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  1. rockstarcustomz

    2018 BITD Vegas To Reno UTV UPDATES.. Anyone care?

    I don't post much on here anymore because of all the other social media I have to keep up with. But, I do still visit often and I read the content. It's true, you have to be very careful what you say. You never know who is reading! I too miss the "old days" but we can't get them back. Cheers to...
  2. rockstarcustomz

    Rockstar/DragonFire Racing Baja 500

    Here is the link to the whole story! It didn't go as planned but we sure had fun!
  3. rockstarcustomz

    Rockstar Racing/DragonFire Racing 2018 Casey Folks Parker 250 Race Report

    Check out my race report on my blog!
  4. rockstarcustomz

    Jagged X is BACK!????

    Nice to have them back in the winner circle! See you at the Mint!
  5. rockstarcustomz


    I'm in Havasu also. Welcome to the RZR Club!
  6. rockstarcustomz

    2017 - 50th BFGoodrich Tires SCORE Baja 1000 - Map & Info

    We are registered! First time we will be taking our own car to Baja! We are more than excited and hope that all our experiences with other teams have us prepared for this :)
  7. rockstarcustomz

    The 2017 Dash For Trash - Desert Clean Up

    We are going to try to make this happen! Looks like fun and a great way to give back.
  8. rockstarcustomz

    Desert Racing Rules 101 (Unwritten/Common Sense)

    My bumper in that photo has bars that you can't see from the direct front of the car. It can not get hooked.
  9. rockstarcustomz

    Video: Mint 400

    It is very cool! Thanks for the love Justin!
  10. rockstarcustomz


    I love this! I am so happy that my UTV Underground family and the industry that I love was able to put this together! I hope I get a chance to meet him at the championship!
  11. rockstarcustomz


    Isn't it crazy to see how fast we have grown! Thanks for the great coverage!
  12. rockstarcustomz


    Well I had a crappy race, obviously transponder wasn't working, but got a sweet hole shot, nerfed a trophy lite truck cause he wouldn't move and got up to 91.3MPH on the lake bed. Thanks for the great photo at the start line!
  13. rockstarcustomz


    Best of luck to my favorite driver!!!!
  14. rockstarcustomz

    Who Here Has Actually Run the Baja 1000 in a UTV?

    I have a sweet 2 seat BITD/SCORE legal car for sale. PM me for details if your interested.
  15. rockstarcustomz

    Attention all BITD racers please read

    My team will want them for sure I'm thinking about 6" long?
  16. rockstarcustomz

    2017 BITD Parker 250 Photos / Story / Video

    Great story as always Joey. Thanks for the photos!!
  17. rockstarcustomz

    Parker UTV Pit Crew Challenge

    Unfortunately we missed it. Long tech line kept us away. Congrats to Jagged X! And thanks for dinner on Friday night! Always great hanging out with you all.
  18. rockstarcustomz

    Parker UTV Pit Crew Challenge

    I think my 2 slow old guys and 1 kid are in!
  19. rockstarcustomz

    UTV WINTER NATIONALS Parker “250” Presented By Polaris

    The desert race will start 2 at time.
  20. rockstarcustomz


    Thanks George! You pretty much wrote my race report! haha Congratulations to Cognito, they were unstoppable this year! Congratulations to Sims and all the rest of the racers. It was a fun season! See you in a few weeks!
  21. rockstarcustomz

    Your Picks to WIN the 2016 SCORE Baja 1000

    My prediction was pretty close! She is on the podium and made history!
  22. rockstarcustomz

    UTVUnderground Presents: 2016 SCORE BAJA 1000 VIDEO - Polaris Racing

    UTV Underground did an amazing job with the coverage! I really wanted to be there, but couldn't and your coverage was almost as good as being there! Congrats to all the finishers, especially my Polaris RZR team and extra congratulations to Kristen for making history! #girlracersrock
  23. rockstarcustomz

    Your Picks to WIN the 2016 SCORE Baja 1000

    I am voting for Kristen. I would like to see my fellow Polaris racer and woman racer podium and be the first ever woman to iron man!
  24. rockstarcustomz

    DragonFire Races Towards A Cure

    Thank you so much for sharing my story! This is so important to me. I can't tell you how proud I am to race this race every year in honor of those that have lost, are fighting the fight or have won the fight with breast cancer. We appreciate the support of UTV Underground and all of our sponsors...
  25. rockstarcustomz

    1948 Monster Energy Blue Water Desert Challenge Race Report

    Nice job Matt! Go team Celeste! I'm so glad she is doing so well!
  26. rockstarcustomz

    Rugged Radios in Glamis for Halloween Weekend / Camp RZR

    I so wish we were coming! Have a great time, be safe, I'll see you all in December!
  27. rockstarcustomz

    All UTV's What helmet?

    Only problem with top air is the cage. I have had a couple of co drivers that had it and it wasn't compatible with the cage. I've used side air for 8 years and have no problems with coms or wind noise.
  28. rockstarcustomz

    Should BITD Have Let Max Gordon (8yr Old) Race??

    I don't mind that Max is 8, but I do mind that it was no where near being a race legal safe car. Stock bolt on cage, opening doors and so forth. Put him in a legal car. Make it safe, not just for him, but for the rest of us if we hit him or vice versa.
  29. rockstarcustomz

    DragonFire Races To Beat Breast Cancer

    Yahoo! Can't wait! Funnest (is that a word?) race of the year! I heard Mrs. Matlock will be there....
  30. rockstarcustomz

    2016 BITD Bluewater Desert Challenge Results, Photos & Videos

    Thanks for all your hard work! The photos are amazing! Can't wait to race you all again in December!
  31. rockstarcustomz

    New RZR family from AZ

    Welcome to the site! I'm in Havasu also and I'll be coming by the SXS Club meeting on the 20th. Hope to meet you there!
  32. rockstarcustomz

    All UTV's What helmet?

    It's the Rev
  33. rockstarcustomz

    All UTV's What helmet?

    There are a ton of different brands of helmets out there. I would say start trying them on to see which one feels more comfortable. I would definitely go with air, whether its side or top depends on your preference. Having fresh air in the dust is something I would never give up! Neck collars...
  34. rockstarcustomz

    DragonFire/ Rockstar Racing V2R Race Report

    That's amazing!!!!
  35. rockstarcustomz

    DragonFire/ Rockstar Racing V2R Race Report

    SILT HAPPENS! August 23, 2016 Vegas To Reno… The Loooong Way To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the longest off-road race in America, Best In The Desert decided to make it the toughest race in America, too! The General Tire Vegas to Reno “The Long Way,” Presented by Fox also featured a unique...
  36. rockstarcustomz

    Official UTVUnderground 2016 BITD Vegas To Reno Story, Photos and Results

    Awesome write up! I want to thank you all for the great support you have been giving us! It is truly appreciated! See you soon!!!!
  37. rockstarcustomz

    Official UTVUnderground 2016 BITD Vegas To Reno Update Thread

    the video was awesome! Thanks for all the love this weekend!
  38. rockstarcustomz

    DragonFire Insider Best In The Desert V2R

    The DragonFire Racing is team is going to tough to beat!!!
  39. rockstarcustomz

    2016 BITD Vegas To Reno... WHATS UP???

    Well, I am chasing the 2nd place in points spot. I get to start up front, so I'm thinking my chances of getting a podium are pretty good. :)
  40. rockstarcustomz

    New race team from AZ, Mertens Motorsports.

    It has custom remote reservoir Radflo shocks all around, it now has Raceline Mamba wheels and Arison 30" tires, front sway bar and Eric rebuilt the rear upper a-arms making them 9 lbs lighter than the LSR that was on there. Call or text me if you want more photos or info 928.230.1155
  41. rockstarcustomz

    The UTV World Championship Returns To Laughlin, NV April 15th, 2017

    We are happy with that schedule also. Maybe I can make it to KOH next year!
  42. rockstarcustomz

    New race team from AZ, Mertens Motorsports.

    We build our own cars here so it's chromoly from the the frame up, all custom aluminum interior, LSR arms, Radflo shocks, Muzzy exhaust, Stm secondary clutch. Strong running car. We would like to get $18000 for it. PS it's no longer pink, its white
  43. rockstarcustomz


    Congratulations to Craig! He will be amazing in his new role!
  44. rockstarcustomz

    New race team from AZ, Mertens Motorsports.

    Aw I wish you would have purchased our 2013 Maverick, its BITD ready! Best of luck and we will see you out there!
  45. rockstarcustomz

    New desert build questions

    The Parker race is in October, and Pahrump in December. :)

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