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    Kawasaki New DIESEL Mule or Teryx???

    While browsing the internet today looking for some information, ran into this little document. It shows 2016 as the model year, 993 as the displacement, and IDI Diesel as the engine configuration. Interesting. Curious that with all the ARB research lately, no one has posted about this to my...
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    RZR XP 1000 SR2 Cage by Benchmark Performance

    Here it is, the latest from our SR2 series of cages. For RZR XP 1000 owners, this cage is 5" lower than stock and still accommodates drivers in the mid six foot range. It has a usable height rear bumper that doesn't obstruct the use of the rear cargo area at all. We incorporated the factory C...
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    Arctic Cat Benchmark equipped Wildcat heading to Mexico

    Here is our new Benchmark SR2 cage for the Arctic Cat Wildcat. We stood the windshield frame up and stretched the back of the cage to improve the overall vehicle proportions and shape. The radius cage with 1/4 turn dzus fastened and bead rolled aluminum roof is 3" lower than stock. Note - the...
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    How's this for a UTV hauler?

    1972 Chevy C30 hauler. :D
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    Arctic Cat Tested Wildcat Top Speed Today!

    OK folks, I know you've been dieing for info. Here's a little more to feed your appetite. Disclaimer - testing was performed non scientifically using a pre-production Wildcat. Actual production vehicle may differ. OK, so here it is. Indicated (on factory speedometer) top speed was 72 mph...
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    Santa brought me (------) for my Side x Side!

    What did Santa get you for your SxS this Christmas? Santa brought the Benchmark family Teryx4 a shiny 40" Rigid Industries LED light bar, yay!
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    Merry Christmas to all

    Merry Christmas to all from the crew at Benchmark Performance!
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    Arctic Cat Benchmark's Wildcat Test Vehicle

    Benchmark Performance picked up a Wildcat on Sunday and we are already into this thing elbows deep! We have a bunch of ideas for this thing and can't wait to put some products and packages out there for this exciting new vehicle. Today we were able to get into the ECU. :D By the time this...
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    Kawasaki Took the Teryx4 to Glamis for Break-in

    Just before Thanksgiving, we finally received our Blue EPS Teryx 4. We immediately mounted up some ITP Sand Stars and Skat Trak 26" 8 paddles on DWT wheels. We also installed a sweet Muzzys exhaust system with the black muffler can option. Stock header system Installing the Muzzys Wheels...
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    Arctic Cat Arctic Cat Wildcat Test Rides Thanksgiving Weekend

    Several new Wildcats were available for test drives Saturday and Sunday out of the vendor area at Glamis. The rides were pretty short but I think it was enough to show some strengths as well as some trade offs. Overall I was very impressed. ;) To start with, the seating position is low (that...
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    Benchmark Performance is hiring!

    Benchmark Performance is growing. We are looking for an A level technician to join our team. Qualified applicant will have Side x Side specific work experience, as well as general off-road vehicle knowledge. Please email resumes to: [email protected]
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    Benchmark Polaris XPR for Tyler Parks

    Just about ready for launch! :D This is Benchmark's idea of a dual purpose XP900 Race car / Play car. This car belongs to Tyler Parks and we'd like to thank Tyler for the opportunity, and his patience throughout the project. Our build goal was to make something attractive, safe...
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    Polaris Tyler Parks XPR sneak peek

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    Benchmark's XP900 Shop Car

    Benchmark's XP900 Shop Car MSA Diesel 15" wheels 15" Maxxis Ceros tires Benchmark Stainless slip-on exhaust Benchmark Stage 1 Cams Benchmark Stage 1 CNC Ported Head Benchmark SR2 Sport Radius 2 seat cage Simpson D3 restraints Rigid Industries 30" LED light bar and more to come! A couple build...
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    Qualcomm 2011 Monster Jam SxS Racing

    Side x Side racers were once again invited to race at Qualcomm Stadium during 1/22/11s Monster Jam event. 10 utvs raced. There was a heat race earlier in the day, and a main event during the evening's main show. Congratulations go to my nephew Brandon Arthur of HRT Motorsports for taking the...
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    Benchmark's XP Nine Hundy

    Here she is, picked it up this morning. :D
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    Benchmark's 2011 Soboba GP Pics

    The Warriors and their Steeds
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    Kawasaki 74mph Benchmark Teryx

    Well, I finally got time to work on my own vehicle for once. The vehicle is a 2009 Teryx Sport, 4 seat, with HRT +5" long travel. It has: 11:1 compression 840 Benchmark Stage I CNC ported heads (stock valves) Benchmark grind Web Cams (very mild) Web extended rocker arms Kibblewhite dual...
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    Monster Jam UTV Racing - tonight!

    That's right! Tonight, 1/30/10, at Angels Stadium in Anaheim california, UTVs will race live under the lights! This will be a main event feature, not a half time or pre-event show. Not sure who else is attending, but I do know that Todd Arthur will be back in the Flying Banana after taking a...
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    Brent Fouche podiums at 9/25 TORC race

    Congrats to Brent Fouche for landing another podium in his Benchmark Performance powered Teryx, bringing home 2nd place in Friday's TORC race. Saturday night Brent was battling with Doug Mittag on the final lap for the 3rd spot on the box when they came together coming out of the whoop section...
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    Yamaha New & improved Hot 686 combo

    Not bad for a 686 huh? Going to be a fun desert season! Note: RPM on the graph is not accurate. Dyno measures and indicates properly, but printed improperly. Peak power is up around 8800 rpm.
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    Kawasaki VDI for 09 Teryx now available! Test results inside!

    I just installed one of the first VDI Copperhead ECUs on my personal 09 Teryx that I use for testing. The following are the results from testing this week. Keep in my mind, the test was done on a stone stock 09 Teryx, no clutch mods, air filter changes, stock exhaust tip, etc. This is also the...
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    Alba Action out of business.

    For those that haven't heard, Alba Action Sports is shutting their doors for good. A sign of the tough times we are in. I talked to the owner today, whom I have known for 21 years. He confirmed that next week, 8/24, will be their last week. I wish him and the former employees the best of luck on...
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    Results from 7/18?

    I didn't watch online last night. Thought for sure there would be some results posted this morning? Anyone have the DL?
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    LOORS 6/28 Qualifying results
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    Unofficial qualifying results for 6/27 LOORS race

    I heard this from the track, can't verify its accuracy at this time. 1. RJ Anderson 2. Tyler Winbury 3. Bobby Vanbeekum 4. 07FJ - Roger Stokes! driving the old school 686 Flyin Banana :D Heard that Chad George broke - a bunch of steam or white smoke came out of his car. Heard Austin...
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    Yamaha 67 mph in a 700 Rhino, with passenger

    Just thought i'd share the results of a 700 Rhino I just finished. Took it out to Ocotillo Wells this morning to do some testing with the customer and check some EFI mapping in the real world. The Rhino is a 2 seat SDR built Rhino 700 with the usuals, 2 seat cage with aluminum roof, seats...
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    Live streaming video from M4SX round 4

    Starting at 5pm, live video feed from Perris Speedway at If you have trouble logging in on the Tracking International site, try going to Once on the mogulus site, search for tracking international. Then, click on the link to watch the live feed. I...
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    SxS Rd 3 video from DATV

    Mickey Thompson/Kalgard Lubricants SXS Stadium Series Round 3-2009 on Vimeo
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    Friend lost a father today.......

    God Speed to Rog's dad who went to meet his maker earlier today. I haven't spoken to Rog yet, but his wife called this morning and gave the unfortunate news. I don't know if Rog's dad believed in Jesus Christ as his personal savior or not, but I sure hope so. Please keep Rog and his family in...
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    Dan Kelly crash at Glen Helen..........

    This happened at the first ATV National race of the year at Glen helen this weekend (3/8/09). First of all, Dan is OK. Thankfully, he got out and walked away. Dan's teryx looks like it will need a new chassis or at least to be back halved. His crash has to be at or near the top for worst UTV...
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    Yamaha Quality Rhino oil filter on a budget........

    OK everyone, in the interest of saving everyone money, here is a tip. This is really small dollar wise, but hey, it adds up! You can use a Kawasaki Teryx oil filter on your Rhino. It is made by the same manufacturer that makes the OEM Rhino filter, which is Denso. The Teryx filter is 3/16"...
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    Benchmark is finally........

    Here! Took me a while but I finally found the place! Looks like a lot of familar faces, so to speak, and some new ones too! Hope to see everyone often. :D

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