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    I drove this car 4 or 5 months ago and instantly told polaris it worked better out of the box then any two seat race car I had ever built and I would love to build one to race in the stock class races and even maybe the upcoming baja 500 .. I have two on order so we will see but I loved the...
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    Rhys looks to be on the trailer but its still anybodys race but Jagged can prep a car and keep it going for 1100 miles
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    Epic !!! Thanks for the report
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    Johnny Angal Laughlin Desert Challenge Trick Truck Race Report

    2017 Laughlin Method Race Wheels Desert Classic Polaris RZR Factory Racing Johnny Angal Trick Truck #63 Here we go! Well some of you know I had some **** happen and I missed the Mint 400. I was so bummed and disappointed but yah, **** happens. The truck was close to ready for the Laughlin...
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    Who Here Has Actually Run the Baja 1000 in a UTV?

    Throw back to my first Baja 500 Race Report What in the world would make a grown man pee his pants and sit in those pee pants all day you ask ? A practical joke? A weak Bladder? A few Bucks from a bet? Hell No …… But, to be an off road racer you will have do what it takes. You know.. because...
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    Who Here Has Actually Run the Baja 1000 in a UTV?

    fuck all that shit you wana race baja load up and go race baja .. its really that simple
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    I think its more like 330 to 350 miles
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    Calling "Its Your Legacy"

    my point is I think its you .. took a whole couple minutes to search "LEGACY" and you just happen to use the word the most ...
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    Calling "Its Your Legacy"

    um Nikal you used the word Legacy more then anybody else on Race Desert .
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    Calling "Its Your Legacy"

    Post Weatherman Relay reluctantly not at the Mint 400 I feel Bob "Weatherman" & PCI are an asset and legacy to the sport and should never be excluded from any event, especially when it sounds like he... Post by: NIKAL, Mar 16, 2016 in forum: Desert Racing Post On Topic Too Late to Save: Another...
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    Great Recap Joey and Great Job Justin !!
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    Johnny's 2016 Baja 1000 Pro UTV FI Race Report

    Thanks Guys !!
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    Johnny's 2016 Baja 1000 Pro UTV FI Race Report

    Link to read it online: Johnny Angal Score International Baja 1000 Race Report Pro UTV Forced Induction Silt Happens Well as I sit in my office on this overcast gloomy Sunday thinking about the race teams in Baja today going to the awards ceremony I kind of throw my...
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    J3 Racing and Elite RaceWorks

    Congrats .. thought they had teamed up with Quinn to build cars ?
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    Arctic Cat Overhead Cooling Fans

    hmm what happens when you go underwater ? what happens when it rains ? I just have to say Ive thought of some stupid shit for UTVs but you got me beat !
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    Justin Lambert - 2nd Place at 2016 Baja 500

    Congrats !! Great write up
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    Carver Racing Baja 500 Race Report

    awesome report .. Congrats !!
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    Baja 500 Wagers

    after a race like this hes probably getting a massage and his nails done
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    1958 Race Report

    glad to hear you had a blast and the new car turned out awesome .. not so happy your in the proud to be the big dick of the race lol
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    Race Report 1992

    awesome report Dave and San Felipe sucks ... Baja500degrees Congrats on the race
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    Baja/Race Karma...

    a little while longer and I could have taken off my helmet and showed off the new haircut and surprised the whole utv class
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    Baja/Race Karma...

    im not worried about beating any other classes and if it wasnt for the actions of others I would have sat in line
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    Baja/Race Karma...

    this was the exact subject I wanted to touch on here as a class we now look like a bunch of dick heads and first move in the future for us should be to stay the fuck in line and if you have the balls tell your co driver to get out your car and find you a line but not back in line infront of the...
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    This race sucked the heat the shitty course the log jams the delays ect .. and I can tell you I was part of the log jam passing other class cars ill elaborate alot more in my race report but I ran in the lead pack Burnett Me Cognito Burnett Cognito Me for the first 140 miles till I started...
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    Baja 500 Wagers

    im just happy to be racing to tell you the truth Felix
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    Baja 500 Wagers

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    Baja 500 Wagers

    im in !! "The Devil Went Down To Baja " The Devil went down to Baja. He was lookin' for a soul to steal. He was in a bind 'cause he was way behind. He was willing to make a deal When he came across this old man workin on his RZR and getting' it hot. And the Devil jumped upon a hickory stump...
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    Baja 500 Wagers

    we have a 10% off sale this weekend Felix you should take advantage of it
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    Baja 500 Wagers

    im not sure if you still drunk from last night Felix but I got 10000.00 that says you dont overall win the UTV class and take home the big trophy ... put up or shut up
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    Baja 500 Wagers

    are you racing the 500 Sims ?
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    Baja 500 Wagers

    my team takes two sleeping bags !! for some reason im sure Felix and his co driver are happier with just one
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    Baja 500 Wagers

    because your racing with Mr Felix ?
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    Baja 500 Wagers

    Good Luck George !!
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    Laughlin Desert Classic

  35. J

    Laughlin Desert Classic

    well ? how many you got ?
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    Laughlin Desert Classic

    so me and Marc have a 1000.00 bet for the baja 500 you want in now that your smoking and getting smoked ?
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    Laughlin Desert Classic

    I think I did 5 laps when everybody else did 4 I want a do over
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    Laughlin Desert Classic

    oh your blamming me ? for your habbits and because burnett was 20 minutes faster then you at the race ?
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    Laughlin Desert Classic

    oh and you said FUCK
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    Laughlin Desert Classic

    told who so ? what ?
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    Mint 400 Vid 6100 Trick Truck

    Bad Ass Clip from our friends at mad media of our Polaris RZR 6100 Trick Truck at the Mint 400
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    SCORE UTV Rules.

    I love the ceramic bearings
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    UTVinc Polaris RZR Highlight Vid

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    UTVinc Polaris RZR ITP Tire race Report
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    Polaris GENERAL Indy Red Now Available in Dealerships

    yes it is a pretty cool machine I have one on order

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