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  1. BiggJim

    What a difference a decade makes!

    Everyone cars evolved except Cory's. They still look almost the same.
  2. BiggJim

    Mint 400 entry costs...speak your mind

    You gotta pay to Play
  3. BiggJim

    New Honda Talon to launch Nov 27th 2018!

    Id take a tried and trued $14000 XP1K over a 20K honda talon. Even better yet Id run the single seat RS1 over the talon. Both of those machines in my opinion are leaps and bounds in front of the honda and they have a huge aftermarket already. Give it 3 years and I might change my mind if honda...
  4. BiggJim

    All UTV's UTVs are moving up!

    it just depends really. The rule is you can use the entire "wash" to choose lines. In San Felipe the whole race course is a the rule is left for interpretation. There are 100's of lines thru the gnarley shit in san felipe so you stand to make up alot of time if you spend the time...
  5. BiggJim

    All UTV's UTVs are moving up!

    Baja is a prerun game....Prerun, Prerun, Prerun......find the best lines and use them. Find the spots that are going to be problematic, find the path of least resistance. Just because a UTV can work around a trail plug doesn't mean he "shorcut" the field. I know a guy who drove straight to the...
  6. BiggJim

    Arctic Cat air intake box

    Thats a tough one. I think Id take their box, make the service writer put in writing you are doing as recommended by artic cat and keep a close eye on it. I dont think there is much in the aftermarket world for that machine but I would think ultimately a talented fabricater could build you a...
  7. BiggJim

    Help me decide on a new UTV!

    i think id use a general for what you are wanting.
  8. BiggJim

    Hoping someone can help me with 7 spline lug nuts

    Its a shitty way to go...but you could always pull the hub and cut the stud off an beat them through.
  9. BiggJim

    Hoping someone can help me with 7 spline lug nuts

    find a close diameter 12point socket, hammer it over the lug, and pull it that way.
  10. BiggJim

    Polaris HD roof options?

    I dont think there is a huge aftermarket available for the Ranger product like there is for the RZR models. I think your best bet would be to find someone to custom build what you are after.
  11. BiggJim

    What UTV Motor Produces the most torque

    Those numbers are hard to measure unless an engine dyno is used. To my knowledge they can be manipulated on a chassis dyno.
  12. BiggJim

    Elka Stage 5 shocks for Rzr 1000 xp

    Safe space? Negative..... I have never blocked anyone but you. You ramble on like a like a extremist, Yet You call yourself a common Joe, but nothing about your character is common. You offer nothing to this forum....NOTHING. You give Zero input on anything UTV related, You give Zero input on...
  13. BiggJim

    Elka Stage 5 shocks for Rzr 1000 xp

  14. BiggJim

    Elka Stage 5 shocks for Rzr 1000 xp

    #1...Im not a "racer" Just So were clear. #2.. Elka has indeed made shocks for UTV's for several years, They never gained traction except maybe in 06-07 on rhinos. Once the RZR XP900 came about larger shocks were a necessity. Then came 2.5's. It took elka another 2 years to step up to a 2.2 or...
  15. BiggJim

    Elka Stage 5 shocks for Rzr 1000 xp

    I dont know what your elkas have for adjustability but if they have high/low speed I would probably crank a good amount of low speed compression into them and make another pass at the same terrain. Also you could move down your crossover ring so it comes in a little sooner. All this will effect...
  16. BiggJim

    removing primary clutch on Comet CVT

    If its like the polaris machine the threads of the puller engage the threads on the primary clutch, and the long shank on the puller would push on the ID of the threaded hole on the crank.
  17. BiggJim

    removing primary clutch on Comet CVT

    I would think the internal body of the clutch should have an I.D thread. If so you will have to try and source a puller that threads into that. The puller will look like this.
  18. BiggJim

    All UTV's Cal city

    Looks like a good time.
  19. BiggJim

    RZR RS1 Class?

    1-2 1600 isnt unlimited, nor is C10. I cant be certain but i think the green army car that we had beef with at V2R a couple of years ago was a single seat 10 car.
  20. BiggJim

    Who has the scoop on the new new for the up coming desert/dune riding season

    What does this have to do with the up and coming "desert/dune" riding season?
  21. BiggJim

    Best Clutch Set Up for XP4 w/ 32's

    Your 2 seat rzr is lighter than your 4 seat rzr. The new sparks set up is nice...but you have to get the belt from them.
  22. BiggJim

    Most important accessory?

    A bullet proof vest if your riding in the canyons in SoCal! Lmao!!
  23. BiggJim

    Drivers attacking Drivers at WORCS

    Personally I think it should be more like hockey....but I grew up in a rough neighborhood. However... its not OK for a grown man to tee off on kid...or worse yet someone with a disability.
  24. BiggJim

    Drivers attacking Drivers at WORCS

    I would say it has no relation to this incident... It does however pertain to fights and racing.
  25. BiggJim

    Engine Recommendation

    Depends on what it was going in....pretty sure a rzrxp4 1000 will cruise with 4 adults at 50 no problem.....but if you tried to stab engine into some homemade mess it might not fair so well.
  26. BiggJim


    temps are in the 100's in july but that sounds like it would make a fun ride.
  27. BiggJim

    Primary clutch issues have you seen this?

    The only way you can really screw it up is to break an "easy out" or Drill bit off in it. Otherwise it should still be salvageable.
  28. BiggJim

    Primary clutch issues have you seen this?

    It happens...They arent that hard to get out. Service tech now days are just that techs....if the book doesnt give them step by step they cant perform the task. You will have to take it to someone with a little bit of patience and some skill to drill and extract. Myself id probably try a left...
  29. BiggJim

    Can-Am Vs. Polaris - Officially Equal?

    Stop feeding the Troll's
  30. BiggJim

    Drivers attacking Drivers at WORCS

    All over an temper tantrum...I may have expected that from a newb ( not the trying to pick a fight with guy nerfing you)...but this guy races class 1, tt, and 7200. He should know better than to hold up traffic.
  31. BiggJim

    Drivers attacking Drivers at WORCS

    Car in the front should have pulled over, it looks like maybe he had a problem as slow as he was going....but I seen at least 2 places he could have moved.
  32. BiggJim

    For Sale 2013 Ford SVT Raptor Supercrew with Roush Badging

    Might be a note worthy mention, also I thought the supercharged model was close to 600hp
  33. BiggJim

    For Sale 2013 Ford SVT Raptor Supercrew with Roush Badging

    Roush Badging but no supercharger?
  34. BiggJim


    Bummer, I know a guy that was doing a ton of testing to get cars ready for this.
  35. BiggJim

    Disabled person Looking to work for a team paid or unpaid dosn't matter.

    This wont get you into the desert or at a pit spot for work, but I know lots of team have someone at home on race day helping them track and relay information as to whats going on.
  36. BiggJim

    1958 UTVWC Race Report

    Hmmmm, seems like we had a conversation about what was the best exhaust to run...and if memory serves me right you told me you got a "deal"
  37. BiggJim

    Folded front end needs replacement

    Im obviously Bias but Id say Buy once Cry once and go with Cognito. Uniball uppers and lowers with poly bushings....and we probably have them instock and ready to ship.
  38. BiggJim


    To be honest we stuck with the OEM shocks so that we could tell the consumer....YES...we can make your stock shocks good like an all out race shock. dont have to buy the all new WAZOO set up fox makes....Unless of course you want too...and I will be happy to take your money. And the...
  39. BiggJim


    We are racing on "Tuned" STOCK IBP's that came on the previous years, as are most of the turbo Hellraiser cars we have built. Most the racers out there ditch those.....but they are good shocks.
  40. BiggJim


    When we build a new race utv!
  41. BiggJim


    Dynamix is the way my Brotha! Shock technology is getting very interesting
  42. BiggJim

    Keep getting logged out.

    Call me oldschool....I dont mess around with tapa talk
  43. BiggJim

    Stock youth 250 side x side rule change

    Define stock. If stock means the car has no pipe, intake or otherwise then I would agree that pump gas would be the norm.
  44. BiggJim

    Get Ready....

    And its 2wd....the front tires on a UTV throw a constant barrage of material...thats probably why it works on those mini buggies
  45. BiggJim

    Get Ready....

    I can tell you first hand....if you dont run a cover in the desert your clutches wont last long.
  46. BiggJim

    Get Ready....

    I told you I was a tool snob! Haha
  47. BiggJim

    Pit Crew Equipment & Tools

    I would say you would want a full set of hand tools and any specialty tool that is needed for your car. Most guys are running cordless powertools now days, but air is still viable if your have nitrogen or Co2. I prefer air over cordless most the time. Cordless is hard to make sure you are not...
  48. BiggJim

    Get Ready....

    I wouldnt trust a harbor freight tool to get me out of the dunes! Haha
  49. BiggJim

    Get Ready....

    Harbor freight only has like 3 items that are worth using.... 1 moving blankets, 2 jack stands, steel floor jacks. Everything else for the most part is scrap metal. But I am Kinda a Tool Snob.
  50. BiggJim

    Get Ready....

    Mt guess is its cracking due to wall thickness. Seems to me most of that chassis is .060 wall thickness.

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