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    2011 Forest River Stealth CK3214 - For Sale

    SOLD 2011 Forest River Stealth CK3214 - For Sale If you have any Questions, give me a PM or my # is on either of the web sites.

    Kidde Recalls 37 Million Fire Extenguishers

    If you have a Kidde fire extinguisher it probably has a recall.

    Progressive Insurance - and now you know the rest of the story..................

    Stephanie Courtney, the actress who plays "Flo" in the Progressive Insurance TV commercials gets paid $500,000 per year. In case you didn't know..... The "Harley Owners Group," the biggest motorcycle club in America, perhaps even in the world, hasn't found any members that have Progressive...

    Soft Coolers - Has anyone tried this one?

    I have had an AO cooler, now I have a Magna Cool soft cooler. I just used it on a week outing (6 days), it worked great. It held Ice for approx. 4 1/2 days, 5th day ice & water mix. I have yet to try it in the summer months. This Ice chest has thicker walls than my AO. Another big thing is it...

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

    Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving! Until we ride again. Take care

    Grumpys XP 1000 Lime Squeeze With New Tie Downs

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    Can Am Maverick X3 Demo Rider

    If you are interested in a X3 Demo Ride. Register here. I had a call back with-in 5 hours...

    Can am Maverick X3

    Can am Maverick X3 From what I see....It looks Bad Ass. Lets just hope this is the one that is bullet proof. I am sure it will have its problems like all the rest. Nice looking ride though.


    Its almost that time of the year again. Just wondering when the Annual Miller Jeep Trail clean up ride is going to be. I would like to fit it in my Schedule.
  10. RWTDCT

    Support Legislation to Reopen an Important OHV Area in CA

    I know some of you probably don't read the general forum so, I am reposting it here. Please fill out and submit. Thanks, Rob
  11. RWTDCT

    Support Legislation to Reopen an Important OHV Area in CA

    Please fill out and submit. This is an old riding place, many people used to come from all around. It was close back in 2008.;jsessionid=8D54F76BFAC5BB6CDF328ACF875EB1C3.app338a?pagename=homepage&page=UserAction&id=637&autologin=true
  12. RWTDCT

    La Familia Guys........ I need some radio frequencies

    I finally picked up a couple radios and need to know the frequencies you guys roll with so I can punch them in. Thanks, Rob
  13. RWTDCT

    ****Be on the look out - Theives

    I hope UTV Underground don't mind me posting this, it is from another forum. A couple of businesses got ripped off. Maybe someone here at this forum can identify them. This is the thread from the other forum.
  14. RWTDCT

    Pismo Beach reservation for New Years

    I have 4 days reserved, Wed. Dec. 31 to Sun. Jan. 4. I will be canceling them unless someone is interested in purchasing them. Reservations are for one spot. Give me a PM if interested. SOLD
  15. RWTDCT

    Huckfest 2014.....Oceano Dunes

    I found this on another forum. Did some checking around on this year's Huckfest, supposedly slated for Oct 18 weekend this year. Apparently the organizers have booked every spot for the beach, and will be re-selling them. The State is out of the ressie business that weekend because they are...
  16. RWTDCT

    Has anyone seen this.....The Idaho Tote

    I have no use for one, but figured someone on here might. It also might put some ideas in peoples heads. :eek:
  17. RWTDCT

    New To This Forum

    What's up everyone......My name is Robert I am from El Paso De Robles (Paso Robles). I am new to this forum but not to the SxS world. I notice a few names here on other forums I belong to so a few might notice me. I am here to compare, look for rides and shoot the BULL!!!!!! After reading some...

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