fox Shocks Stock Steering Rack with Heavy Duty Tie Rods Heavy Duty Rear Radius Rods Stock lower frame with a few...
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    My Baja 500 Race Report

    What in the world would make a grown man pee his pants and sit in those pee pants all day you ask ? A practical joke? A weak Bladder? A few Bucks from a bet? Hell No …… But, to be an off road racer you will have do what it takes. You know.. because risking your life is not enough...
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    Wazzz Up

    Hi Guys , Johnny from checking it out

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