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    John Deere RSX 850i clutch issues

    Looking for some help from those of you that know a little about clutching. There seems to be a reoccurring issue with the RSX clutch that keeps it from releasing completely at idle therefore making it very difficult to shift gears once warmed up. My machine w 13hrs is currently in the shop...
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    Looking for a dual battery kit?!?

    For my RSX 850i. I know JD makes one but I was hoping to support our supporting vendors! Would like to have a smart isolator with the kit. Any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated.
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    Gator RSX 850i?

    I'm looking hard at one of these and was hoping to get a few real world reviews on the thing. I really like it for its features but can't seem to find many out there. How is the motor and trans holding up in these things? Is the piggyback fox shocks on the sport model worth the $1,700...

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