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    UTV WC - Draw Results

    Ok Wayne.... who you showing that you can swallow bananas whole?! From dead last draw at the MINT, to #1 draw at UTVWC ! Something aint right!!
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    2015 BITD SS300

    Well those draw results suck. I demand a redo.
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    2015 MINT 400 - Draw results

    Sorry Craig! IT DOES GET WORSE!
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    2015 King Of The Hammers UTV race

    Has just began? Anybody tracking today?!
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    BITD Henderson 250!

    Official draw results ! Let's get it on. We're coming from the back! AGAIN!
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    RIP Jim McNeil 1978-2011

    Unfortunately on November 6, 2011 I lost one of my best friends. The motorsports industry has taken another heavy hit in one of the toughest years we have already had. I was lucky enough to talk Jim the night before his passing as he was in Dallas, TX for the NASCAR race doing a FMX demo for...
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    2011 BITD BlueWater GP

    Congrats to Matt Parks for another WIN at BITD's Bluewater Grand Prix BEST of luck to everyone tomorrow afternoon. I think the race starts at 2:00. I hate to admit it, but Im pretty excited Im not waking up in 4 hours to move in and sit around all day watching the races and dealing with the...
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    2011 Soboba GP Head Count...

    Who is in... Im lookin to see if anyone else is coming out from Az. Maybe we can get a larger trailer to haul some UTVs and all pitch in on gas or something :p 1. Justin
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    Please pray for...

    Thanks to Greg Frantz for Posting this up! Hey everyone.. I just wanted to pass on the info that another good friend, and fellow racer, Josh Hounslow got severely burned while in Glamis riding with Brandon Sims. An oil line broke causing a fire, and he has been badly burned as well. There has...
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    Thank you to...

    I cannot say Thank you enough to Dave at 2X Motorsports, and Scott and Jimmy at XMF.... I always procrastinate til the last minute to prep my rhino for a race and it always fails me. Upon prepping this week, I noticed my wheels bearings had gone out. I have a one off set of billet spindles...
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    First mention of....

    possibility of desert racing cancellation... Looks like BITD will be the one affected possibly? Its quite disappointing... Phoenix News | Arizona News | | Video
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    Glamis Thanksgiving 09

    Busiest weekend in Glamis I have seen in many many years. Theres no shortage of cash in the dunes this year...
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    Diecast Playcars Factory Artic Cat 1000

    If there ever becomes a class that will allow this car to race, it will soon be a contender. Its first race was WORCS round 2 in Adelanto, Ca. They are still working out the bugs. It weighs just 1000 pounds with the 1000cc motor. They are factory backed from Artic Cat. Photo Courtesy...

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