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  1. Heybeerman

    2018 UTV World Championship Info Thread

    Confused on the 3rd & 4th race classes. I see it listed two different ways
  2. Heybeerman

    KOH Qualifing Order

    I don't understand Branden Sims not being included
  3. Heybeerman

    KOH Qualifing Order

    88 UTV's will be qualifying.
  4. Heybeerman

    SCORE / BITD Sportman UTV Class

    Sounds like RLB might be thinking about the BITD Production class.
  5. Heybeerman

    Shelby Anderson to pilot Young Gun car #1805 at UTV World Championship

    Pretty cool George. You should both be starting on the same row for the UTVWC race.
  6. Heybeerman

    2017 King of the Hammers

    I hope they do more than that! They support the race promoter but not the racer. I guess we will see what they offer up.
  7. Heybeerman

    2017 King of the Hammers

    Any word on what Can-AM is offering as a prize?
  8. Heybeerman

    Polaris Polaris RZR 10th Birthday!

    Love them or hate them, the SxS industry would not be where it is at without them.
  9. Heybeerman

    Robby Gordon's Arctic Cat Wildcat

    That post is full of Bull Shit and hearsay. Propaganda and ass covering is the only information there.
  10. Heybeerman

    Parker UTV Pit Crew Challenge

    You have to change a tire with a Forty taped to each hand.
  11. Heybeerman

    Robby Gordon's Arctic Cat Wildcat

    The bigger question is can Arctic Cat stay in business long enough to build a 1000 of these units. If they long till everything go's to shit with RG and he sues them?
  12. Heybeerman

    L14/15 Polaris replacement axles different than original? Other parts issues.

    George Felix calling someone else a "comedy of errors" That's Funny!!!!!!
  13. Heybeerman

    Tires and Wheels for hunting buggy

    Go straight to a Light Truck tire like a BFG MT. You will most likely have to change to a 15" wheel, but it will be worth it.
  14. Heybeerman

    Should BITD Have Let Max Gordon (8yr Old) Race??

    1. No way should an 8yo been allowed on course. 2. I pass every car like the driver is an 8year old. (passing=most danger in racing) 3. UTVRA is a Sham and a conflict of interest. BITD needs to step up! 4. Letting a car race, that does not pass tech is a JOKE!!!! A bad joke! "you can...
  15. Heybeerman

    Ditch helicopters for drones?

    I for one will not be "avoiding" crashing drones! :-)
  16. Heybeerman

    GPS in race cars

    Lots of racers using LeadNav and a Tablet. We still use Lowrance in the race car. I have both in my Pick Up. Will put the tablet in the race cars someday.....
  17. Heybeerman


    You could say that about every other UTV on the planet. This is still a bad ass car.
  18. Heybeerman

    RZR XP 1000 will represent off-road vehicles as the first, playable side-by-side in the racing video

    I talked to a guy at the Sand Sports Super Show. He said the car was going to be patterned after this years KOH winning car.
  19. Heybeerman

    2016 BITD Vegas To Reno... WHATS UP???

    Where is it this year?
  20. Heybeerman

    Whats the most revolutionary UTV ever built?

    Not as long as your mom has! Now try and stay focused....
  21. Heybeerman

    BangerFactory Off Road Image Gallery.

    Can you make it an option to get photographs WITH the water mark?
  22. Heybeerman

    Whats the most revolutionary UTV ever built?

    This home built car has a lot going on behind the scenes.
  23. Heybeerman

    Mint 400 side bet

    I have been part of winning a lot of races without "bending" shit!
  24. Heybeerman

    Mint 400 side bet

    Heybeerman said: ↑ Loosers focus on winners, winners focus on winning. Thank you for proving my point.
  25. Heybeerman

    Mint 400 side bet

  26. Heybeerman

    Mint 400 side bet

    Loosers focus on winners, winners focus on winning.
  27. Heybeerman

    Will the king be dethroned 2016 KOH

    The new BFG KR2 UTV tire. These tires were crazy sticky on the rocks.
  28. Heybeerman

    RUSTFISH - San Felipe 250 PRO NA 1st Place

    Well Done!!!! Way to battle through all your problems and come out on top.
  29. Heybeerman

    Just want to point this out...

    Says the guy blowing Donkeys in Mexico for a warm Tecate
  30. Heybeerman

    Just want to point this out...

    I was not there. :-( Un-Cool for me.
  31. Heybeerman

    2016 UTV World Championship Announcement

    It was dark! Nobody could have seen the perpetrators .
  32. Heybeerman

    Will the king be dethroned 2016 KOH

    No, I'm running stock drivetrain with RCV axles.
  33. Heybeerman

    Will the king be dethroned 2016 KOH

    You called it Rito! Nobody I would rather battle with than the Guthrie's & Branden. Both class act drivers & teams.
  34. Heybeerman

    Rent a UTV for King Of The Hammers Week!!

    Sweet! Will they pass tech?
  35. Heybeerman

    2016 King OF Hammers?????

    He said "Cool" Please delete your reply.
  36. Heybeerman

    Parker Draw Order

    What they got right is starting Joey D in the back. Too bad Chad Ragland had to suffer via association. Do I need to use a smiley face? :)
  37. Heybeerman

    Whos gonna take the BITD Henderson 160????

    Shit Son! I didnt know you finished ahead of those guys. BITD should just give you next year's championship right now.
  38. Heybeerman

    Whos gonna take the BITD Henderson 160????

    If Joey can finish a race than anyone should be able to win a race!
  39. Heybeerman

    Whos gonna take the BITD Henderson 160????

    Well I had a small mechanical issue. It made me feel better when I got to Flip Off every car as it went by!!!!!!!! Just wanted everyone to know I still hated them!
  40. Heybeerman

    Official UTVUnderground 2015 Baja 1000 Photos / Story / Results

    Great write up, Great coverage. These photogs are the hardest working guys out there come race day. George could you just STFU once in a while?
  41. Heybeerman

    True friends

    I was waiting for a better call but it never came..........:)
  42. Heybeerman

    Average Cost per race

    Pretty accurate if you budget for the proper amount of beer.
  43. Heybeerman

    walker evans velocity/ fox internal bypass/king internal bypass/elka 2.5

    The problem with IPB, Needle Valve & the new WER Velocity series. Is they are a bit more complicated to revalve and hit a great setup. Be ready to put your time in. Then be ready for great results.
  44. Heybeerman

    RZR vs MAVERICK vs YXZ - Who wins?

    Joey. Don't get all frothed up. Its clear your getting kick backs from the Knobby Tire Coalition. Admit IT!!!!! I love paddles so much I run them in the desert!

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