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    XP 1000 Motor difference 2014,2015-2017, 2018

    I just put a ‘17 motor into my ‘15 XP1k, the only difference between the two was the timing chain tensioner; at some point in the ‘17 MY they upgraded the tensioner & head casting to fix the issues ‘14-16s had with the timing chain slipping. I’m not sure on the ‘18 motors though.
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    Disabled person Looking to work for a team paid or unpaid dosn't matter.

    Don’t give up, like Tatum said try race-dezert, they get more traffic. As for jobs or ways you could contribute; what kind of time can you contribute, and what can you offer? If you can’t physically contribute with prep or pit work maybe you can help plan some of the logistics/office side of...
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    Polaris 2016 XP1

    I've got the Axia mirrors and an overheard 17" mirror from Kartek that I've been happy with for mirrors. I'd recommend a Rugged pumper over a RaceAir, I prefer the Rugged I have in another car over the one in the RZR. Good looking build so far, ditch some plastics and add a front sway bar and...

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