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  1. BiggJim

    Cognito UTV world championship Video

    Heres a race recap video of UTV World Championsship
  2. BiggJim

    2015 BWDC DRAW

    Well either everyone forgot to enter OR half the class is tired of Whistledicks Attitude....I guess time will tell....but 22 entries is pretty sad. I guess that means there is only 21 cars for us to pass.;) 1900 PRO 1 1910 Fisher 2 1970 Griffin 3 1960 Laidlaw 4 1978 Jones 5 1904...
  3. BiggJim

    Trying to turn a canned ham into canned Spam

  4. BiggJim

    Polaris Hellraiser XP1K chassis

    So after the Baja 500 we decided to pull the car down to Prep it for vegas 2 reno, we took it out back and washed it off and brought it back in for inspection.....when we came in this morning we seen that it had multiplied like a gremlin.:eek::eek::eek: What now???
  5. BiggJim

    Big Thanks To Jagged X

    As history shows the team of Jagged X and Cognito has had quite the battle going on with Pranks and such. On my way out of town Near Oso Negro or as Casey has called it "Ocho's Nergo's" I ran into JoeyD getting a cavity search by the Federalies and Jagged X parked waiting for the fondling to...
  6. BiggJim

    Polaris Congrats Jagged-X on your win!!

    No not your 1st and 2nd places wins at the Mint400....but congrats on those too....your "other" Win at the Mint 400....I think this picture will be worth a 1000 words!:eek: [/URL][/IMG]
  7. BiggJim

    Polaris Cognito RZRXP900 Swaybar End links

    As most of you Utvundergrounder's know we have been racing our Polaris Xp900 for almost 2 seasons now as well as sponsoring other racers in the WORC's, Lucas Oil, and different Desert Series'. One of the weak "links" we found was the Sway Bar End Links. We noticed after a single race these links...
  8. BiggJim

    Polaris FOX 2.5 RZR XP 900 shocks, Win a 25% off coupon!

    Those shopping for RZR XP 900 and rzr 4 XP 900 shocks, Cognito will be drawing Friday July 26th for a coupon for 25% off retail on a full set of 2.5†Podium-X FOX shocks with Bottom-Out Control(retail $2990). Coupon is transferable, and must be used within 30 days of the drawing. Shocks will be...
  9. BiggJim

    Pro Class Side Bet for V2R????

    Do you guys want to make a side bet on the race??? Say $100 per car/team winner takes all.....BUT.... winner buys 1 round at the bar for the 2nd place team?????? Lets do this!!!:D Heres the draw. 1 1917 Jason Murray 4 2 1936 Joseph R. Vinagro 4 3 1915 Kevin Shrive 2 4 1918 Justin Lambert...
  10. BiggJim

    Polaris ATTN WORC's & LUCAS OIL Racers 7-13

    Cognito will be present at both the events this weekend. Lucas Oil in Glen Helen and WORC's at Pala. If any one would like to order product we can bring it to the races and save you guys some freight. I have PLENTY of FOX 2.5" shocks instock, RZR XP swaybars,and trailing arm gusset kits. You can...
  11. BiggJim

    WORC's RD 5 race report

    Production 700 race report WORC's RD 5 Report
  12. BiggJim

    Polaris NEW RZR XP4 Build by Cognito Motorsports

    I dont have a ton of pictures but we built a new RZR XP4 to race BITD. We were using a teryx and we decided we could no longer stay competitive in it any longer. We dropped this Car off to Thad from Fabworks on a friday afternoon and picked it up a week later on monday. we then had 3 days to...
  13. BiggJim

    Polaris Spy Photos of Fox 2.5" RZR XP shocks!!!

    Looks Like Cognito just got a shot at trying out Fox Racing's newest Shock for the XP 900. This is a 2.5" BOC dual rate shock set up we will be using on Team mate Casey's Car this weekend at WORC's round 4.:D Stay Tuned!!!
  14. BiggJim

    All UTV's Polaris/Cognito/UTVUG WORC's RZR570

    One week before WORC's round 1 an Idea was born to race a Polaris RZR 570. So between Joeyd, R3Motorsports, and the team at Cognito Motorsports we started to plan a build on a WORC's car to race Class 3 in Polaris' all new UTV. Joey line up the machine and exactly 1 week before the first race...
  15. BiggJim

    Cognito R1 Rhino Video

    Heres a little video we took when we went to blow off some steam just before the Parker 250. We logged about 80 miles at Pismo on this day trip. Cognito R1 Rhinos
  16. BiggJim

    Yamaha Cognito Spindles last chance @ $500.

    I just received our 2012 price sheet and we have taken a price increase on our Rhinio Spindles. If your about ready to get a set you have until 12-30-2011 to pick a set up @ $500. w/ bearings and seals installed. The new price will be $549.99 come 1-1-2012
  17. BiggJim

    Yamaha Cognito Long Travel HUGE SALE!!

    Rhino and Teryx owners, if you have been on the fence about buying a long travel kit, take advantage of this NOW! Cognito bought in DEEEEP with its vendors to bring you Forum members the sale of a lifetime on a long travel kit PACKAGE DEAL! No we are not going to quit making these kits...
  18. BiggJim

    Polaris RZR XP A-Arms By Cognito motorsports **Sneek Peek**

    RZR XP A-Arms By Cognito motorsports **Sneak Peek** After Our Cognito Team WORC's Racer Keenan Rogerson started breaking stock A-Arms we decided it was time to offer a upgraded set that will no longer Break. Our RZR XP arms will Feature 3/4" uni-balls,17-4ph Stainless Steel Pins, and Poly...
  19. BiggJim

    Polaris RZR XP Shocks By Cognito

    My first batch of Fox Racing shocks are just about gone!!!! I have 3 sets left @ $1600.00. 1 Set I will be able to ship ASAP and the other 2 sets will not be able to ship until November 7th. IF You want in on this SALE PRICE get your order in today. I will REQUIRE Pre payment on the final 2 sets...
  20. BiggJim

    Lucas Oil Off-road Expo

    Anyone Going? This is a fun show and the weather is usually perfect!. Come by and see us at the show. I will be bringing some RZR XP goodies!! Lucas Oil Off Road Expo | Pomona, CA
  21. BiggJim

    Cognito goes Racing! 2011 WORCS Round 7 Glen Helen

    Glen Helen is rumored to be one of the roughest tracks for UTV racers in the WORCS series, congrats to all those who came out smelling like roses! 4 UTV's representing the Cognito Motorsports team challenged the field, of course sporting Cognito product! In class 1: Keenan Rogerson...
  22. BiggJim

    Cognito's V2R race report

    Cognito Goes Racing! Vegas to Reno 2011, 550 miles! Cognito geared up for this event with 8 guys on the team, 4 of which were scheduled to drive/co-drive; Lambert, Rogerson, Sheakley, and Staggs. A lot of preparation is involved in a race of this nature, and since this was our first V2R...
  23. BiggJim

    Polaris Cognito RZR XP Swaybar

    Attention! Polaris RZR XP owners! Have you had a problem with the swaybar on your XP? Broken or bent? Well we have on recreation cars and race cars, and soon enough you will too if you haven't seen it yet. The stock swaybar is made from tubing, and appears to be welded seam tubing after...
  24. BiggJim

    All UTV's Cognito Motorsports newest workhorse!!

    Cognito Motorsports has stepped up to the plate with the latest technology in welding production. With the high demand for some of our most popular Lift kits and Leveling kits we decided it was necessary to step up and add a robotic welding Cell in order to produce suspension and steering...
  25. BiggJim

    Cognito goes Racing ! California City Super Course Series round 3

    Cognito Motorsports' Keenan Rogerson - Polaris RZR XP900 Cognito Motorsports attended the Super Course Round 3 in Cal City this past weekend, put on by Alta Vista Events. The course was technical, tight, and rocky and obviously dusty. Cognito Drivers Justin Lambert in the Kawasaki Teryx and...
  26. BiggJim

    Pismo 6-11 dAY TRIP

    So word on the street is the huckfest will be going on at pismo...Myself and a couple of buddies are talking about going riding this day. Anyone else be at pismo that wants to hook up for a ride? I promise Ill try to keep up in my Ole Rhino:scared2:
  27. BiggJim

    Stay away from Fred Cumming Honda

    Some of you may have/have not read our thread on the build up of our shop Cognito Kawasaki teryx. Anyways we converted our 2008 Teryx over to fuel Injection. In doing so we had to source 2010 kawasaki teryx parts. Most of out parts came from Fred Cuming Honda of Bakersfield thru Madhouse...
  28. BiggJim

    Kawasaki Madhouse UTV driver Matt White teams up with Cognito!

    Madhouse UTV driver Matt White teams up with Cognito! Cognito Motorsports has teamed up with Madhouse Motorsports to challenge the WORC’s racing series and some of the BITD and VORRA races. After round 4 of the WORC’s series, people took notice of how well Class 3 winner Jeremiah...
  29. BiggJim

    RZR XP Swaybars

    At the Anza race i noticed 2 different RZR XP's with broken rear sway bars. Has anyone noticed this to be a problem with the XP's? Is this a fluke thing? Is it a race problem? Has anyone broke one useing their XP for recreation? We are thinking about having a stock replacement made. Obviously...
  30. BiggJim

    All UTV's Cognito R1 Rhino Video

    We put a little bit of in car footage together of the R1 rhinos running in the dunes.:D Lift Kits, Leveling Kits, Suspension Lift Kits, Truck Lift, Pitman Arms, Idler Arms, Trimmline, Cognito Motorsports - Yamaha Rhino R1 Testing - Rhino Long Travel Kit - Rhino Spindles - POV in Car
  31. BiggJim

    Yamaha Congratulations to Jeremiah Staggs

    Congratulations to Jeremiah Staggs for his first place win in Class 3 at WORC's round 4!! We were very pleased to see a win on his first full race using Cognito suspension and spindles. Jeremiah is using the Cognito 'Off the shelf' Fox shocks pre-valved to Cognito spec, along with the...
  32. BiggJim

    Kawasaki Cognito Motorsports Teryx

    So for the last 6 weeks we have been trying to get the shop teryx ready for the WORC's ANZA race and after 3 long nights this weekend we are looking like we are gonna make it. As of friday afternoon we had just about all of our parts necessary from several different Vendors. The to Do list...
  33. BiggJim

    Cognito Pitman and Idler Arm Support Kit

    Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC Steering - Pitman and Idler Arm Support Kit - Applications for: 1999-2006 Chevrolet, GMC 1500 6lug Trucks 2000-2006 Cadillac , Chevrolet, GMC 1500 6lug Sport Utility Vehicles 2001-2011 Chevrolet, GMC 8lug 1500HD, 2500, 2500HD, 3500, 3500HD Are you having...
  34. BiggJim

    Kawasaki Teryx cable shirter kit????

    Who sells a cable shift conversion for the teryx? I have seen some carnage where the teryxs pops out of gear while jumping, hitting big woops and such. Where can I buy the cable conversion kit? Thanks!!
  35. BiggJim

    Cognito 4"-6" suspension lift kits Chevrolet, GMC

    Cognito 4"-6" suspension lift kits Chevrolet, GMC Features: - Non Torsion Bar Drop lift kit (Keeps The Torsion Bars Tucked Up In The Frame) - Pitman And Idler Arm Support Kit Included (Utility Patent) - Full 4" Front Differential Drop For Optimal CV Axle Angles - Tierod Is Moved Up...
  36. BiggJim

    R1 Rhino Paddle Feedback

    Well I finally got to burn a tank of fuel in the R1 rhino and have some paddle feedback. I am running a 26x12x12 10 paddle extreme on a 8" wide wheel. I am running a 5:1 final drive gear ratio. The 10 paddle seems fine on launch or roll start and any more paddle I am afraid it would be too...
  37. BiggJim

    Pretty big RZR hit

    YouTube - Jumping a Polaris rzr through fire
  38. BiggJim

    Yamaha K&N Airfilters and Cognito Motorsports

    Heres a link to a write up K&N Airfliters did on our R1 Rhinos for SEMA. K&N hooked us up with air filters for this Project! Thank You K&N!! Cognito Motorsports' Justin Lambert Brings Two Custom Yamaha Rhino to SEMA
  39. BiggJim

    All UTV's Rhino to R1 Throttle cable

    So what are you guys with R1 conversions doing for throttle cables? I am running an 05 R1 motor and I have an 06 rhino cable and it doesnt look like its going to pull far enough. So is there an easy fix? Different cable? Let me know what you guys have done. As of right now it looks like i...
  40. BiggJim

    Post Pics of your rear wing

    Just like it says....I need to see some rear wing pics....PLEASE.....I built a wing for Project 2Times and I am not getting the look I wanted....Looks good from one angle but not the other. So.....I need to see some pictures to see where I went wrong:cool:
  41. BiggJim

    R1 cooling system questions

    So I have studied the coolant system plumbing and I have a few questions what all the other R1 guys are doing. It appears that I have 4 lines going to the radiator. The main lines in and out, The line coming out of the oil cooler and the small 1/4 line tha comes off the bottom of the motor and...
  42. BiggJim

    Attn SR1 owners

    Just out of curiosity has anyone weighed the sr1 rhino to see the weight ratio front to rear? I'm getting ready to mount my motor in me "dune" car and I am wondering how well The wellers got the F/R weight ratio.:confused:and how do your cars feel in the corners?
  43. BiggJim

    Project "2Times"

    So my R1 Project name is gonna be "2Times":grin1:...We did some mearsuring tonight and figured out where we want the seats and engine. I am done now until I get my reverse box. Its going to be somewhat of a chop and drop. We are gonna take the seat down 4"s, Out 4"s, and Back 4"s....Made a few...
  44. BiggJim

    Cognito Motorsports Chevy/GM lift kits

    Well AGAIN Justin @ Cognito Motorsports Hooked me up with a hot set up for my tow truck. I went to cognito looking for a Lift kit and Justin put me together a Solid 7" lift kit will all of the goods in order to keep it solid and reliable. Heres a parts List!! Cognito 7-9" front lift w NTBD...
  45. BiggJim

    Steering wheel quick disconnect hub

    What brand steering wheel quick connects are you guys using? I have a gear-one and I am having problems with sand getting in it and galling the 2 pieces together. Also....I am not looking for the bolt on style. Thanks
  46. BiggJim

    Kawasaki Cognitos Teryx LT kit spy photos

    I just got some spy photos from Cognitos shop!!!!!! He is working on building his Teryx long travel Kit.....Looks good from the angles I had I think its supposed to be 14"s of travel at 5"s over....But I'm sure Justin will chime in with some specs....its still in progress.:D:D:D !!!!!!!!so far...
  47. BiggJim

    New class 10 build by TomPro Design

    Check this beast out...I just got these pictures of a call 10 score legal car that you should be seeing in races in the near future. It is a custom build off of his currently Kick ass sand cars. He changed his design up a little to be more desert durrable but this thing is sweet. I will have...
  48. BiggJim

    All UTV's Attention Fabracators!!!!!

    I am looking for someone to mandrel Bend me a 2" radius 1" tube.....Probably .095 or as light of material as possible.....Let me know if anyone here can do what I'm looking for???? Or can you point me in the right direction:DThanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  49. BiggJim

    Yamaha Cognito Long travel

    So I finally got my long travel pics loaded up. I picked up this kit about a month ago and will be working with Justin @ Cognito to get my RC-2's dialed in tits with this Kit. :D:D:D. No pics with shocks on was a last minute deal to have it ready for the offroad expo. This kit went...
  50. BiggJim

    Extreme offroad expo????

    Anyone going...I'd love to meet some of you suckas......come by BYC motorsports in building 12 and check us out!!!!! Ohhhh....and I will be blowing out paddle sets at the show...You want the hook up come see me!!!!!!!:D:D:D

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