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    NEW 2015 Polaris FOX Edition RZR XP1000 & NEW RZR 4 900 EPS!

    Hey Everyone, we are offering a awesome combo package for that new Polaris Fox Edition XP1K. Give us a call at SXS Performance and we can get you a price on this PRP Seats, door bags, and storage bag combo package Deal! 855-797-7373 Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    GMZ Race Products Big Kahuna

    Waiting on wheels from us?? If so, give me a call and I will track the wheels for you. Thanks, [email protected] 855-797-7373
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    Polaris RZR XP 900: Exhaust, intake and computer...Worth the investment?

    Exhaust and a programmer might get you about 8-10 hp more from the car and a sharp sound. PM sent
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    XP1000 Tip Of The Day 7/1/14

    We at SXS Performance could not agree more. Letting your car properly warm up and cool down before riding and shutting off is a key ingredient in keeping your motor happy. Other than the basic maintenance of course! Happy Riding People!
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    Pictures from SXSPerformance night ride

    Visit our website for more cool news!
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    teryx tires and wheels

    Pm sent Sent from my XT1058 using Tapatalk
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    Silver State 4wd&UTV Jamboree in Northern Nevada

    Can't wait for this one! I want to be part of the "OG 13"
  8. S Desert Rally - Ocotillo Wells / S22 Nov 8-10

    Anyone got a schedule of events yet? Gonna be a busy week with SEMA right before...
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    2013 Sand Sports Super Show Sept 20th-22nd

    I believe most guys will accept cards, I know we will. But like Big Jimm said Cash is King!!
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    Same size front and rear tires?

    Our T-4 and our Teryx 750 are running the same size tire all the way around. We have been very happy with the performance. Both cars are running 28" tall tires.
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    2013 Sand Sports Super Show Sept 20th-22nd

    we'll be there as well. Gonna be in the FFZ area this year by Arctic Cat. We'll have lots of new parts, cars for sale, and a trailer full of cold ones...
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    Sell me your T4 plastics

    We should have a set of blue ones available here pretty soon. Just need the time to swap them out.
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    RZR XP4 Build at SXS Performance

    We have some new photos of the RZR XP 4 build with the NXG1 wheels and 30 inch Mongrels. This wheel and tire combo look awesome on the XP4. We have not trimmed the front fenders to accommodate the 30's yet. That is why they look a little close in the pictures. If you have any questions about any...
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    RZR XP4 Build at SXS Performance

    We have made some progress on our project RZR XP4 in the last week. We mounted the DG Offroad roll cage and the PRP doors on our Walker Evans Edition XP4. Both additions turned out great, the suede lining in the door panels looks awesome. All the parts we have added to this UTV are available for...
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    RZR XP4 Build at SXS Performance

    We are starting a new project here at SXS Performance. Part of the plan for our new super store is to always have a car on the floor available to buy. We are planning for this to be one of many builds we do here at our new Ontario, Ca SXS Performance Super Store. For this build we picked...
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    New guy from AZ

    Hello, this is a great place for useful information about side by sides. Also a great place to meet some good people.
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    All UTV's Lighted Whip reccomendations

    We run and sell the Sick Sticks, they have been super durable and very reliable for us. They use a small CB type spring mount that allows it to flex.
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    Jenner Racing Mint 400 UTV fire video

    Great video, sorry to hear about the car fire you had. Good luck at the next race.
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    All UTV's Walker Evans Shocks

    Feel free to give us a ring, we'd be more than happy to answer any questions you have. Mike 855-797-7373
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    6 month build.. 1929 sedan rat rod

    Your car is turning out great. What style of paint are you going with, matte or a gloss finish? Those headers are awesome!!! Keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing the finished product.
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    Take Advantage of our Bulk Buy

    Let us know if you want to stop by the shop or contact us with any questions.
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    Take Advantage of our Bulk Buy

    These seat will fit any RZR, not just the Jagged X RZR. The wide openings for seat belts and the mesh at the back corner of the seat are awesome features that make this seat a great addition to any RZR. Give us a call or go to our web site at...
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    Bringing the old girl out of retirement

    He'll be running in the Unlimited 4 category.
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    Bringing the old girl out of retirement

    It's that time again... Time to get back to racing. We're going to bring our Monster Energy Kawasaki Teryx out of retirement and start letting it see some action again. This time we're going to be doing things a little different. No BITD for us this time. We're headed to the Pure...
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    <<<<<<<<<<<<<< Major SNAFU!!!!!

    We'll be there in our Monster Energy Kawasaki Teryx too. Also headed out next weekend for the fun run and draw.
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    >>> PURE List GROWING!!! <<<

    Add one more to the list! We're bring our Monster Energy Kawasaki Teryx out. Can't wait!!!
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    Its not a dune buggy!

    Try explaining that you sell parts for a side X side for a living. A lot if times it turns into me selling lift kits and mud tires cause it is easier then explaining what a side X side is.
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    Thank you Underground Members....

    You've done a great job here Joey! Glad we could be a part of it from the very beginning.
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    Rally on the Rocks - 2013

    We'll be there again this year! Can't wait!!!
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    Welcome from UTVUnderground

    Welcome guys! You will dig it here! Joey and Rusty do a great job!
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    Has anyone had issues with SXS Performance

    Joey I've been in contact through pm and phone. I think we can lock her down. Thanks buddy!
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    makes it so much nicer to read the forum now!
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    Tierra Del Sol GNARLY Obstacle climb and roll

    Crazy! I don't think those videos do that obsticale justice on how tall and steep it is.
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    Common Ground by Jeff Knoll (PLEASE READ)

    It's awesome to see all of the OHV groups unite for one goal. Jeff has gone leaps and bounds above the call of duty for this fight along with countless other individuals to make sure we have a place to ride.
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    Join SXS Performance at the Desert Bloom Rally

    We are getting ready to head out of town to the Desert Bloom Rally this week. We are excited to meet a lot of new friends and have some fun. Contact us if you want us to bring you any parts. If you use promo code SXSP10 when you register you will receive a free T-shirt. Please feel free to...
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    Hi from Oklahoma

    Good to see you on here Scotty. If you make it to our party Thursday night in Hammertown you will get to put some faces with some names from here. The car is lookin good by the way.
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    WORCS Peoria Updates

    Good luck to everyone racing tomorrow!
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    Join SXS Performance at the Desert Bloom Rally

    We are excited to announce that we will be at this years Desert Bloom Rally in Quartzite, Az. This is going to be a super fun event with some great trail riding. We will be there with parts and accessories form PRP Seats, PCI Radios, Pro Armor, R & R Products, GBC Tires, Vision X Lights, and...
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    Are you saying its cheeseburger approved? Lol!
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    ISA rules for KOH?

    FYI best way to get hold of mike or Jeff right now is to give them a ring. They haven't been on the forums much lately. I'll have them check in and try and answer your questions for you. Pete
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    That event was a blast! Nothin like pushing a martelli out of the way... LOL! Thanks again for the killer lunch Yoshimura!
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    Save Johnson Valley

    Done! Proud to be signature number 2 on the petition.
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    Take Advantage of our Bulk Buy

    We have just release a rear bench seat to match the PRP seats in the new Polaris RZR XP Jagged X edition. This new bench seat has the same styling as the front seats in the Jagged X edition RZR XP. The large openings in the head rest and sides make removing the seat easier when using 4 or 5...
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    Flash Friday with SXS Performance

    Happy Friday everyone!!!.... Now let us see what everyone has for Flash Friday, post up your pictures with SXS Performance in it somewhere. I hope everyone's holidays where great and the new year is off to a good start for you.
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    Flash Friday with SXS Performance

    With a unanimous decision (wait I'm the only one deciding) Shawny125 from Wild Cat Forum, is last weeks winner of Flash Friday. He really captured the meaning of "Flash" Friday. Thank you to all that participate and follow this thread. I know I'm a little slow with announcing the winner, but...
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    Flash Friday with SXS Performance

    We want to congratulate last weeks Flash Friday winner, it was shawny125 from Wild Cat Forums. He submitted the awesome picture below, I think it was taken in Moab. We want to thank all those that participated in the contest last week. Keep the pictures coming in, we choose a new winner every...
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    Take Advantage of our Bulk Buy

    We have these seats ready to go for your next desert trip, contact us for more information.
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    Flash Friday with SXS Performance

    Well now that is Friday again, post up your SXS Performance pictures! We want to see what you got.
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    Flash Friday with SXS Performance

    Sorry for the delay in announcing last weeks Flash Friday winner. 12/7/12's winner was Mudgunner from the Teryx Forum. Mudgunner congratulations, we will get your prize out to you. I really liked the holiday spirit of your Flash Friday picture.
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    28" & 30" Mongrels for 15" wheels are Here!!

    We just got the 28" and 30" Mongrels for a 15 inch rims in stock. These are ready to ship before your next ride. This is a great tire for those that have stepped up the 15" rim and want to a light tire, not a heavy truck tire. The 28 and 30 inch tires are both 8 ply and DOT approved, so they...

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