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    True 4 Seat DSR1 build

    nice dezert/dune buggy/sandcar build. nice fabwork as well
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    Need new motor parts or good motor builder please.

    Chris at Benchmark Performance, and he gives discounts on factory parts as well. none better IMO 760-484-0986 Rog
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    Battery help!

    your charging system will not keep up with all of that, in many cases you can convert those halogens to HID with a 30-50$$ kit, this would help alot, over buying a new battery. the rhino alt kits worked very well, the "upgraded" stators not very well.
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    RZR XP900 paddle tire testing

    the doonz don't do well on the 900 IMHO.
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    Yamaha clutch on 08 Rhino not engaging

    check the belt, if belt is good, he may need to check to see if a roller is stuck in the sheave. next the wet clutch may be bad (worn shoes) next the teeth could be stripped on the primary shaft.
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    Need suggestions

    and I put years and thousands of miles on my rhino with a K&N and never had anything in the intake.
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    All UTV's Adjusting Toe

    actually the molds are that good. you can use the inside to the wheel if you want. or you can put a pice of straight edge on each wheel and measure front and rear, many ways to skin a cat. do not jack it up to do this, it needs to be at ride height and same height on tire/wheel front to...
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    sr1 wiring question

    the kickstand switch has to be bypassed, we had one do this already or you have to find nuetral to start just like the bike would without pulling in the clutch. but you prob do not have a micro switch on your clutch now?? it prob won't affect the 6 volts though
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    sr1 wiring question

    uh, 6 volts at the coils ;)
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    All UTV's Adjusting Toe

    just use the same lug of the tread on each tire for toe measurement. toe out turns better for short course, but can make it a bit drifty at high speeds, generally we set them at 0 or 1/8 in, except for short course.
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    Hate stopping or waiting in line to dump?

    I have my dump clean out on my septic tank, work great now for over 8 years.
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    Official UTVUnderground 2012 WORCS RD1 Glen Helen Pictures & Results Thread

    makes sense, since the latches on those pro armor doors (in the pic)apparantly are not up to the task of staying shut, just sayin. :confused: again it is great to see such a turn out, but some safety things should not be excused, even once. It only takes one tragedy for all of this fun to go...
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    Official UTVUnderground 2012 WORCS RD1 Glen Helen Pictures & Results Thread

    thanks for the reply, now adress the no head net? this could have been a catastrophic injury possibility? no??
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    Official UTVUnderground 2012 WORCS RD1 Glen Helen Pictures & Results Thread

    first great pics by all. :cool: secondly I thought you had to have 6 point cages and solid doors????????? I thought ISA was teching cars???? IMHO this is no way to start a set of rules and letting cars compete that do not meet the rules, just my .02 the pics clearly show a rzr with the...
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    Bryan Osborn WINS LOORRS overall UTV Rookie of the year

    Now Bryan can use your signature line, just change 2009 to 2011 and add SR1. he sure can!!!!! :cool::D
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    Bryan Osborn WINS LOORRS overall UTV Rookie of the year

    Congrats from one ROY to another in the same rhino! :cool::D Rog
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    HDRA extends discount for UTV teams

    come by the HRT pit Rusty, look for the yellow 1456 :D Rog
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    Yamaha 2007 660 EXHAUST QUESTIONS

    if you put the supertrapp tip in the ron woods it is not so bad, about the same as the hushpower. best quality for a rhino period.
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    Polaris Suggestions!!!

    I just heard of one 900 cracked hub recently. but I think the hubs are the same as all rzr's, if so, then Unleashed UTV, used to sell Billet rzr hubs. but many peeps have raced these 900's without hub/spindle issues. honestly, if I were to race again, I would do stronger reshaped front...
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    Why you don't stand on the outside of a turn at a race

    neither should have the people of the caifornia 250 at barstow. :eek:
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    XP4 900 in store now!

    My friend Zack, already got his! :D
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    All UTV's Limit straps

    what shocks are you using?? some of the rangers have two upper mounts for the shocks in the rear, the outer one will make it drop out more than the inner one. but using the inner one will have more leverage on it and may need a heavier spring. if you have fox shocks, you can put a spacer...
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    Considering a side by side - recommendations?

    alot comes down to your main use for your SxS. THE XP900 does everything well, but not 50" trail friendly, like the 800 or 570 RZR. For more utility the commander 800 and 1000 do very well with good power and alot of storage. kawasaki has great prices usually compared others, in stock...
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    All UTV's Limit straps

    at full drop the mounting points need to be inline with the straps so you don't put a side load on the tabs and crack them at the welds. get them 1" shorter than you need,this allows for stretch. they are measured eye to eye. the farther out on the arm the better IMO, but do not have to be...
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    Tubes in paddle tires

    if you cannot add a patch, then when you air up the tube, it will stick out the side. not good. unfortunately you will need a new tire.
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    Changing a bathroom from Tub to regular stand up

    hot mop and tile is the best IMO, and you can make it look so custom.
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    2012 Polaris RZR-4 XP900 FACTORY INTRO by

    here ya go Mike Wheelbase 107.4" ( 272.8 cm) Dry Weight 1,390 lbs. (631.8 kg) Overall Vehicle Size (LxWxH) 134.4" x 64" x 77" plain one is 17,999 retail
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    2012 Polaris RZR-4 XP900 FACTORY INTRO by

    let us know how it turns compared to the reg XP9
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    Getting more power???

    look in your owners manual, or call the dealer. you could turbo charge it.
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    Blow Out on the way home

    your payload needs to include the rzr and all other items. so take off 1755lbs off your calcs. if your tires that came with the trailer, have the weight rating you listed, they are under from the get go. and do not meet the GVWR of your trailer.
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    Blow Out on the way home

    find a trailer tire in 225/75/15 that has a G rating you need to go by the pound capacity, not just by the letter. check out Maxxis tires, they have a 10 ply in that size ---p/n ------- size-------ply---dia---w-----capacity--psi-tread TL15713000 225/75R15 10 28.3 8.90 ---2,830 ----80...
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    MX vs Closed face helmets

    if you want the option of both styles, then look at AFX dual sport helmets, you can run goggles or thier full shield. I believe the DS-39 is the current model.
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    sent in my membership today! all drivers and co dawgs need a membership card for HDRA. looks like tier 4 is only 500 to race UTV, and for this next race it is 250 off of all entry fees. talked with Robert and Ken and crew at laughlin, we liked what we heard, so HRT is gonna race the...
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    Yamaha Oil coolers on built Motors

    you can use the stock rhino oil cooler, but get it away from the radiator and put a fan on it, it will work well.
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    Who makes the best RV Flagpole?

    are these the grey ones with the pins??? can't tell by the pics after ten years of use my green one finally is biting the dust.
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    ^^^^^ This x3 ^^^^^^ thx dan, yeah it rolled before JoeyD got out there I believe. maybe monday-tuesday. IMHO it was driver error
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    so who rolled the utvug rzr4 at olds? we saw it happen. who was driving the white "magnum" rhino that looked like got a tik for no flag? great pics BTW
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    All UTV's Whens Yamaha gonna step up?

    still too many lawsuits out there for yamaha, before they step up. they will all need a stock 4 seater as an option, just because it may not fit in your trailer, does not mean the companies should not make them. stability is a concern as well, they will almost all have one that is bigger...
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    All UTV's Help for Camber and toe for front & rear

    it depends on what your going to do with the car as well, we set up many cars differently due to it's purpose. short course car is setup different than a dezert car for example. 0 toe rear and 1/8" in, in front, camber about 2-5 degrees at ride height. front castor about 5-7 degrees at ride...
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    put led tail lights

    again, look at his relay drawing, where is the ground to turn on the relay, by your own description??? he has two hots going to to 85 and 86, and only the ground going to the LED light. this is why it only works for the brake lights, pin 30 contact arm does not switch over to 87 NC,(normally...
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    put led tail lights

    I do. and yes polarity matters, but a relay is not required to do so. relays provide for a larger current draw then the orginal intent of the stock circuit, LEDS draw way less current. If you don't think a two way bulb is not polarized, then think again, the ground is common to both elements...
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    Yamaha 09 Crossplane SR1 Build

    A coworker of mine has one, sounds most excellent! even with yamaha slip ons. :D
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    Queen Racing Testing Accident Destroy's the "Terminator"

    yup, LOORRS requires them, and I agree all offroad racing toys should have one. again glad you are pretty much OK. Rog
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    Queen Racing Testing Accident Destroy's the "Terminator"

    glad peeps are OK, one more reason for a separate cutoff switch, that shuts down the fuel pump ckt. both hot and ground.
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    put led tail lights

    well then the way he has it wired will def not work either. BTW, I do not believe this is the case unless the rzr has four wires into the taillight. which it does not with a 3157 bulb if you scenario was correct, the tail light would not come on either when the key was on, because there...
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    Yamaha 09 Crossplane SR1 Build

    good luck with your build. the 09 Cross plane crank R1 sounds v-twin esq, with a good exhaust, many won't know what is in it! :D
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    put led tail lights

    LED lights do not need a relay, they draw a 10th of what your stock bulb does the trailer light ground is white not black, this is probably where your error is. red is "brake light/turn signal" black is running lights (tail) white is ground you may have a blown fuse your relay...
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    UTVUnderground DECEMBER GIVEAWAY Sponsored by Pit Bull Tires! MEMBER DRIVE

    I take this as new members since you posted this, 11/29/11, not previous members that were here already
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    bitd racing suit what do you guys have

    that is the same one I use as well. just search online for best price
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    Arctic Cat Benchmark's Wildcat Test Vehicle

    yeah, start with a cage along with horsepower. :D

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