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    Kawasaki Teryx Motor availability?

    How hard are Teryx motors to find? I'm looking at a teryx with a busted up motor. I could rebuild it but might be better off starting new. Aparently the trans blew putting a hole in the case. Any help will do. Thanks guys.
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    Glamis for Veterans? 11-11 to 11-15

    I talked to a few guys that are going. Anyone coming from here? Hope to see you guys out there!
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    Powder Puff Race OCT 10th

    Is anyone going to the Powder Puff race for the cure race? I know there are alot of UTV's signed up. This is a great race for a great cause. If you are in the Barstow area around october 10th swing but the Chase Motorsports trailer for a beer and to root on my wife and sister. Nothing...
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    Need your vote

    Hey guys, I need your votes. Over on there is a forum section called win stuff. If you are a member over there can you go in to the vote for July section and vote for "Alaska Scenery". Thanks for your help! If I dont win this month I'll ask again for next month. haha...
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    Chase Motorsports takes 2nd

    Had a freakin' blast this race! I started in the 16 car ran 1 lap turned it over to my brother in law (his 1st race) then jumped in the 1 car. I came in for a splash n go on the last lap and my crew told me it's a close race. Sean Dunn was a minute and a half ahead of me! I took off like a...
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    Shop to help trace electrical problem???

    Hey Guys, I'm in need of a shop to help me chase down an electrical problem in my moms Rhino. Here's whats going on, the tail lights and headlight do not work as well as the brake switch. I have to start it every time in neutral. I think what happened is the brake wires in the back got to...
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    MORE Day/Night 500 this weekend 5-23

    Yo yo yo...If anyone is going to be out in Lucerne this weekend make sure you come by the Chase Motorsports camp and say whats up. We will be running the #195 FORD powered Porter. Huge line up...over 210 cars pre-entered and over 20 in class 1 alone. We are hoping for a solid top 5...
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    Spring tear down and prep

    Doin' a little tear down on my car as well as getting the two race cars ready for the 500 miler this month in Lucerne. My car is getting new front arms, steering rack, and an motor/tranny freshening. If anyone is wanting to come out for a good time memorial weekend let me know. We can...
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    Heading to Dove springs for easter. Got a few ??'s

    I'm heading up to dove springs for Easter. I'm not very familiar with the area. Does anyone know of a good area to camp? It also needs to accomidate a 40' bus. My dads has a 40' pusher and it doesn't have to much ground clearance so I need a place that will be easy to get in and out in...
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    Pics from my weekend (Balls out 250)

    Hey guys I'm bummed out that I missed dune tour this year but here are a few pics from my weekend. We were moving all day passing people and making time but 2 flats 3 limiter straps and fuel issues held us to 6th.
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    Yamaha PDM vs Sheave HELP!

    I had a machined sheave before and liked it. When I did the 686 I switched to the PDM race clutch. The stall and the high rpm dont bother except in camp when its rev'd out and I feel like I'm not going anywhere. The other things that bugs me is when my wife drives it she just likes to cruise...
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    All UTV's JOSE flag

    To copy Brian's post a little has anyone ever seen a Jose Cuervo flag? Or for that matter any other tequilla?
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    Glamis this weekend? Mar 6th-8th

    Anyone heading out? I'll out there with a huge group from KROQ. Probably in the washes. Let me know if you guys are going out as well so we can hook up.
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    I'm off to spread the word of the underground to our brothers to the south. Thursday horse power ranch to San Felipe, Friday San Felipe to Mikes, Sat Mikes back to horse power. I will talk to you guys when I get back! (yes I will take tons of pics)
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    Rugged Radios Generosity

    I just wanted to take this time and thank Rugged for their generosity. All I did was introduce my self to Greg in Pismo and checked out there shop Rhino(Wich is looking great). What do they do...they turned around and gave me free product! Who else do you know that does that? I've been...
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    Joey...What's going on with AGM?

    Check this stuff... You should apply:D
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    Pismo For Prez weekend????

    Anyone rolling out to Pismo for Presidents? I know there are other places the masses are going but my cousin wants to go there for his b-day. Let me know if you are and we can meet up!
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    MORE Kartek Duel

    Are any of you guys going to be in Barstow for the MORE race? If so see you there!
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    Newest car to Chase Motorsports

    Here is our newest race car. Joey wanted me to post you go buddy. We are racing the M.O.R.E. series this year and if everything is going well and we have the championship wraped up we will race the Vegas to Reno and the Baja 1000
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    Hey everybody

    Most of you know me. But I'm Travis, Dre's my wife and Ryder's my son. Love the Dez and hope to be getting more desert rideing in.

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