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  1. grumpysrzr4

    S.B.Nat. forest adopt a trail meeting

    Any one interested in attending quarterly meeting. Subject S.B.forest, utv trails. Next wed 6/20/18 at sizzler restaurant 1461 Rimpau Avenue Corona ca 92879
  2. grumpysrzr4


    Some low life dump a truck load of green waste in trash bag at the top 2n36 and 2n34a . If your up there this weekend please pick up 1 or 2.bag and take them to staging area trash cans . Thank you.
  3. grumpysrzr4

    John Berry ride

    How many people would be interested in lafamila yellow t shirts. Pricing base on volume. Est. $15. Each.
  4. grumpysrzr4

    Jupiter ride

    Congrats Dan, on the Jupiter project success .I'm sure you and your group at JPL work hard over the last few years for this guys got it there well done.
  5. grumpysrzr4


    Called Del amo Motorsport Anaheim. There new facility. I needed appt. For recall ,this was Wednesday after noon. They said bring my rzr in now. I pick my rzr up 11am this morning. Call Chris for appt 949 642-4343
  6. grumpysrzr4

    proline wraps

    A thank you to Brad at proline wraps .I bought graphics for my fox rzr 1000. I installed lower door incorrectly. Called Brad for new graphics. I called at 4pm Tuesday, 12noon Wednesday next day U.P.S delivered to my door new graphices no charge, colors match perfect to polaris colors. Thank Brad.
  7. grumpysrzr4

    factory utv thank you

    Thank you Beth @ Factoty UTV , I had some small damage to my 1/2" skid plate . I order parts from Beth. Holding on to my seat thinking she was going to charge me a lot of money. she said no change. so thank you Beth . your company makes a great product.
  8. grumpysrzr4

    millercanyon 6/21

    kinda late notice , I will be going to millercanyon this Saturday if any one is interested. leaving 9am running millercanyon around to deep creek. lunch there, if not to late, stop at devils hole on the way back. back at millercanyon around 2 or 3
  9. grumpysrzr4

    thank you racer teck

    A few years back I bought a lift kit from racer teck for my 2010 rzr 4, 3 weeks ago at frazier park riding millerjeep trail, right front lift mount snap off. when I got home, I called racer tech maybe they might warranty it. they did . just got it from ups. so thank you Katie Prins of racers...
  10. grumpysrzr4

    Happy-B-Day onerich

    Happy-B-Day may friend
  11. grumpysrzr4

    miller canyon 6/15 saturday adopt-a-trail

    Just doing a look and see ride, noting what may be needed for repairs or cleanup on possible July ride. After checking adopted trails, headed to Deepcreek and maybe Devils hole. meet at 8:30, staging area 9am departure. 1.grumpysrzr4- Bill 3.dave -maybe 4. fred 5.mike 6.bart 7.dudonit-Bob
  12. grumpysrzr4


    October #19,20,21/2012 there will be camp and ride of the new year desert season and for those interested. The ISA 1st annual meeting is 30 minutes by trail down the road. The meeting will be at Glamis north hot springs, aka KOA and they will have full hookups, as we are dry camping at drop #31...
  13. grumpysrzr4

    cleanup at pinnacles/millercanyon

    saturday july 21,2012 starting time 900am place pinnacles ovh staging area,high 173+3N34,34.297981,117.201029 project decription cleaning brush an weeds around picnic tables,BBQs,signboards,an under pip railing ppe required hard hats,eye protection,long pants,sturdy shoes,or work...
  14. grumpysrzr4

    Happy Birthday John Berry 6/28

    John we've been celebrating your birtday together over 40yrs, sorry your going to have to celebrate another year with out us. Happy Birthday John, R.I.P. my freind 6/28/46 2/20/2011
  15. grumpysrzr4

    happy birthday 4-19-12

    to my wife Debbie. Happy Birthday

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