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  1. bobylax

    What a difference a decade makes!

    Was going through some old photos and came across these from 2008. Enjoy.
  2. bobylax

    UTV World Championship @@[email protected]@

    Here are some shots from Saturdays racing from our check point at RM 6 1/2. I've also posted some shots over on in the UTV and Desert race forums.
  3. bobylax

    UTV W/C

    Hi, I'll be at our check point at mile 6.5, the right hand 180 before the drop into the retention basin, and was attempting to see if I can post up photos here in this forum, but was curious if there are file size limitations, and how many photos per post. I normally post my photos over on RDC...
  4. bobylax

    Polaris Rear "Race" lights.

    Hi, I have an '08 RZR 800 that is used for BITD race incident response and course clean-up. I'm looking for some info on the rear mount "race type" light bar and wondering who makes them and price ranges. I'd like it to have 2 brake lights, and 1 ea. flashing or strobe red and amber lights for...
  5. bobylax

    2014 MINT 400 Pix, RM30

    Here are some shots from this years MINT. More to come.
  6. bobylax

    Posting Pictures

    I'd like to post some pictures from the MINT, but most of my shots are 2-3+mb, and it looks like there is a 2mb size limit. Any way around this? Thanks.
  7. bobylax

    Polaris Mid Travel Kits for '08 RZR 800

    Looking to upgrade the suspension on the old '08 BITD Volunteer "quick response" RZR 800. Lots of options out there. Need input on durability, pluses or minuses, and if I can install myself or need professional installation. RZR is used primarily for trails and responding to downed or broken...
  8. bobylax

    "Hello" from Prescott Valley AZ

    New to this site, but not to those who race in the desert! I've been volunteering for BITD since 2007, and have an '08 RZR 800 as our "quick response vehicle" while out at our check points. It's pretty stock suspension wise. Running a K&N, and custom exhaust, otherwise bone stock. We're ready to...

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