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  1. Baja Designs

    Baja Designs | Muddin, froggin, swampin’ - VIDEO Out now!

    Checkout our team out enjoying S3 Powersports' southern charm and hospitality! We made an effort to light up the swamp, go catch ourselves some good eatin' and have a hoot 'n' hollerin' good time. Video Collaboration: s3powersports Check the link to view on youtube! ...
  2. Baja Designs

    Baja Designs Black Friday Specials! Starting 11/25/19

    Baja Designs is offering Black Friday Cash Back Rebates between 11/25/2019 and 12/2/2019 Orders placed directly through Baja Designs, or through authorized dealers are both eligible. Simply place a qualifying order, fill out the rebate form below and mail it back with a copy of your invoice...
  3. Baja Designs

    Baja Designs | Honda Talon Lighting Kits!

    Honda Talon Lighting Kits! Honda, Talon (2019), Headlight Kits Starting at $694.95 - Order HERE Honda, Talon (2019), A-Pillar Kits
  4. Baja Designs

    Baja Designs Dome & Rock Light | Update!

    ROCK / DOME LIGHTS Updated as of 1/1/2019 ORDER NOW
  5. Baja Designs

    Come join us at Hammertown! - Booth #53

    "] KING OF THE HAMMERS February 1 - 9, 2019 DISPLAY VEHICLES AND SPECIAL APPEARANCES Casey Currie, Bryce Menzies, Brandon Sims, S3 Racing, Twisted Monkeys, LiteBrite, and Loki the Wolf Dog. SHOW SPECIALS 10% OFF – Free Wiring Harness and Rock Guards with purchase of lights (while...
  6. Baja Designs

    uService Explained

    One of the key features integrated into all Baja Designs’ forward projecting Lights is our user replaceable lens and optic technology. uService is a term coined for our user serviceable lenses that allow for you to interchange patterns on the fly. The technology is based around the compression...
  7. Baja Designs

    Knock off the Lies: Why Buying Quality LED Lights Matters

    Knock off the Lies: Why Buying Quality LED Lights Matters "Why spend so much for lights when I can get them cheaper without the name brand?" "This light bar on Amazon has way more lumens and costs half as much - what gives?" "I can get 100 lights for $10 each on Alibaba you guys are robbing...
  8. Baja Designs

    Baja Designs - Black Friday *Cash Back* Rebates!

    Baja Designs is offering Black Friday Cash Back Rebates to retail customers that make a purchase between 11/19/2018 and 11/26/2018. Orders placed directly through Baja Designs, or through authorized dealers are both eligible. Simply place a qualifying order, fill out the rebate form below and...
  9. Baja Designs

    Introducing the Baja Designs LP6 !!!

    Introducing the Baja Designs LP6 !!! details COMING SOON Baja Designs
  10. Baja Designs

    The BEST just got BRIGHTER!

    The Scientists of Lighting have figured out how to drive our LEDs harder, safer and more efficiently. Almost half of our LED products are now BRIGHTER, BOLDER, BETTER. XL Sport and Squadron Sport LED auxiliary lighting up to 30% BRIGHTER - Increase lumens from 2,260 lumens ⇒ 3,150...
  11. Baja Designs

    Scavenger Hunt Time ... Sand Sports Super Show style

    Baja Designs will be offering 10% off MSRP and paying sales tax. Be sure to stop by and check out the All NEW OnX6+ and 30% brighter Sport line. In addition, we will also be blowing out previous generation OnX6 at steep discounts so be sure to come by our booth (104-11). If we run out of stock...
  12. Baja Designs

    Baja Designs - NEW Laser Lighting! Ultimate Long Range Lighting

    BAJA DESIGNS LASER LIGHTING - COMING SOON The new Baja Designs Laser Light series is at the pinnacle of distance lighting. The Laser Light is capable of throwing light 60% farther than current LED offerings. There will be several configurations offered, though the Hybrid configuration is the...
  13. Baja Designs

    Baja Designs - Universal Lighting License Plate Mounts !!!

    Need a quick mounting solution for the Tow Rig or Daily Driver? Look no further! Baja Designs' universal license plate mount is the quickest way to add lights to your vehicle in a clean fashion. We offer a US Mounting Kit and an AU/EU/US Mounting Kit. This product can use the following...
  14. Baja Designs

    Baja Designs: Bestop Win $1 Million - Casey Wins, You Could Win If off-road racing icon Casey Currie wins at the Baja 1000, you could win $1,000,000, his personal, customized Jeep®, or one of ten $5,000 premium product packages from Bestop Premium Accessories Group. Grand Prize - One grand prize winner of the drawing will...
  15. Baja Designs

    Baja Designs ◦ RTL-M Rear Taillight w/ License Plate Mount + More

    M stands for Mini and at 6-inches this light bar will be exceptionally useful on vehicles where space is limited. The RTL-M includes 5 Red LEDs which function as your tail and brake lights, 2 Center Mounted White LEDs with Flood optics, and 1 LED the projects light down for license plate...
  16. Baja Designs

    New Baja Designs RZR Grille + OnX6 LED Light Bar Kit

    Application: Polaris RZR XP900 (2015-16) & Polaris RZR XP1000 (2014-16) SKU - 457543: Includes: - OnX6 10” LED Light Bar — Driving Combo - BD Custom Grille - Wiring Harness Set your Polaris RZR apart from the rest with our OEM Polaris RZR grille kit. This kit comes equipped with our powder...
  17. Baja Designs

    Baja Designs: LP9 PRE-ORDER - Save Big + FREE Shipping !!!

    Baja Designs: LP9 Available NOW !!! - 10% OFF + $5 Shipping to the Lower 48 Bailey here with Baja Designs. We are very excited to release the LP9 which is our NEW 8" LED Auxiliary Light. A design that was inspired by Baja Designs’ legendary 8" La Paz HID; The LP9 features modern styling and...
  18. Baja Designs

    All UTV's Baja Designs – New LP9 8-inch Light 12,000+ Lumens

    Baja Designs: LP9 8" LED Auxiliary Light Bailey here with Baja Designs. We are very excited to release the LP9 which is our NEW 8" LED Auxiliary Light. A design that was inspired by Baja Designs’ legendary 8" La Paz HID; The LP9 features modern styling and performance, with some of the most...
  19. Baja Designs

    VIDEO: American Passion, Quality, and Performance -We are Baja Designs

    Baja Designs 25th Anniversary Video 25 years ago, Baja Designs was founded with a passion and thirst for off road. Performance driven, race tested, Baja proven - Baja Designs engineers and manufactures American made products, using only the best components available, right here in San Diego...
  20. Baja Designs

    Baja Designs - S8 LED Light Bar - NEW Products ! Baja Design’s latest LED light bar comes with a few new perks! Enjoy the clean aluminum frame with 4,000 lumens of pure power, low amp draw of 3.33 amps, and nearly 50,000 hours of LED life. The S8 also features upgraded reflectors, an amber backlit feature, and new scalloped...
  21. Baja Designs

    NEW !!! ○ Baja Designs RTL Series ○ 30" Rear Tail Light Bar

    This rear facing tail light is a first for Baja Designs, but includes quality and styling that is unique to BD. This slim and sleek package includes our proprietary MoistureBlock Technology, Limited Lifetime Warranty and the highest quality of components. With a choice of multiple...
  22. Baja Designs

    Introducing The NEW OnX6 Hi-Power LED Light Bar!

    Really excited to announce a new addition to our OnX6 family; the OnX6 Hi-Power. We've done it! We have created a light that will “do it all” utilizing the same LED's found in our XL80 and XL Racer Edition. This light will provide the user with the maximum amount of light coverage as well as...
  23. Baja Designs

    Baja Designs - XL Series - NEW Products!

    We have some great additions to the Baja Designs XL Series! Now introducing the XL80 and XL Racer Edition. These lights are designed to give the user more light and more distance! The XL80 features 4 very powerful 20W LEDs giving you greater visibility and increased brightness. With a grand...
  24. Baja Designs

    Baja Designs - Squadron Series - New Products!!

    Bailey here from Baja Designs. The Squadron is our 3"x3" LED Auxiliary Light that comes in a few different patterns and performance options. These start at $119.95 and come in Spot, Driving/Combo, Wide Cornering, and Work/Scene. You have three different performance options to choose from (Sport...
  25. Baja Designs

    Baja Designs: General Discussion Thread

    This is a Baja Designs General Discussion Thread! A place to post: -Product information -Photos -Questions -Complaints and comments Have our lights or want to know more about our products? Please post up!
  26. Baja Designs

    Polaris NEW: Baja Designs OnX6 RZR Roof Mount Kit !!!

    Baja Designs has developed a plug and play kit designed for 2015+ XP900 and 2014+ XP1000 RZR's This OEM, Polaris RZR 30" OnX6 Roof Mount Kit is designed utilizing stock mounting locations and takes all of the guess work out of installing a 30" OnX6 on top of the Stock Cage. ****Designed for...
  27. Baja Designs

    Baja Designs Scratch and Dent Sale

    For anyone that is interested in some slightly blemished product take a look at our Scratch/Dent thread. These can't be sold as NEW so we are selling them for 20-50% OFF !!! The listed products have scratches, scuffs, or other external damage, however all of these products are still...
  28. Baja Designs

    Baja Designs: MoistureBlock Technology

    BD’s Scientists, technicians, and engineers always strive and search for possibilities as well as technologies to evolve their products expectations. The Scientists are not ones to disappoint and with the announcement of their new MoistureBlock™. BD has changed the standard of LED lighting...
  29. Baja Designs

    Baja Designs: ClearView TM Lessons in Lighting

    Baja Designs Mad Scientist brings the Lab to Las Vegas to explain the science behind properly mounting and aiming lights in ClearViewâ„¢ Lessons in Lighting. Scientists of Lighting Alan Roach and Tex Mitchell partner with Ricky Johnson and Menzies Motorsports to eliminate the guesswork of...
  30. Baja Designs

    Baja Designs Off-Road Expo LED Lighting Sale!!

    Hey Guys We are having some great pricing at this years Off-Road Expo but don't worry if you can't make the show the show specials will go from October 5th-11th via the website. Don't miss the new Squadron XL LED Light or the OnX Arc LED Light Bar!! Click the link below for coupon codes...
  31. Baja Designs

    The Brightest just got Brighter!!!

    Baja Designs is an engineering based company who always strives to provide the best performing, highest quality products on the market! Now all of our popular LED Lights and Light bars now 20% brighter! Turning even more darkness into light!! Some examples of how many lumens we can achieve out...
  32. Baja Designs

    Baja Designs - Built to Weather the Perfect Storm

    Built to weather the perfect storm. San Marcos, CA - May 7th, 2013 - Baja Designs’ Scientists constantly research the latest technologies for ways to make their LED lights better. Their new Moisture Block cord is an innovative new technology that solves one of the biggest problems that...
  33. Baja Designs

    HID & LED Bars

    Hey everyone, We just wanted to keep letting you know that we are here to help with all your lighting questions. I also wanted to share our Bars again, HID & LED. I would love to know what you guys prefer on your UTV? At Baja Designs we don't believe in the Phrase to much light, you can never...
  34. Baja Designs

    1 discounted 30" Stealth Bar

    Hey guys we have one of our 30" Stealth bars and it is very slightly scratched in a few spots, so little the camera couldn't even make it out to really show you, but none the less it has some scratches. So we will be selling it at a discounted price, it is first come first serve! Please Pm me...
  35. Baja Designs

    New Billet Stealth mount

    Hey everyone here is a sneak preview of Baja Designs new Stealth Billet mount for your UTVs. It will be available in about a week and will allow you to mount on a tube or a vertical axis. If you have any questions feel free to PM me. P.S. it will also be anodized Thanks, Gordon BD
  36. Baja Designs

    Squadron LED Sale!

    Baja Designs is celebrating 20 years of providing the best off-road lighting systems and accessories. For our entire anniversary year of 2012, Baja Designs will be offering the same wide array of quality-driven products, and at special anniversary pricing! Come celebrate with us by taking...
  37. Baja Designs

    LED Dome Light w/ Switch

    Super Bright LED Dome Light w/Switch - Easily mounts to panel, flat surface or tabs - 360 degree area of coverage - 1.5 times brighter than competitors larger units - Dimensions = 2.75" long x 1" wide Got some more pictures of this LED in action, coming. PM me for any info or...
  38. Baja Designs

    Beam Pattern Types/need to know

    Pencil or Spot Beams - provide a longer narrower beam that focuses the pattern farther down the trail. These lights are designed to be used in conjunction with other wider beam patterns. Pencil beams come with a 10° wide pattern that can widened by 4° if desired. Driving Beams - Offer...
  39. Baja Designs

    Baja Designs Squadron 3" x 3"

    The Squadron 3" x 3" is available in two configurations. Driving and Spot, using precision in house designed optics producing 3,600 Lumens. * Weight: 12oz * Waterproof, Submersible to 3 meters * Hard coated polycarbonate lens * Lifetime Warranty * Front Lens: Hard coated Polycarbonate *...
  40. Baja Designs

    All UTV's Light output Vs. Light Distribution

    The brightest light is worthless if it is not where the driver needs it. Most LED light systems use optics from third party companies. The majority of these optics produce round shapes, similar to a flashlight. All "spot" patterns are round to achieve maximum distance, but much of the large...
  41. Baja Designs

    Baja Designs on Board with UTV Underground!

    Hey guys and gals, I just wanted to let everyone know that Baja Designs/Soltek Light Systems is stoked to be on board with UTV Underground! We hope to not onlyshare the latest and greatest in lighting technology with every here but to become a valuable resource to the UTV Underground Community...

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